Leoscorpion help plz with Leo guy/ virgo cusp

  • Leoscorpion,

    i saw your response to wickedmoon and was hoping you could do my friend's. I have had both our birth charts done and honestly it might as well have been explained in Chinese =0), so i am hoping you can help me out.

    My guy is also Leo but on the cusp of virgo. Could you analyze both of us please ?

    My dob 09/15/1971

    His 08/22/1972

    Love and light,


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  • will do it tonight.

    I'm in between phone calls and housechores.

  • No worries, whenever you get a chance =0)

  • Mercury - Mars

    Positive aspect: They have been well selected. They understand each other, like to discuss things with each other and take joint initiatives. Great intellectual understanding.

    Sun - Jupiter

    Negative aspect: While they get on well when they first meet, sharing the same ideas and tastes, with the years their ideas change and they do not develop in the same way. They will no longer understand each other and could split up because they no longer love each other, have nothing more in common.

    Venus - Jupiter

    Negative aspect: A life together that will be very difficult, with intellectual misunderstandings, diametrically opposed tastes, different ideas.

    Sun - Neptune

    Negative aspect: The Sun will probably suffer in this relationship. Neptune may deceive the other, lie, will promise a fantastic future that only exists in the imagination. Neptune will not be able to live up to these dreams.

    Venus - Uranus

    Negative aspect: A meeting that can only be passing and highly disappointing.

    Mercury - Mars

    Negative aspect: Lots of problems can be foreseen for this couple, lacking in understanding, with ideas that are too different - and this leads to disputes. They are not made for each other.

    Sun - Saturn

    Negative aspect: They are certainly not made to live together. Saturn is too harsh, rigid and likes tranquility too much for the Sun. Neither will feel happy in this relationship.

    Mars - Saturn

    Negative aspect: It is impossible for such a union to happen but, if it does, it will be unbearable.

    Jupiter - Pluto

    Negative aspect: A union to be avoided at all costs, it can only be destructive and dangerous.

    Jupiter - Neptune

    Positive aspect: A potential union. Look at the other aspects.

    Mercury - Neptune

    Negative aspect: This relationship can only bring illusions, and therefore also disappointments will follow. These two people can never understand each other and if they insist on living together, it will be with lies and deception.

    Venus - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Great passionate affair, most certainly not lasting but pleasant to experience, whatever about the future.

    Mercury - Uranus

    Positive aspect: No clouds in this couple's life. They have a good intellectual understanding, take pleasure in being together, in discussing and exchanging ideas.

    Jupiter - Pluto

    Positive aspect: A possible union. Look at the other aspects to interpret exactly.

    Mars - Uranus

    Positive aspect: Favorable for union, linking originality to initiative and decision-making.

    There are more negative than positives here. You both will need to work on the relationship for sure. All relationships need working on, but in this case it will be quite a challenge. Both of you are quite similar with each other. You both are childlike, enjoying life to the fullest, young at heart. But take care not to go too far in this direction, at some points you both have to curb it or else irresponsibility will cause you sorrow. Money will be the least problem here, you both seem to know how to earn well although he might need to curb his extravagance a little bit. You are intelligent but somehow more sentimental than logical. You are very close to your family and tend to protect them at all costs, even though they are wrong. You need to use more of your logic, not completely eliminating the sentiments but in balance. This will help you big time in choosing a partner or dealing with people in general and help you become more independent in choosing the direction you want your life wants to go.

    His cusp contributes to his attention to details, methodical approach on things and ultimate taste for only the best things (or persons) to have. He may not be as prideful as non cusps, but since this cusp increase his taste for the best things, he is prone to comparing what he has and someone else has. If not controlled, he can let his desire gets the best of him, this includes over spending that leads him to always have to look for more money and possibly infidelity. This man is radiant and active, like fire. It will not be difficult for him to attract admirers, although his cusp may contribute to his aloofness, a few of these admirers may very well get his attention. Very important to tone down his taste and childlike attitude that may lead to irresponsible action such as infidelity among many things. He needs to learn that what glitters is not always gold, that a grass is a grass - green or not. He loves to shine and would prefer outer beauty than inner. You can't attract him dressing s lutty or carelessly. Take care of yourself and your look, all the time. He wants a woman, not a girl. Go moderate with make ups, but rich in moisturizer. Don't be afraid to show some skin, a well cared skin will keep his eyes on you. Once his eyes are set on you, be confident, approach him. He loves attention, especially from a beautiful woman. His Leo trait contributes his sense of ownership. Do not provoke his jealousy, he will not take it lightly and may cause you sorrow when his temper kicks in. Even if he is a cusp, this trait generally exists in everyone, only more in Leo males.

