I had a very intense dream

  • about my wonderful partner, who gave up heavy drugs 2 years ago after 30 years of use... however he and I cannot have sex as it does not work anymore . (well at the moment anyway)

    here is the dream... I came home from a weeks holiday and found syringes all through my shop (I do not currently have a shop but am working on that)

    my partner was in the shop very wasted, he told me he was sorry and asked for my forgiveness and i was ok untiol he told me he d blown over 7k on sex workers and he was now also broke... at this point my feelings became very intense and I just started physically abusing him and hitting him and punching him non stop ( ps he and I are not abusive in anyway towards each other ) and I couldnt stop, he just took it and didnt complain . i woke uo feeling very intense,,,

    the only things I can add to that is that i have to go outside for sex and this can cause me problems emotionally as i would prefer he and I to be able to do so but he has no desire for it,.. Im wondering if me hitting him in the dream is my feelings of frustrations re the issue and maybe subcosciously Im blaming the past drug problem for this situation.

  • I think your analysis of your dream makes sense.

  • Dear Gypsy112233,

    It is not uncommn to have very intense dreams for some time after giving up drugs. They can last for several years. Yes, you still have pent up emotions about having to give up the lifestyle and the drugs. That is a major change in your life in and of itself. Your attacking him was really an attack on yourself. His image was really you portrayed as him. All the anger was directed at yourself, hence the image of him not defending himself. 30 years of use is going to take time to heal, my friend. In the meantime I would recommend meditation as a means of letting go of some of the rage you have well hidden. Use scented candles and soothing music. I wish you all the blessings you have coming to you. That kind of change is more than commendable. As your body heals you must also heal the spirit and the soul. I hope for many good things for you.

  • he was the one who had done the drugs.. ive never touched them.. I think its my anger at feeling rejected... which i need to do meditation for....unless someone else has different ideas on the dream

  • That's interesting Gyspy, and like Manifestdreams I think your analysis seems to make sense. I've often wondered about my own dreams, particularly trying to decide if they are trying to tell me more or if they are just reflective of issues that have been on my mind right before going to bed. My mother and another close family member have had dreams (of fortune and of death) that have turned out to be true on more than a few occasions. Personally, I've never found any of my dreams to be predictive, at least not that I remember. Does anyone know how to determine the significance of dreams (if there is a significance), beyond basic symbols? I guess what I mean is, is there a way to tell if you're dreaming of something simply because it's an issue that's been on your mind, or if you're dreaming of something because it's showing what's more to come, like revealing the outcome of a situation? Like you Gypsy, I sometimes have very intense dreams that seem so realistic and I wonder if I'm supposed to be taking more from them...

  • well Gypsy, I hope he's not wasting all of your money! Maybe you should becareful about your money?? Also, If your'e not getting what you want from this relationship why not end it??

    If your not happy why stay? I know how ending a relationship can be extremely difficult if you have been with a person for a very long time.

    Do you think he's still using? Just be careful and take care of yourself.

  • Gypsy112233, I have another thought for you to consider. Your partner has changed. This changes the dynamics of your entire relationship. It means you must also change and move in a different direction. Look deeply into your heart --Could some frustration stem from this?

    I don't mean leave the relationship, just adapt, change the old ways that you used to connect to your partner. Drug free, makes a big difference, bringing a new "Us" to find and explore. You may find in that exploration " life" is revived. Partner did drugs, but it left you with drug problem, : ) I hope you can find your way back to each other.

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