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  • What has been your experiences with different men of the zodiac? Ofcourse all men are different but here are a few of my impressions of my experiences with them. I should say I am a Libra and my venus is in Sag so I'm sure that influences my perception.

    Aries men: Honestly I can't stand them! I find them so loud, obnoxious and agressive and not in a good way.

    Taurus men: Boring! I know they probably make good husbands but they are not fun enough or intellectual enough for me!

    Gemini men: Love them! Not necessarily for romance though. I find them kinda hard to trust but they are a blast to hang out with I love how talkative they are but at the same time emotionaly I don't find them very furfilling...I don't think they even know how to handle their own emotions. Gemini men are usually romantically attracted to me and that is a big turn on when guys pursue you. I find Gemini men are not shy pursuing women.

    Cancer men: Cancer men are big softies! I do tend to like them alot although I admit their moodiness is annoying but it's not that big of a problem. They are caring, affectionate and sensitive and that is attractive in a man. I also find that they have a very easy time communicating with and understanding women. Women always seem to feel comfortable in their presence I feel like they really respect women.

    Leo men: Are ok..Sometimes they can be to showboat like but they are good guys and just need alot of attention. They have hearts of gold and love to party!! It can be fun but they lack the intellectual side that I like.

    Virgo men: Can NOT stand these guys! They really are so critical and prissy and I feel don't express emotions or affection very much. I feel like they are very closed off and that to me is offputting.

    Libra men: Can make great friends but I find them extremely shallow regarding women. For what great conversationalists they can be they can be vain, and chavanistic in their view of the perfect woman. I also don't feel like they are take charge enough.

    Scorpio men: Well honestly they can make me nervous. There have been a few scorpios that I just could not ignore my sexual attraction for. They are dominate and all consuming which I normally hate but for some reason there is something about them that makes me temporarily not care! But as for a real relationship I don't think so-I think they hide too much and don't want you to be who you really are but want you to be who they want you to be.

    Sagitarius men: Uhh even though my venus is in Sag I've never really felt an attraction to these guys. They are too tackless and insensitve. They can be ok to talk to sometimes you can learn things but romantically they just stir no passion in me.

    Capricorn men: No way! Not for me! These men are too materialistic, uncaring and werid! I just think they are hard to talk to and get to know. I find that they are always obsessed with the external in life and nothing internal. And they seem to have bizzare fetishes!

    Aquarius men: Love and hate! Aquarius men seem to like me but I always seem to like them mostly as friends. They can make great friends but I usually don't find them romantic enough to be boyfriends. I also think they cheat alot! For some reason it's like one woman is not enough for them ever.

    Pisces: Great guys. They can be very interesting characters. Very talented usually and they pay attention to you very well. They are great lovers and I feel like they really give themselves to you in the deepest of ways. My rising sign is in pisces so maybe I feel like I really understand their motivations and needs. They can get caught up in their own demonds very easily and get down on themselves and then start abusing themselves. They are really the only people who can fight that though. They need to learn how deal with things on their own. Can become very dependent but at the same time very distant.

  • this is funny I can't sleep Sat night and you happen to start new threads

    coincidence! I hope you don't mind I jump in again

    The best are Scorps, Sags, Aries and Caps. Of course my personality has a lot to do with it.

    Sags and Aries, fun factory. Always have something to do, always on the go. Never boring. At work they are hard to keep up because they always start something new, but after work, they are the best to spend time with.

    Scorps, mysterious but never rude or mean. Fair and tolerant to some point. It's scary when they stare, but make me curious what they have observed.

    Caps, makes me curious. Always working, always formal. I wonder what they do for fun. sometimes sarcastic but nothing I can't be sarcastic back at. Surefooted and competitive. I am married to one for almost 9 years now, never regret it. He works long hours, but loyal to me even when things are rough.

    Everyone else, not really. I like intensity and creativity. Life is boring without these.

    Brain everybody has it, just that each person feeds it different things.

  • Ok has any had a relationship with a male scorpio that is a female scorp, and did it work.

  • Hi leoscorpion! Ofcourse I don't mind if you jump in! Your posts are very insightful.

    Interesting you seem to like fire sign men. They are your same element even though you don't have an abunduce of fire in your chart and you say you are not like most leos.

    Since i am an air sign I find it werid that books always say I should be with air signs. I do get along great with gemini and aquarius but more in a friends way although with gemini there is a real sexual attraction along with it. But they are not to be trusted! Libra men I dislike the most-i find the poliet and nice but fake and shallow at the same time. Wouldn't want them as boyfriends, they seem like the cheating type.

