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  • Hi Everyone

    I had to put my pet dog Gambit (maltese poodle) to sleep in November last year as he was very old and sick, and I still feel dreadful about it. I hope he's forgiven me.

    Before I took him to the vet that day I remember giving him a bath and drying him with the hair dryer, he always loved being dried that way. He looked so cute and cuddly that I almost change my mind but I knew I had to take him and it just broke my heart.

    Ever since then I keep hearing him about the house. He had this strange way of sneezing and when I came home from work one day I heard him sneeze. He also had this strange way of sighing which my sister and I used laugh about because he always sighed like he had had such a busy day. We often hear these sounds at night and during the day, especially in my bedroom as he used to sleep there.

    Does this mean that pets spirit go back to their homes, it's strange cause I still feel his presence.


  • gamby

    Spirits do visit the place where they used to live. I used to live with my parents, a few weeks after my father's death, he visited me a few times. I got married and moved, he still visits me at my home. he visits my mom too. my brother also had moved and he visits him too. I was close to my dad so I know when he visits, but my mom and brother don't know.

    I used to have a lot of pet cats. They died one by one outdoor, car crash and abusers got them. Some return and stay as power animals, some hasn't visited me yet. Can't tell when spirits visit, but they do.

  • I lost my beautiful girl Boo, at the ripe old age of 18. She was a beautiful black cat. She didn't act 18 at all, she acted and looked like she was 3. After she passed, I often heard her around me. She had this very unique, short "maow" that she would use while alive to talk to me. After she passed, I heard her around my house and around me, meowing like she used to. I could even call her and I'd get her meow in response.

  • darkness angel

    aww I love this story ! she meowed back 🙂

    thanks for sharing. you and your family must be very kind to your pets. no wonder they come back even after they die. They treasured their moments with you 🙂

  • Leoscorpion, I am a true animal lover, and treat animals with the same respect that I treat people. I remember my ex husband telling me that when he died, he wanted to come back as one of my cats, lol! I'm not the "crazy cat lady", but I just treat them well. All animals that share my life get treated as best as I can.

    Boo was saved from being euthanized at a local shelter. At the time, I was doing rescue work, and I was specifically looking for a black cat for myself. I had a friend who worked there, and one night, as he started his midnight shift, he called me and asked me if I was still looking for a black cat. I told him I was. He said to come to the shelter, because he felt that he'd found the perfect one for me, but that I had to come now, at midnight, because she was scheduled to be put to sleep at 8 a.m.

    So I went right then, and he took me to the kennels and showed me this beautiful 7 week old black kitten. She was a shorthair, and sitting up with such regal bearing in her cage, completely unaware that she only had 8 hours left to live. It was love at first sight, and I told him I would take her.

    In the cage next to hers, there was a kitten that was about 6 weeks old, a Russian Blue. I took him, too, because I just totally fell in love with him as well. He was also scheduled to be euthanized at 8 a.m. I smuggled them both out under my jacket, and my friend took the cards off of their cages (back before computers), wrote "euthanized" on both cards and slipped them into the euthanized pile for filing.

    This was either the day before or the day after Halloween (I can't remember which), so that's how Boo got her name. My grey kitten took to sleeping inside my ex husband's sneaker, which was a Nike, and so Nike became his name. Nike passed at the age of 12, and I had two spirit experiences with him. I loved them both, but Boo was my baby, and even 2 1/2 years after losing her, I still miss her greatly. Boo was always with me all her life. If I was working on my computer, she was lying next to me on my bed, or in my lap, or on my desk. She loved sunshine and loved to nap in the yard, and she slept in the oddest positions. If I was doing yardwork, she was right there with me. I feel grateful that I was able to give her and Nike both more years, and the joy and companionship that they brought to me in return was priceless.

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  • leoscorpion,

    "seeing the unseen" traits for cats made me smile. Boo used to see things in my house all the time. I used to live in a house that was near two different was four blocks away, and the other was five blocks. Anyway, I used to get "visitors" in my house once in a while. My son and I both experienced ghosts there.

    Every so often, usually while she was curled up on the floor cleaning herself, Boo would suddenly stop, freeze, and stare down the hallway or towards another room. I would always get up to see what she was looking at, and of course, there'd be nothing, lol. She was never afraid. She would just stop and stare for a minute, then go right back to cleaning herself as soon as it was gone. She was a trip, lol.

    I know and understand exactly what you mean about animals being better friends than people. I've been through so many weird events with friends. And they have come and gone throughout my life, but pets are there through thick and thin. I had a cat named Bear who once comforted me after my first hubby fell out of a tree (he was a tree trimmer) and fractured his back. After I got home from the ER, Bear would not leave me alone. He followed me everywhere, and when I finally sat down on the couch, he climbed up into my lap and started licking my arms and my face, trying to make the hurt go away. He knew I was sad and he wanted to make me feel better. He and I always had a strong connection. He was another rescue baby, and every time I sat or lay down, he was right there with me. And he always had to touch me, even if it was just to reach out his paw and put it against me while we were napping together.

    You are absolutely right that our spirits come from the same place. I know that when I cross over to the Afterlife, I will be reunited with all my beloved animal companions who have gone before. I always joke around that when I get there, I'm going to ask if I can work with St. Francis, my favorite saint. 😉

    Thank you for your kind compliment. You are also a beautiful person, inside and out. The world is a better place for people like you, who care so much for all spirits, no matter what their form. 🙂

  • darkness angel

    so true what you said "You are absolutely right that our spirits come from the same place. I know that when I cross over to the Afterlife, I will be reunited with all my beloved animal companions who have gone before"

    I actually read somewhere that someone died and he was animal lover, most likely had rescued animals when he was alive too. when he crossed over, he was surrounded by animals he couldn't get through 🙂 I remember all my pets that died and my parent's deceased pets. I'd love to be reunited with them and my dad on the other side soon.

  • I truly believe that as well. That's a wonderful story about the person who died and was surrounded by his pets. So heartwarming. I read up and study about Near Death Experiences and that's one I've never heard before. I'm also looking forward to a time when I can be reunited with all my loves. What a blessing that will be. 🙂

  • yeah

    I almost cried when I read that too. It 's a short phrase in a book.

    I'll see if I can find that book title again. and I can quote it exactly.

  • LeoScorpion,

    Thanks for your input. I have contact PAU (wingedwolf). He's amazing. Again, thank you. Since the passing of my baby girl Liza ( German Sheppy), I now have (adopted) another amazing baby girl by the name of Shadow.

    Weird though...lots of things she does reminds me of Liza. She's about 2 and so I'll have a long life with her...let's hope I live long enough to enjoy her.

    Blessed Be.


  • Hi Captain!

    I had a dream of my beloved pet Liza who passed from cancer. Not long after she passed I dreamed she was in a large field ..all green. I was about 20 ft from her...called her and she came to me immediately.

    On one side there were garages...dark, empy, nothing in them but opened ...they had numbers, and I asked Liza where you goin girl?

    She didn't want to go there!!

    Now that I think of it, I bet it was the frigeration she was kept in for 2 weeks until they came to take so that I can get her remains.

    I bet that's why she didnt want to go to those dark and scary opened garages...hmmm


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