I need help please..

  • I'm having some difficult issues in my life. First one is with family, the other one in my love life. It's hard for me to read for myself, can't clear my mind. Can someone please do a reading for me?

    1. My first question is, i'm having issues where both of my parents, who live seperately, are just not responding to my plea for change. They are not treating me with respect and I feel as though it is time for me to move past them, that if they are not willing to change that I want nothing to do with them. What should i do?

    2. Please tell me in depth about my love life? My situation is that I have not had one in a long timet since my ex years ago. I'm a girl that dates girls, just to clear that up. I am feeling ready to go into a relationship but don't see myself meeting anyone under my present circumstances. What does my near future hold as far as my love life goes?

    Thanks a lot.. i've really really been confused on these topics.

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