    But I do have Pisces rising and I have ALWAYS been attracted to water sign men expecialy pisces men. Cancer men make the most loyal boyfriends ever. Scoripo men are really sexy and yes I do think they can be kind and considerate. I am not in the camp that says they are all sneeky and cheater like. I only think they are that way when they don't have respect for you or trust you or you are not furilling their emotional needs. But when in love I find them loyal and want to make you love them and need them. They really become totally into you. They love it when you look up to them and admire them.

  • Hmmm...I'm not a Scorpio woman but I have many Scorpio female friends. I'm sure it could work if both scorpios loved eachother enough but truly Scorpios are so strongwilled I can't see them letting another play the mindgames that Scorpios like to play. Sometimes Scorpio can boarder on the abusive in suddle little ways just to remain in control and make you feel subserviant. In my experience they don't want you to become too independent and they want you to be their world. I can't see a Scoripo woman putting up with this for too long. Maybe the power plays could be hot on the sexual side of the relationship but as for real happiness I can't see it.

  • yeah birth chart wise

    I kind of have planets in all signs. I have 3 air, 2 water, 2 earth and maybe 4 something fire

    so it's kind of all over the place

    I'm gonna see what I can compile about you and your guy

  • You know leoscorpion I actually like Scorpio men but they puzzle men. I honestly think deep down they all have a cruel side and a devoted side. It's hard dealing with those extremes for me. I have noticed alot of Scorpio men pursue me. I wonder why, I think it might be because I have Pisces rising and they are seeing that? Are Scorpios attracted to Pisces? I think my independent, strong libra side might be getting obscured at first glance by my Pisces ascendent aura and delicate, compassionate apperance for Scorpio sun men.

  • they are intense and not one that wears their hearts on their sleeves. they subconsciously look for balance and sentiments. they see this in you. you are sign of balance and love/relationship.

    your rising makes you even more appealing to them.

    Rabbit western counterpart is pisces. this is why I attract them somehow, although being Leo I am lacking in balance and more of "I love myself" than relationship.

  • Hi, do you guys mind if I join in? Krystalkisses what sign are you if you say that you are a air sign. I have dated an Aqua man be fore and you are right they are cheaters, Leo are to flamboyant for me and the are also givers, Aries to me are the ones that cannot stick to to their word. I guest I WAS NOT ATTRACTED to that little person, he was short poor thing. Right now, my Gemini I love this man.He can be difficult sometimes but I understand him and it makes it easier. I have known him for years.

  • Sorry, Krystalkisses I went back to read the thread and u did mention that you are a Libra. Sorry..

  • This post is deleted!

  • Keldjoran that does have some truth to it because the do like to gossip I have worked with one and trust they love to talk and are big,big flirts. There was one that was interested in me and he was married. Told him no way will I get involved. I am not the one, Sorry.....Kept pursuing and kept saying No!!!!. My question to is, BUT WHY...... I have a brother that is a Cap and he is so lazy and shallow and I can't stand that. Very Shallow

  • Hello All,

    I am a Libra, hence my forum name...I am a Leo rising ad gemini moon...he's my take:

    Aries men--I am currently involved with an Aries Man who is ries Rising and Cap moon.....He is Hardworking, intellect, very action and adventure driven, he is caring and thoughtful in my presence, but has so much to do, that he isn't as thoughtful when out in the streets. Freedom-loving, doesn't like to be tied down, however, can be committed if its his idea, doesn't like to take advice, so you have to make it there idea. Very passionate in the bedroom, very unselfish in this setting, loves to learn and explore. To Keep them satisfied is to have something metally stimulating to say or teach and don't show too much emotion to soon, and don't make it about sex only. they also need to be in controlbut not the same type as Scorpio, cap or Leos...Soften urself when dealing with them using grace and charm, but show a subtle strength as in a backbone.

    Capricorn men--Very Intelligent, devoted and committed once they decide you are the one for them (unlikely to cheat), has high yet somewhat unrealistic views of their ideal mate, hold grudges, can be unforgiving at times, computer geeks, love their family, puts high values on friendship...Not really Ideal for me because i have some unconventional ways that makes them my Leo rising wants to have control to and is uncomfortable being controlled.

