Can someone do a reading for me?

  • qkt6063, I think at this point you should follow his lead. He is trying to take it SLOW. I think what is on his mind is putting the past behind him. Don't crowd him, turn things around be being a friend more than an interest right now. Do things you like doing together: The movies, read the same book, that's alot of fun cause you can read it at the same time, sometimes over the phone, and ooh and aah over certain parts and laugh! It doesn't always have to be romance, go do the things you both like doing, enjoy those moments together and it will show him the side of you he is missing. SLOW and EASY, if you want him back. I think there is a chance if you don't crowd, push or expect to much at first and let your relationship ease into what it is to be. I don't see anyone else important at this time; but that doesn't mean he won't find someone he would like to ask out. He needs time. So do you.

    Hope this helps, let me know please.


  • Luna11987 - let me put this together for you on the table. I will have an answer for you in a bit.


  • qkt6063 - I also think he is trying to give you time to reconcile the fact that things have changed. Be happy that he still cares enough about your feelings to consider them. He is giving you time to deal with the emotions involved.


  • Luna1987 - First off let me tell you THere were 3 Major Arcan cards, which are big deals in where they pop up. The Star in the 5th position tells me this was an important part in resolving your past. The moon in the 8th position tells me that the outside environment in unknown or secretive to you, you aren't sure of it. and Strength in the 9th position tells me that you really want to endure and keep control over your instincts in matters of the heart.

    You have 4 people cards - tells a bit about either you, your interest, or friends and family.

    You hve 4 cup cards here - emotion

    You have 2 sword cards here - thinking

    You have 1 pentacles card here - practicality

    you have 0 wands cards - action; spirit

    This tells me that right now you are more into the emotions right now, kind of giddy. You are thinking a bit, using your head a little and your goals are practical.

    however, I think you are afraid to make a move, (lack of action).

    Ok, here we go: Heart of the matter: 3 of cups - This has to do with celebrations, feeling successful, or lucky. There is merriment. So the heart of the matter is feeling like this relationship is worth celebrating.

    Reinforcing factor - He is a good, kind, sensitive, reliable person; but tends to be moody.

    3. What crowns you - 2 of Pentacles - you want a balanced; harmonious relationship that fits into your life.

    4. Past influences - 3 of swords - Past hurts that left you in tears and torn inside; didn't think you would survive the hurt.

    5. The past resolved - The Star - Big breakthrough. You came out of that dispair and found yourself along with a good dose of self-recognition: yes, my feelings do matter and I am worth more than he lead me to believe, and you found some peace.

    6. Immediate future comes in with the page of cups who brings sweetness, gentleness; kindness, a dreamy romantic feeling sweeps over you.

    7. Your psychological state now: Knight of Cups finds you warm emotionally, flirty, sensitive and social.

    8. Outside influences - The Moon- The realm of the unknown - afraid of deception, how you will adapt, how you look, how he looks, how you both look together or are viewed as a couple. People around you are unsure at this point.

    Hopes, fears, key factors: Strength: The fortitude to to keep control over your instincts, not to be overcome by pure emotions, use discretion.

    10. Possible outcome: Page of swords - A declaration will be made - speak your truth.

    Hope this helps, let me know


  • Yes Nanette thank you for the insight. So his feelings have changed about me, and now I am just more of a friend than a romantic love interest?

  • qkt6063 - I believe at this time, he is deep in thought about whether he wants to live with or without you entirely, right now you are in his life where he needs you to be and if you push him, he might just move on for good. He is also taking your heart into consideration, knowing your feelings for him, and he doesn't want you to hurt. He needs time to think and be sure of what it is he wants to do.

    Hope this helps, let me know


  • yes, that does make sense.. SLOW and EASY is the way...I really appreciate your help, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. I will follow his lead...

    Thank you so much

  • qkt6063, Please let me know how this works out. You are in my thoughts and prayers that things go the way they are suppose to for the good of both of you.


  • I will Nannette, I will give you a update later... take care and much thankfulness for the help you have given me!

  • Nanette, Thank you for your help :). You truly described the situation right now, I hope that the page of swords means a good sign and revealing feelings in an honest manner. Most of all I hope that this friendship will become something much more. It is a good feeling to finally receive some light after the storm (speaking of past love relationships). Thanks again, blessings!

  • Luna11987 - glad to have been able to help!


  • Hi Nanette, I am sure if you remember me. Sorry it took a while. I double check with my ex boyfriend's DOB. Hoping to find out if we can get back together. Or if there is any advice you can give. Thanks! His DOB is 5/26/76.

  • Nanette, thank you so much for your time and response.

    Two sad stuck people don't really seem to have any means to move forward...

    Alone or together...

    Food for thought indeed.

    Thank you again for your common sense and insights.


  • Hello is there any one out there that has time to do a reading for me please relationship with j where is it going what are his true feelings about me it has been long enough and still no commitment from him. will 2010 be a better year for us.

    God Bess,and thanks.

    Our bdays..mine..08/11/61

    his bday...11/30/79

  • Nanette,

    You did a reading for me about a month ago and discussed dualities and the need for me to focus on my family for awhile. Just wanted to let you know that a couple weeks after that, a close family member passed away after a very short illness. It's had a big impact on all of us, esp my kids. I can see how this event has kind of turned things in a different direction and changed things for all of us. Thanks again for the reading.

  • Your reading for me was,,,,,,

    ""Hankster58 - My first impression of you from your birth cards and being an aquarian is you are ambitious. Aquarians, are progressive - look to the future, analytical original, independent and assertive. Your birthcards are The Sun, The Wheel of Fortune and The magician. Most people live on the other side of those cards feeling the world will take care of them. You probably take care of yourself, and have learned to ride with the wheel, as indicated in your question, with the help of the magician - turning around your situations for the better.

    You are in the year of the Chariot until your birthday in February. This means you have learned to take the reins, and take or follow direction or direct your life towards the paths you want to go down. You are in the drivers seat.

    This year you will learn and apply the Strength card, what fortitude means and how to tame that side of you that seems uncontrolled, or wild. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses.

    So about that job - these are the cards I pulled, the first question is will you lose your job:

    The 2 of swords - not an easy decision, compromise and or a truce is called for here. Not too much tension here as in this deck the card is more of a stalemate and on an equal level. If you don't come to a compromise that is too both your likings then you will move on.

    When will this happen? The Moon - Unknown but probably during a crescent moon phase.""

    well the last part is exactly how it went down. They were pressing me to the edge to go... then backed off every chance they had.....stalemate.... and the "compromise" was never coming with the manager there now..... so i moved on all right... I quit!! So you nailed it too!!! Other reads I had all basically came down as right as well!! Cool and Thank you!!!

    So do you see my new direction as being the "right one"????

  • Nanette

    I would like to talk to you about the reading you did for me on January 3.

  • I would like a reading done for myself. 9 March 1980. I've been in this on off relationship with a cancer guy (4 July 1980) and the relationship is off now. I'm interested to know about my love life and possibly anything with him. Thanks.

  • Nanette,

    Hello I wanted to let you know that we are still seeing each other and doing fun things together. It has been very very very slow going...LOL to the point that I think he just wants to be friends now which isnt a bad thing, however it gets hard at times because I would like the romance that we once shared. He says he loves me but I dont think he is IN LOVE with me... could you look again for me and see where things are with he and I?

    I would deeply appreciate it!


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