Gemini woman scorpio man advice

  • we have been together for six years with our share of him running away. I will not take any disrespect or wrong doings from him and will throw it back in his face if he wrongs me. He sulks and goes hide somewhere and makes me think he will never return eachtime..It like a rollacoaster and a game with no communication skills without yelling..we love eachother we just have issues that we cant solve how do you work on things if you cant talk, he likes to retreat and then act like tothing happened and i will clearly tell him how i feel and why and what he has done...but i need some advice from you gemini/scorpion relationships out there..right now we are on a split and i am giving him his space, i am not calling him like i normally do. previous retreat fights i would call him and try to talk, and feels like i am the man and i have to call him and wooh him and always make the first effort, but not this time i will wait for him to man up and come home....

  • I comeam not Scorpio but my honey is a Gemini and we all know how hard and dufficult they can be. From my experience, you will have to give then their space. That is a must with them or they will run. They will start to fill smoother and like I said run.Even though you said you have been with him for 6 yrs it does not change. Just give him his space and you guys will be ok. Do you think you are to much for him? I have been knowing my friend for a very long time and it still apply. THEY NEED THEIR SPACE. If not, it will not be a good outcome. It took me along time to realize what the problem was until he told me. You can not take it personal because it has nothing to do with you

  • I am gemini and he is scorpio and he always runs and hides makes me insane. I have always been the one to try to communicate in the past. is it always going to have to be like this or am i doing the right thing by not calling him and not trying to start the conversation...does he have it in him yo make the first move when things are wrong? I guess we will see.

  • I'm sorry I have it twisted. I have never heard of a Scropio acting like that. But still you probably will have to br the first one making the step to bring this back together sometimes that just how it goes and I know, we all get tired of the sameO' stuff all the time.

  • worthy1248

    thank you for your advice even though you had it backwards at first i do see alot of him in me, i guess i could be the on to leave but i have so much stuff and its hard for me to just pick up and go so thats not an option for me inorder to show my feelings.

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