    As I mentioned above, you need to balance sentiments and logic. There is a tendency that you will blame yourself when your lover turns his back on you for another woman. You must realize that in a relationship, you and your lover are equal. Do not try to take control, especially with a Leo. but do not surrender yourself completely. Find middle ground, always. Make him feel like he contributes - a lot - to the relationship or anything that you work on. This will make him loosen up in his domination of your relationship, and he will end being more helpful than before. He likes confidence but if you are being assertive he may resent it. So be confident in a feminine way, only assert yourself at career or work life, but whan you are with him feminine is all you need.

    This is what I can gather. I can see a lot of needs for balance here, so the best way is to start slowly, and handle things as they come. If you find any of this rings true and needs working on, do so. but take it slow as a start.

  • Thank you so much for the interpretation !!!! I had mentioned that I was confused bc there were some positives that say the same things as the negatives,so I was confused which one had more weight. Everything here rings so true.

    The only thing about him that has thrown me off, was he left his first wife for a woman, who was not quite attractive, nor exceptionally well-groomed but was an ambitious, intelligent professional. I suspect the relationship did not go well bc they were both ambitious individuals set on their careers. Does this seem to ring true?

    And thank you once again !!


  • if she is ambitious, most likely she brings this trait into the relationship and ends up trying to take control.

    as I wrote here

    "Do not try to take control, especially with a Leo. but do not surrender yourself completely."

  • well I am glad you find everything rings true

    I was not sure because I know quite a few Virgo females and they are mostly not as I found your chart describes

    but of course I never do their brith charts LOL

  • you know it's funny now that you mention it,bc I 've been told while I am like most Virgos in some aspects, nitpicky, critical, analytical, health conscious perfeccionist, and fit the physical stereotype with the very feminine behavior, I am somewhat more verbose, I excel at verbal communication and am also more ambitious than most Virgos.Now, having said that, I have let numerous opportunities both personally and professionally pass me by bc while I am ambitious, my perfectionism and critical/analytical side of me has dragged me down and I know I have no one to fault but me. On the personal side, I do a complete turn -around and am more willing to cede to maintain the peace and this is where I can see the "stand by your guns a bit more" that you had mentioned.

    Oh, and I know this doesn't belong here, that there is a thread for the indigo children, but how do you know if you truly are? For example I have many of the traits, but I am also very service-oriented, I am a healthcare professional and pretty much spend my life at the hospital bc helping pts and their families is what brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to my life?

    Thoughts, opinions?

  • virgopiggy

    the easiest way to find out is to meet a reader

    but you need to find an aura reader that knows about indigo/cystal phenomena

    or else she mght confuse between a person that has a lot of indigo in their aura with a person that has dominant indigo in their aura

    the term a lot, is definitely not dominant

    this is where the aura reader knowledge about indigo/crystal phenomena will help determine it correctly because there could be a lot of colors in one person's aura, at least 3 that I heard

    I don't read auras, this is just what someone who can do it, tells me

    I heard you can train to read auras so feel free to get the training if you can

  • and yes about the virgo females I know, they are more to logic than sentiments

    I just don't see much of that in summerbutterfly, she is a sweetheart

    analytical mind hardowrking, yes she has all that Virgo thing

    just the sentiment part it's kind of rare to me

    then again I haven't met all Virgos on earth

  • Virgopiggy, you sound just like me!! Leoscorp, guess there's more than one of us LOL!!!!.

    However, in my past relationships I have always been the giver, willing to do anything to make the relationship work, pretty much a "doormat" as they would say. So your words of trying to find middle ground are so important to me, I will keep this in mind. Bc of past hurts, I am trying to take it slow. My leo, on the other hand, is used to getting what he wants, and the "slow" issue doesn't make the lion happy. But if you were to put yourself in my shoes, considering he has had two marriages already, wouldn't you do the same?

    Have a great weekend !!!!!

  • he is crazy of you 🙂

    I've been hurt many times (mostly because I jumped into things) and yet when I fell for hubby

    I was the one proposing for marriage, to which he said yes

    then he contacted my dad to ask my hand in marriage, but I started the whole process 🙂

    a lion in love, is very determined to make you his or hers.

    yes I can imagine you are such person, you are more to sentiments than logic

    this is why you always been the giver

    from now on, whether with or without this Lion, you need the balance

    keep communication open, talk about your needs gently or when he is in good mood

    you will be surprised how much understanding he can be

  • to add to to your post about the not attractive woman he left his wife for

    this is what happened, most likely

    " If not controlled, he can let his desire gets the best of him, this includes over spending that leads him to always have to look for more money and possibly infidelity"

    he needs to understand that what glitters is not always gold. but yeah being leo I know how hard it is not to be attracted by what / who we don't have. because fire sign likes to own things, sometimes it can get to 'likes to own everything and everyone'. i'd imagine he has toned this down, due to his failed marriages he might have learned from them. all the best !

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