Recurring dream about white flowers

  • For the past 4-5 nights I have had the same dream and was wondering if someone could help me figure it out.

    I love white flowers, any kind. My house if filled with them, white roses, calla lilies, tulips, orchids, etc. In my bedroom I have a large flower arrangement of white tulips and orchids.For the past 4-5 nights, I have been awaken by a voice that tells me to look at the tulips that they have changed. When I look at them, there is something wrong about the flower arrangement but I can't put my finger on it. And then I just go back to sleep, reminding myself to look at them in the morning. When I do, there's nothing wrong with them. However, at night i'll hear the voice and it starts all over again.

    I am not one to normally dream, and to dream repetitively with a voice that I can actually hear, is even more unusual. And why my white flowers ? Thoughts, anyone ?

  • Exactly, spirit says(you are being teased)--why must they all be white? Why do they fill your house? What are you saying about yourself--why do you love them so much? What would happen if you placed a red one amongst them? There is something "ambiguous about your need to keep the flowers "unchanged. An urging for a time of questioning wether you've outgrown a habit. How the world sees you--do you represent your new self honestly in your soroundings. Have you failed to notice you've changed?

  • Sorry for posting so late, but since it's the flu season, it's quite busy at the hospital. Also I'm on pediatrics rotation this month and whenever I have down time I play with my "little people" patients. Big smiles on little faces makes my day. =0)

    Thank you for the response, gave me a lot to think about. I think what is so important to me about white flowers is that they have always been given to me as gifts on special occasions, by people with no real connection to each other, which makes me wonder if that in itself is significant.

    My first white flowers were given to me by my father at my first dance recital when I was three years old. If you could see that picture, you'll see that the bouquet of gardenias given to me is bigger than me and my tutu put together. Every dance recital, graduation, birthday, my father gave me white flowers, daisies, carnations, lilies of the valley, you name it, I got it. But that was before the verbal and psychological abuse directed towards my mother and me mostly, started. I was in my teens by then and after that we just grew further and further apart, he no longer was my daddy and I was not daddy's little girl. He passed away in 2003, we were no longer on speaking terms.

    My first flowers in a grown-up romance, not your high school dating thing, was an enormous bouquet of white roses and daisies. My boyfriend at that time had never met my father, and had no idea at the time about my liking for white flowers. So I guess deep down my love for white flowers, beyond their beauty, is the fact that they remind me of occasions when I was well loved.

    I made that arrangement months ago (they're silk flowers) around the time I met someone through classes and internships at the hospital. I can still remember the stupid grin one has on one's face when you start to fall in love. It's hard to describe what I felt when we met, like someone I knew from another lifetime. However he was in a relationship, so I have not said a thing. I've talked about it ad nauseum on other threads, so i won't bore you here. But unusual things have happened to me since I met him. On two separate occasions I felt someone physically standing behind me, only to turn around to find that no one was there. After a very rough day at my hospital where we lost two long-term patients in one day and I was in sore need of some comfort,I woke in the middle of the night, because I felt someone was holding me while I slept, but no one was there. On all three occasions I felt it was him. So if I tie these occurrences with the tulips, I am starting to wonder is he changing or am I changing ?

    What else do I feel has changed? This past year, especially since I met him, I've had a strong longing for a child of my own. Several generous souls here have done readings for me, and indicate that a major change and love is coming into my life, so I wonder is this my new change?

    Any advice, Blmoon ?


  • Dear Summerbutterfly,

    when I first saw your initial post, I wanted to say something, but held back,

    I would like to ask you, about "the change" in the dream, could that be, that, something that you love and or desire has changed?"

  • So your dream does reflect your life right now. Makes perfect sense to me now why the question was about the "links" behind the flowers. You are very blessed to be open to recieving from the spirit world. Comes with the healing profession. You have empathy for others more than most. A childs heart draws many angels says spirit. You have reached a healing time. A time for making sense of all the flower gifts and how they make sense each linking to the next and there is a change happening. Spirit shows me a big sign that says LETTING GO TO RECEIVE. You will keep having vivid dreams and you will stumble on the right books or someone will say the oddest things like spirit is talking through them. Many spirits are guiding you as much as possible to follow the change.

