Recurring Themes

  • I'm a Cap, through and through.

    I find it interesting that no matter what, my closest friend turns out to be a Taurus. I don't go looking for them, but instead am gravitated to them (before I even realize they're a bully headed earth sign like myself).

    I have an intense attraction to Virgos and Scorpios . . . But can either never land one, or pin one down long enough.

    I almost always end up with air and fire signs - mainly libras - who eventually end up irritating the piss out of me. Cancers also aggrivate me, though as a whole, not just in regards to romantic relationships. I won't go near them or subject myself to situations where they're involved.

    These things usually play out before I'm ever aware of an individuals sign, so I find it fascinating when similar situations turn out to involve the same signs.

    Thoughts, observations, virgos?

  • If it is any help to you...I am a virgo and I find caps very interesting. My only true love was a cap and my second love is a scorpio. I don't know what the attraction is off hand..but it is truly so.

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