    Libra men: We are attracted to each other, but deep feelings don't emerge, best as close platonic friends, they have a tendency to disappear on you if emotions start to form that they're uncomfortable with, needs a more grounded partner in a fire sign, graet appearence, social manners, hygyiene, conversationalists/listeners, fun-loving, flirtatious, a boudoir of lovers and potentials...Intellectuals, very indecisive, can be moody if not in balane

    Taurus men: Home bodies, don't like to go out and socialize, freaks in the bedroom, can be stubborn, too frugal with money

    Aquarius men: Have too many lovers and admirers, brutally truthful and tactlessly brash...although they an be sweethearts they can switch up on you within seconds to other extreme, in fact, they are careful with these crafty, sometimes underhanded men

    Scorpio men: Very jealous, secretive, moody, all consuming in their quest to conquer and dominate potential partner, holds grudges (I try not to cross these men, the have a way of avenging any slights or injuries toward them in a insanely crafty way) I have 2 scorpios in my chart and I am often shocked at my libra self when ths intense side comes out of me. If they love you they love HARD!

    Leo men: Needy of lots of attention (I am this way because of my rising is Leo), loves to party, can be very shallow of ones material status, very affectionate and generous with time, money and anything else they have considering you dote on them 24/7 (uughh! sometimes this can be too much work, but you will be Greatly rewarded in the end) Somewhat controlling in that the expect you to wait on them hand and fot...I am this way conciously and unconciously...go figure lol...they need lots of encouragement, loves to spend money and travel.

    Pisces men: highly intuitive and spark epiphanies for those in their presense, can be stingy at times..don't know much about them on a relationship level from experience...only on a friendship level.

    Virgo men: don't know that much about them, very practical, make great soldiers in the military, can be generous but unemotional.

    Sag men: WOW! Very LOUD and abnoxiously full of themselves, but FUN, very opinionated ( I've never dated one but my female bestie is one) they are controlling too and tactless, prone to BI SEXUALITY ( THIS IS VERY TRUE OF MEN AND WOMEN OF THIS SIGN), loves loves love children, but too on the go to be considered a stable parent, highly prone toCHEAT CHEAT CHEAT....may not make good husbands but if the have rising or moon in earth or water sign, this may increase their stability factor,...can be vindictive and one-sided...but generally, very fun to be around if you have tough skin and don't take offense to thie naturally tactles, tell-it like-it-is nature....they provided good insight onworldly and personal their FREEDOMand FIERCELY INDEPENDENT... can become dependent if relationship is one the feel safe in, free to be themselves and unrestrictive.

    Gemini men: Fun to be aroung, very fickle,highly intelligent, shallow at times, melancholic and moody at times, excellent conversationalists, ( this is a good friendship for libras, bu not realtionship wise because we both need some grounding...unless rising is fire or water to provided solid decision making and depth in the relationship.

    Cancer men: My son is a Cancer so I know first hand how they operate....very emotionally needy, can't get feeling hurteasily, tend to be very moody with little to provication, very sensitive, devoted, honest, not prone to cheat because they are very loyal, if you can deal with the moodiness, their sulking matches, and high sensitivity, then more my son and have to be mindful of my Leo tendacies to ROAR!!! at times of irritability.

    That My Take People...If any one can offer any insight to me Libra/Leo/Gemini (10-8-1979/washington,DC/ born 2:30am) and my Aries/Aries/ Cap (4-9-1977/miam, fl, Born at 6:00am) male friend and our level of compatibility and areas of concern.....I wil Greatly Appreciate you and your insight....Hope my synopsis was helpful ! have a pleasant day!

  • ok, ok as everyone should know that im a SAG(sun)/VIRGO(moon)/GEMINI(Ascendant), and i just looked at my chart again and i have 4 Sag(total),2 scorpio, 1 aries, 2 capricorn,and pisces in NODE, in alot of ways i am just like a Sag like what you guys describe, but my virgo and Gemini play a big role on how i act ive noticed, i havent read up on how they are alot but alot of what ive seen seems to be right on, i cant really say that im just a sag, or just that, cause sags are tactless and veryblunt, opinionated, love kids(more a kid then parent but i can when it calls for it), impatient, but with the other signs i might be all those sag things but then when i think about things i will be the first to admit i was wrong for saying anything i have said, im a good listener too, and i love to talk(sometimes), i could see myself in all of those descriptions of all those signs i have in my chart, so in other words i dont think im like alot of other sags out there, and it also doesnt just depend on the signs, it is also with your upbringing, and i must say if i didnt have a bad childhood like i did, i would have been WOW, A REAL JERK right now, and so as bad as my past was i wouldnt change anything about it, cause im a very good guy cause of it now,

    and also all you women talking about scorpios, well my older brother is a scorpio and he is married to an Aries woman, they have been married 14 years now i think, and have 3 great kids and of course they love uncle cody(me) lol. i wasnt around them a whole lot during the beginning of them, but they had problems at first, i think they both tried to be in control so they butted heads alot, but since then have worked them out and my brother is a very hard worker(maybe a workalholic)

  • @ tuesday2 -- Not in my case but I do know a couple Scorp/Scorp that are together over 22 years.

