Why doesnt it happen?

  • I have a keen interest in tarot card readings, however over the last few years the ones that I have tell me that I wil meet 'someone special' just round the corner, in 3mths time etc and two years down the line I haven't met anyone. Am I doing something wrong or am I just using the wrong readers~?

  • time is immeasurable ..... that said for years my mom was told the "just around the corner " thing .... hasn't happened yet. on the other hand, i was told for more than 20yrs. that my husband was a business man, i insisted they were picking up on my father. hubby # 2 more than fits the cards ....

    wish fulfillment ... probably not doing anything wrong just pushing for what you want and reading cards to often.

    life always gives exactly what we need, when we need it. keep your heart open. Time is Not of the Essence when it comes to Love. ; )

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