Falling for a fellow Sag!! HELP!

  • I haven't been in a serious relationship since I divorced in 2002. I recently met a fellow Sag on line and have fallen hard for him. We are mirror images of each other. I haven't laughed and smiled so much in many, many years. The issue I am facing is we are 20 hours apart. I cannot financially move since I have just moved and am still job searching. He doesn't seem interested in moving. I also can't seem to get a grip on how he feels about us. At times, I can tell he is very interested, but others is like he only wants to be friends. I have no clue what to do. I haven't dated in 7 years and this is all new to me again. HELP! I'm taking it slow, but I tend to be very impulsive and want what I want when I want it. 🙂

  • Take a chance and tell him you are intrested in dating. See what happens. Go for it honey!!

  • well im a male sag, and i completely understand the " want what i want when i want it" if you guys seem to have so much in common, im sure he is thinking the same thing you are but doesnt know how to go about it either. someone has to be willing to take the risk first in putting it out there. maybe the times he seems he only wants to be friends is because he wants to get to know you better before you guys just jump into anything. all this advice ive said here is from all the wisdom i have gained from alot of wonderful women on this website including Lovingmylife lol, ive had to learn to calm down and not be so pushy when you have fallen for someone cause you have so much in common. like me with this Libra girl ive been seeing/friends with the past 4 months. and trust me i was very hard headed at first and didnt listen and pushed her to stop contact with me but is fixed now. im sure he feels the same way about you and yes take it slow, it might be hard for both of you to hold back once you guys express how you feel about eachother. i dunno just keep talking to him the more you find out about eachother, yours and his feeling will grow deeper, but the trying to "meet up" thing is gonna be difficult.

    how long have you been talking with him?

  • Im also a fellow sag gal, we are already blunt and honest, too honest at times..let him know how you feel , he will appreciate it, if he dosent want you that way he will say it....it sounds like he has a thing for you though, (just from my past exp. with my fellow sags). If we don't really like you, we DONT want to talk to you to long period....be calm, move slow, but most important, be honest and tell him how you feel..good luck:)

  • had to redo my login - we've been talking for a couple of months. I'm ready to run though. I get frustrated & scared easy.

  • Tiger28, running and being scared is the story of my life...i don't know if it's a sag trait, but i lose alot of good people and relationships from fear....don't allow yourself to be fearful of the situation, it can either be or not be, i really feel you right now, just be easy and let it be:)

  • tiger72>>The issue I am facing is we are 20 hours apart. I cannot financially move

    Sandran712>>I could not answer this post sooner.My computer monitor blew up.I am proof of a long distance relationship.My mom met my dad 10 states away.He came to my mom and lived.He was born in Oklahoma.It's too soon to change your life into moving just yet.You hardly know him and it may not work anyways.Moving is a very big step for any sign to relocate.

  • i am a sag that is currently in a relationship with a sag man, i can honestly say we have our similarities but we are for the most part opposites. I'm loud and talkative, he's quiet, im open with my feelings hes pretty closed off. I'm not sure things will last it was wonderful at first but im starting to get bored.

  • I am a Sag and almost everyone in my family is a Sag, it sucks, LOL only joking.

    Well, a friend of mine is surprise surprise is also a Sag. Here is the story, well, two.

    When she was young she fallen for a Sag men. She was more after him, than he was after her. So, she boldly moved in with him. I remeber they were over the moon for about 11 months. Then her Sag become less and less visible and started to disappear more and more. She become a drama queen, and from there on the relationsip started to deteriate.They did fall apart eventually, as she could not stand his behavior any longer.

    She moved on and five years later she met another Sag. The were just hanging around together, that's all!

    They really enjoyed each other's company and never raised any questions. I remember she said to me once that she did not particularly cared whether they stay together, as she did not want to get hurt. She was just carrying on with him, and if they were to split up, let be it, at least, as she claimed at the time she was having a great time with that guy.

    So, once he asked her to stay for longer, as she was coming, staying and then going back to her house, it was just silly, so she packed her bags and moved in with him, LOL, within a day

    A year later he proposed, they got married within a few months, and as tipical Sags, pair of them moved to live abroad where they still together 13 years later, LOL.

    So, recently we spoke about it all and she said to me that her Sag hubby confessed to her ( 13 years later!) that he did not mean 13 years ago when he said why don't you stay, he did not mean for her to move in with him, LOL it i so funny,but I guess spontaneoiuty worked. They have kids and are very happy together.

    Hope this helps

  • @shyniluv

    I am like you, black or white nothing in the middle, don't need a hustle,either or, sounds simple, NOT!

  • Lis,

    I think it's something all sags carry....either be real, or move on and let a real person take your place...I'm not talking tough..lol..i'm far from being tough, but at the end of the day i just don't want to waste anymore time on earth messing with people that cant even be honest with themselves:) i like your friends story as well. I actually dated 1, yes only 1 sag guy and he treated me like a queen. Anything that i wanted was mine, he just forgot to tell me about his 3 ,yes 3 kids by 3 , yes 3 different mothers....it was more than i could take and within a week i was gone...today we are still friends and speak to each other almost every other day..sags motto, " if we cant be lovers, we'll atleast be friends.":)

  • @ shinyluv

    LOL! Like a mirror!

    Especially here:

    "i just don't want to waste anymore time on earth messing with people that cant even be honest with themselves"

    as well as here

    " if we cant be lovers, we'll atleast be friends.":) and the latter almost always leads to problems as some people for some reason think otherwise, but I don't mean anything, but friednship, what's wrong with that?

    Surely I would've behaved otherwise, if I wanted more, they don'know the fire they might get, or maybe they do and this is why they get confused?

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