  • KrystalKisses>>What has been your experiences with different men of the zodiac?

    Sandran712>>I know we are going to get a half dozen reactions on this subject.I am Cancer.The longest relationship I had was an Aries.And though it was rocky.That is how we could communicate..Our son turned out to be an Aries.A Pisces.I had 3 of them.And they were all cheaters.A Sagittarius.I love a Sag.But, it left me emotionally restless.I got tired of telling him he was going out on me.When he didn't tell me.I felt negative vibrations.It was short lived.Sags are cheaters/players.But, they are good in Capricorn.I like this one.But,I cannot understand a Capricorn behavior.So I cannot carry a relationship with him.It left me restless and I moved on.

  • keldjoran>>>emotionally detached most of the time

    Sandran712>>What is this emotionally detached?I thought Aquarius was going to be my dream guy...LOL

  • Sandran712>>I steer clear of these.But, I would like to know..What are signs that talk non-stop?

  • O.K., folks, let's have a little fun on this ars*e freezing cold, damp night (well, it is where I am).

    DISCLAIMER : before I get rocks, shoes, rotten tomatoes and other random objects thrown at me, I'd like to emphasize that this is all in the spirit of fun and in no way reflects my full opinion on any of the signs. As an astrologer, I fully acknowledge and cherish high level of uniqueness bestowed upon each and every individual out there and I also have undivided support of Dr. Ruth and Bugs Bunny in all of this, so BITE ME hahaha 😉

    Bedroom catchphrases for men of the Zodiac:

    ARIES: "ME, ME, ME! Get down on your knees and please me, woman! Oh, and did I mention that this is all about ME?"

    TAURUS: "Did you really think that I'd let you go out in THAT dress?? Here, let me take it off of you right now and make this easy for both of us!"

    GEMINI: "As we all know, the largest of all sexua*l organs is the brain. Scratch me on G 5...oooh, yeah, that felt good! Now, allow me to demonstrate what oral gratification is all about."

    CANCER: "Can you please dress as Mrs. Robinson and spank me oh so gently? And can you make me some chicken soup after we're done? ..And, no, that's NOT a leftover springroll in my pant pocket."

    LEO: "I am your sex god, worship me! And while you do, be it on your knees or back, can you please keep your big bum out of the way, so I can see myself in the mirror?"

    VIRGO: " Swear on The Bible that you've washed your hands in scorching water and that your bedsheets have been disinfected with Lysol! Now let me wear your high heels while you punish me, I've been a bad boy!"

    LIBRA: "Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Jekyll, a charming, clever and benevolent creature straight out of your sweetest dreams." (insert the creaking sound of a door closing) "And now, my lovely, Mr. Hide is here to play MWAHAHAHA..."

    SCORPIO: "Oh, yeah? Who told you I was Satan's next of kin? (Remind me to sprinkle their food with rat poison later, on the off-chance that I forget.) Come hither, let's turn off the lights (or not)! This won't hurt, I pomise......guess what - I lied!"

    SAGITTARIUS: "Screw the law of gravity! Let's do it on top of the tree in front of The Rockafeller Center! By the way, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on Plato's 'Symposium' ."

    CAPRICORN: "I don't have time for this! Time is money! Well, O.K., I guess I can squeeze you in over the lunch break, but you'll have to tie me to the bedpost and pretend you're Martha Stewart!"

    AQUARIUS: "What? People are still having sex other than the cyber kind?! I'm shocked! The government must be behind this, the S.O.B.'s are out to get us again! The only way I'm doing it is if it's on a space-ship and I insist that all the proceeds go towards providing food and shelter for the refugees of war in the third world!"

    PISCES: "What is happening? What day of the week is it? What planet are we on? Hey, what are you doing to me? feels real good...hurt me just a little, I like to suffer...God, I feel so guilty...Oh, what the hel*l - there's always confession on Sunday!"

    No, I don't know all the men of all the signs in the Biblical sense of the word 😉

    I'm just a nutty Gemini with planet Pluto running rampant all over my chart, so when I do readings for people, somehow it always ends in extensive discussions of either their sex lives or their suicidal thoughts and other dark secrets. I've probably seen more skeletons than a team of archeologists uncovering burial sites LOL

    Cheers & excuse the typos.

  • Dear admin,

    Gee, the lengths we have to go to to see the word SEX printed!

    The bees are doing it and the little birdies, too. Let's all relax a bit 😉

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