Is there signs that keep entering your life?

  • I am a female libra/rabbit/life path and I've noticed a few things when I look at friends and relationships with other people. Is there any sign or life path number that you feel keeps entering your life? If so what do you think this means?

    Ofcourse I meet many people with many different signs but there are always those relationships that stick out to me or feel very powerful. Lately I feel like I am always meeting Scorpios. Female Scoripos I think are facinating and I seem to have a very good rapport with them. Male Scoripos are engaging but I find them dominating and hard to trust. It just seems like lately everyone is a Scorpio!

    In my life I have met many life changing Cancer's as well. My mother is a Cancer and we have a good relationship but also we are very different. I had a female friend last year who was a great teacher but I ended up resenting her smothering ways. But still I did feel emotional support when I was going through a really hard time in my life which I will always be greatful. Also my boyfriend is a Cancer and we have had a very long relationship.

    Also the astrology sign of the rabbit had been pronounced in my life. One of my first boyfriends who was very abusive was a rabbit. My one female cancer friend who would end up irritating me like no one eles was a rabbit. Sometimes she really got under my skin. And now I find it mentally hard to let go of a man I had a sexual relationship with yet at the same time he makes me feel unexplainably insecure. What is going on? Why all these rabbits? Why do I feel attracted to them when I end up resenting them? I am a rooster so this would make sense as we are opposites.

    What could all of this possibly mean? I am a libra and you would think I would make friends immediatly with Gemini women but with a few exceptions a friendship never seems to get off the ground or ends up feeling very superfical. I'm confused as to why I always end up in relationships with signs that end up aggrivating me rather than opportunities to have relationships with signs that are suppose to be much more compatible.

  • When it comes to Scorps, the males I met are always kind of funny or mysterious, never rude or mean in any way. One broke my heart but if I go with ratio, Libra males would be the ones that hurt me most even if they are just friends. So I feel about them, the way you feel about Scorp males, hard to trust.

    The female Scorps, when I was younger, they would be bullies or seemed to be always rude/ mean. But the ones I met later in life, are mostly friendly and very fair judgement, even go as far as chatterbox and go the extra mile helping someone. Female Libras, some are decent sweet angels, some are like the males, hard to trust.

    These are of course the ones I met in real life, not necessarily all of them are the same. Even as a Leo I am always shy to the point avoiding spot light, which is strange for a Leo. I'd rather be at the back stage and let someone else takes the spot light. I wouldn't want people claim my hard work as theirs, that's all I am asking. Rather than being the heart of the party, I like sitting in the corner, watching people, what they do or say. sometimes I see them do the silliest things or hiding things they think nobody knows.

    The signs I have encountered all my life.most are Scorps and Sags pretty much my entire life. Sags I like both females and males, even if we have argument it never gets out of hand. I don't always ask people their signs so I might miss a couple or more.

  • Thanks leoscorpion!

    I just wanted to clear up I'm a libra/rooster(not rabbit)/5 life path number.

    Interesting you have had good and bad friendships with Scorpio women. I have found them to be some of the deepest, emotionaly supportive and caring people out there. The men not so much although if they love you they really care and show you their loyal side.

    Being a libra female male libras really let me see something inside myself I don't like. They can be cool guys to be friends with but they can hurt you emotionaly and not care. I was hurt by a libra man once I think he felt bad but for the most part it didn't affect him that badly. He really wanted to remain friends and I sincerly believe that but at the time it was way to painful because I like him alot. Libra men sometimes come of as untrustworthy and phoney.

    As a libra I think libra women are pretty much the same. It made me think that some people find me and being fake or insincer in my kindness. I wouldn't say I am being phoney with people, I sincerely are kind to others and don't feel any ill will towords anyone but I know some people might feel unspecial or even betrayed when you are that way with everyone. I guess most libras don't have the level of deepness that some people crave expecially scorpios. I can see many scorpios finding us flighty and untrustworthy. In the past I can admit that sometimes I can be quite cold and uncaring. I have broken off friendships and really hurt people but honestly there is a reason for I just felt like I was ready to move on at that point and I can see how this hurts others. I hate making others sad but I hate more not doing what I feel is best for me. So I can totally understand you saying that libras are not the sweethearts everyone thinks we are.

