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  • I have chronic kidney disease, my kidneys are down to 38%. I was born on 10/11/50 and I live in Jasper, Tennessee. Do you see any help for my kidneys or will they do better or will they go completely down.

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  • tonib3741 write something on this thread New Age, Healers combining with coops. I have a dream.

  • Hi tonib,

    Is one kidney worse than the other? I'm getting that one side is worse. I also got that you need to add fiber to your diet. Now, I almost didn't even say this because I had no idea that it could be beneficial. But I heard it again and then heard "tell her". So I googled it to make sure I wasn't crazy and found a lot of articles about how certain fiber is beneficial in chronic kidney disease. Please check with your doctor before changing your diet. Hope this helps.

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  • tonib3741

    Are you open to me doing a healing for you? Also could I have your first name please, it helps me to focus on you for the healing if I have your name. Let me see what I can do for you. :-))


  • tonib if you could post a picture it would make it easier for me to send healing energy also.

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  • Hi tonib3741, I would like to share a simple remidy to start with for your kidneys, Epsom-Salt Packs. Dissolve as much Epsom salts- about a pound in a small basin or pot- as will dissolve in the amount of water necessary to saturate a bath towel. Apply as hot as possible over the area indicated. Keep repeating the hot applications, use an infared lamp and then use an electric pad to keep the pack warm until the Epsom salts have completely dried or have become caked in the pack. I will send more info if you wish and take care.Put your legs up at night against the wall while lying on your back for at least ten minutes two times a day, this part is not in the book. Sleep with pillows under your knees, and if on your side, a pillow between your knees.

  • tonib3741, I would recommend seeing a healer who can look into your eyes to see what toxins are there, as well as an accupucturist who can maybe open up new pathways for your kidneys, also ask the herbolagist about how to use the Laudanum that is recommended in the book for packs on the body for the kidney's. Ask your doctor about a cleanse for the liver and kidneys, no salt ingested or alcohol.

  • Iridologist I believe is the name of the specialist who can see what toxins are in your eyes and diagnose further cleansing.

  • I don't mean to step on anyone's toes or offend anyone, but as a healthcare professional I must ask that caution should be exercised before providing actual medical advice. I don't mean the spiritual healing; I have seen this work many times where science has failed and we have never been able to explain how it works, but it does work.

    Tonib3741,please be aware that having 38% of your estimated renal function means you have chronic kidney disease, and most likely have problems with fluid overload (build up of fluid in the body) and therefore are most likely on a fluid restricted regimen, If you add fiber to your diet, but maintain fluid restriction you may actually develop a bowel obstruction. So I agree with consulting with your doctor prior to changing your diet, and seeing how much fiber you can actually consume.

    Two, with decreased kidney function, if you take epsom salts also known as magnesium sulfate, bc of your kidney's poor function you can not easily eliminate the magnesium from your body. This can actually lead to magnesium toxicity with muscle relaxation and arrythmias (irregular heart rhythm). However if epsom salts are applied externally for example in a bath or soak, they may actually relieve some back pain that most people with kidney disease have. Again please consult with your doctor first.

    If I have offended anyone, please forgive me and understand that as a healthcare professional I felt responsible to provide some advice to avoid any potential harm. I know everyone had the best intentions.


  • Hi summerbutterfly,

    I don't take offense at all to what you're saying. My first thought when I got fiber was that I don't know if it could be harmful. But I hear voices and I've had them save me from a Doctors bad advice. Another time I didn't listen and suffered the consequences. Anyway I heard it again with a forceful "tell her". So I passed it on with caution and a warning to consult with her Doctor. I think it was good that you chimed in with the seriousness of her condition and another warning to consult with her Doctor. Everyone should do their own research and consult with their Doctors on any medical condition.

  • thank you, my first name is Toni. I will try to eat more fiber. I will try to post a picture with my daughter but right now I don't have one.

  • I will consult my doctor before I eat more fiber. Thank you all for you help. I eat a salt restricted diet becuase of this but I can try the outside treatment. Thank you I appreciate it very much.

  • Toni : Saying a prayer for you .... i hope that you can manage your fatigue, pain and other symptoms and when it gets to be too much, I hope your family and friends lift your spirits. Are u on a transplant list?

    Summer: Thank you for speaking out. Too often well meaning advice is offered that is erroneous. Everyone tries to help according to their knowledge and that is wonderful, so far the advice has never been detrimental; today it had me shaking my head in wonder.

    Manifest : Always enjoy your posts and am so very glad your are a secure Gemini ! You follow thru with dignity & graciousness.

  • Thank you Laie4. That was very nice of you to say.

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