  • Goldenhill, Blmoon,

    Thank you both for responding, I have been thinking about what both of you have said all day long.

    Golden, to answer your question do I think something I love or desire has changed/ I don't know. Then only thing that comes to mind is R., yet I do not know what is truly going on in his life bc like I mentioned before since I knew he was in a relationship, I have tried to stay away to avoid more heartache. But something in the back of mind/heart is telling me that not all is well with him, that the happy couple facade may not be what it seems. But I truly do not know, has he changed, or is he no longer the man I thought him to be.

    Blmoon, I also keep coming back to your phrase "letting go to receive". My parents' marriage was an absolute disaster, with cheating, lies, verbal abuse,etc. Deep down I think I have never have been able to commit bc I am always afraid that it will end up like my parents. That fear has also led me to becoming a very independant woman who can stand on her own and for a long time made me into an "ice queen". Looking back I can say that going to work at a children's hospital is what has saved me. I have been there for almost 5 years now. While the children and their families can say that I have healed them, they have also healed me. Their innocence, open love and wonder at everything that life brings, helped me let go of a lot of bitterness and allows me to sometimes be able to see the world through a child's eyes. So I wonder if the message of letting go, is about letting go of all my past hurts and bitterness and finally be open to meeting and being with my life partner.

    Blmoon, Golden, if I can ask one last favor. Could you see if this person, R., is the person who is bringing about this change, or must I also let him go? He is the one who has brought the most change in my life this year, it so easy to connect him with my flowers, but then I may just be wishing on a star.



  • Dearest Summerbutterfly, I sense a change in him , things do not appear as they were before, the sparks are not flying like they were, will , check out the cards and see what shows up.... Will return to this thread over next day or so....

    Continue being aware of all the love and light you give to "all" those who cross your path especially in your work.... Best to you....

  • Spirit repeats "a child's heart draws many angels". There has been a thaw--an opening door that was tightly shut. A once "all or nothing" cycle is waning. Children are the perfect vehical for this journey--I had the same journey many years ago when I too retreated my too vulnerable giving self and devoted myself to working with children. It was very healing for the heart and taught me boundries and sometimes tough love. After 5 years I did reach a point of burnout though and let go of my work to take time for myself more and to get re-aquinted with myself. It didn't set in right away how much I had changed. I see this time coming for you as well. How this winding down comes is not always in a pretty package so if an event or person presents an unplesent urge to change certien aspects of your job just roll with it. In my case I loved my job--was so needed that I couldn't let go stayed past my time for letting go and my job got very very stressful and I got burned out. It works itself out with or without our conceise decision. I'm asking about R and sorry but no big picture apears so can't say if he's just getting you from point a to b or if there is more. I sense this "not knowing" is part of your lesson, your new heart feeling safe WITHOUT garantees. Spirit does show me an important man, he looks outdoorsy and rugged but a real softy underneath it all--all smiles and holding a huge boquet of flowers--every color of the rainbow!

  • blmoon you are so insightful. Would you be able to do a reading for me? Just whatever comes to mind. I have been feeling pretty uninspired lately and it feels like every step forward I am taking 2 steps back. I have been working really hard to improve my attitude and stay strong and postiive and let go of old negative thought patterns but I still feel blocked. I feel like giving up sometimes but I wont, I want that feeling back of excitement and happiness but I wake up everyday in a not so happy to me feeling and have to work all day to feel normal. What gives?

  • Golden, Blmoon,

    Thank you for the reflections, nice to know I am not alone out there.

    Blmoon, guess I have another lesson to learn, feeling safe with no guarantees. Tough lesson, my friend, tough lesson. We shall see about the bouquet being every color, still love my whites !!! =0)

    Golden, i'll check back in a day or two, take your time, no rush..

    Thank you both soooo much !!!!!

  • Dearest Summerbutterfly,

    nothing more to add at this time, BlMoon pretty much sums it all up, quite well! : )

    wish you a happy journey : ) today and always...

  • Golden,

    Thank you for the kind words. Guess there is a lesson to learn here. I will keep both you and Blmoon posted if anything new happens.

  • Summerbutterfly, I am interested in future outcomes, plz keep me posted.

    : )

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