  • hi krystal

    I like rooster females. first of all, anyone of this sign, has some kind of understanding with rabbit females. which is I am. strange I don't always find this in fellow rabbits, but then again. a sign is just one aspect of personality, not the whole make up.

    I do not by any means try to belittle any sign. but I guess I do sound like that sometimes but do not mean it. I do have tendency to let people walk over me, when I am in love with them. So I probably can't blame the men to take advantage, whether they are Libra or not. The thing is they are mostly friendly and helpful I feel like returning the favor, only I go too far sometimes.

    The female Scorps, the school bullies I knew 2 of them. But the ones I met later in life, they are like what you said. helpful, etc. I suppose like everyone else, they get more mature as they get older. sorry that you have bad experiences with Scorps males, I hope one day you will find a good one. Scorp rules mystery and s ex. You are about balance. I can see where this may clash, but I'd rather pull out birth charts for clearer look. If you have any birth info, give me a shout. I'll pull out something when I have time.

  • Wow a rabbit! See what I mean! Haha you seem really nice and a cool person. It's like rabbits keep popping up in my life! Thanks for offering to look at my chart leoscorpion.

    Being a rooster some rooster women I meet I can see our dark side. I think we are really good people very honest and brave people but I can see how we rub people the wrong way. We can be self absorbed and sometimes we say things without realising how it might hurt people's feelings. Also sometimes I find rooster women kinda negative and pessimistic. We are ok though usually we are really funny! Werid senses of humor! Male roosters I have a really hard time getting along with however!

    In my first post I mentioned this Scorpio man I'm still crazy about, he is also a rabbit and I think it describes him alot. I always end up being attracted to them but then something always goes wrong and I'm then one ending up hurt. Also I feel like I annoy them just by being myself like I am too aggressive and independent and they are turned off by that even if in other ways they are attracted to me but usually in just a superfical sexual way. It's not that he doesn't want me he does but the situation scares me and I feel very confused about what I want. I'll show you our charts, just our inner planets.


    Sun Libra

    Moon Leo

    Mercury Libra

    Venus Sag

    Mars Virgo

    Rising Pisces

    Chinese Rooster


    Sun: Scorpio

    Moon: Virgo

    Mercury: Virgo

    Venus: Virgo

    Mars: Virgo

    Rising: Capricorn

    Chinese: Rabbit

  • Sorry I said his mercury is in Virgo, correction it's in Scorpio. I always feel like he can see right through me!

  • Communication:

    he is of searching mind, picks up things you don't say, a psychic ability to say the least only they tend to focus on flaws, the darker side of humans. this position gives them the ability to send deadly attacks when challenged, merely because they know where to hit. you are happy go lucky and has good judgement. you express yourself clearly, one does not need to guess much. but when it comes to this relationship, it would be wise to learn keep some mystery to yourself. for when things are rough, it could be your best defense.


    he likes a relationship that starts slowly and lasts a long time, and that is the same way he feels about s ex. He can be loyal but places a lot of importance of the physical aspect of the relationship. Flowers and romance can be somewhat superficial for him. He is reliable and practical, once committed he can be annoyed if you need constant reassurance. he is easily aroused and sensual, to him s ex is the essence of relationship.

    In s ex you are traditional, you approach it slowly. You can be blunt but not one that will jump to s ex immediately. You are one for romance, flowers and poetry. Without this, a relationship is not satisfying and you can react harshly to your partner's surprise. Try to find middle ground and work it out.


    Rooster is a sign of romance and adventure. The female is active and radiant, competitive but kind hearted. Unlike rooster male, they do not have tendency to be sadistic emotionally.

    Rabbit/Cat is homebody and sign of (yeah, playboy) mating. The male is hard to trust anyone, he would rather take advantage than being taken advantage of. hence many of them would rather not commit than commit, they go for lust more than love because they distrust anything they view as irrational. he is kind and generous for friends and family and those less fortunate. When truly in love though, he will be loyal athough not much of sentimental and romance

    I believe this relationship could work. If you read this and find anything rings true that needs working on, do so. These are general views so may not apply 100% to you.

  • Thanks leoscorpio! You are awesome! Yes much of that does sound like him and I.

  • good luck. gotta go for weekend chores.

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