Just can't seem to contact my spirit Guide....Help?

  • Looking for all and any tips here. I've tried to contact my spirit guide forever... I can reach my animal guides but never my spirit guide. Tried the before sleep requests, the walks in meditation, pleading, prayers... You name it. Is it something that only happens when they are ready? I need a little guidance now and then and you wonderful people seem to be my only source....



  • I believe I was reading another thread similar to this. If I remember correctly the advice was that we have to wait for them sometimes. If you search through the threads, you may find it. I think it is just entitled SPIRIT GUIDES.

  • If you join subud, you will receive guiding from the highest. Or what would be called: The guidance from within and without. subud.org, subud.com. On those sites you can read about what it is. Although words can not explain, words are not enough to understand what it is. But for me and many it has been wonderful. I agree that it would be more healing to have contact with spirits that are higher than the animal spirits.That would perhaps be what people call Spirit.

  • Thank you both for your input.


  • You're welcome. Hey, I have to ask you silly question. I have seen this word: Namaste several times on this site. I do not know the definition. I have an idea, but not certain. Oddly enough, throughout the night at work a couple of nights ago, I kept repeating this word, over and over again. I kept saying it in my mind and out loud. Unsure of why though. hmmm

  • Directly translated Namaste means "I bow to you" It is a sanskrit word. It's used by non- Hindis pretty commonly. It is also spiritual and the further meaning would be "The Light within me honors the Light within you" or "That which is of God in me greets that which is of God in you." or "Your Spirit and my Spirit are as One". They all mean generally the same thing, just reworded. Hope that helps! Xanthe444

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you, xanthe444. That did help a lot. Thanks! Namaste. 🙂

  • speak to your guides angels about whatever it is you require to know, know that they are present at all times, sos is anyone their said out load and then talking to them as if they were in present form tell them what it is you would like to know ask them to guide you to the answer, in some way or another you will receive that answer, beleive, that they really do hear you, i speak to my angels and guides a lot, they have assisted me in the most amazing ways, ways undreamed of they will guide you you need to trust in the process and dont try to negoiate around whart is happeneng, as you are on your journey , dont fight it, relaxing into the day, and evening thruout all that you do enables the best of magic to occurr, it takes practice it takes beleif and trust and faith, have faith in yourself donot give up and dont expect anything, it will come when your not even thinking about it, then it becomes natural to you, when we have a lot of junk in the way it is hard to see and hear and feel our guides and angels advice, they may not speak, they may show you by vision, a book you pick up to read, another person, an incident that happens, they may speak, be patient with yourself, relax and go with the flow, be the wave that comes into the shore and sips at the shore line, then go back out with the tide, efortlessly, trust in your higher self and allow whatever comes, never expect anything as whilst we are expecting things to happen, when they dont we can become so dissappointed, it blocks the message and we end up giving in, best of luck, trust in the process of life, its your life and you do really know the answer, its when we resist what is for our greatest good we go wrong, be bliss , have a great christmas, and i wish every one of the ladys and gentlemen on this site a very happy christmas and a wonderful new year, many blessings to all

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