I need a reading, please.

  • Well, this is a long distance relationship. We have been separated for 3 years, always texting each other. But I suspect there's somebody else, or something else that is keeping him apart from me, even when he insists in marring me as soon as he can. I don't know what to do, because I've seen so many postings in social networks calling him "honey" "my love", etc. I told him not to play with my feelings, but I always got the same answer: "V. you are the one I love". I need to know if I will have the chance to talk to him, face to face, by the end of this year. Thanks so much.

    V. 3/23/60

    S. 11/10/64

  • Hi Sadblueeyes,

    I've done a tarot reading for you.

    Six of Wands reversed-Victory

    Five of Wands-defeat

    Two of Cups reversed-love

    Two of Swords-peace

    You are fearful and have self doubts. You have to wait for a reward. You have competition. There is love that brings no joy. A false relationship. Separation. Unfaithfulness. Something goes wrong with a romantic involvement. Not being able to trust the other person. An inequitable balance of give and take of love. A relationship in trouble. Not being connected to the one you love. The near future brings a truce. A pleasurable time after a painful period. A resolution of conflicts. Feeling free from responsibilities.

    Well, according to the cards you might very well have a reason not to trust him. I think your gut is telling you this anyway. It does show that you will be more at peace in the near future. Whether or not you continue the relationship is up to you. My feeling when I read "you are the one I love", was" but I'm doing someone else". The cards seem to confirm this but as with all readings you have to see if it rings true for you.

    I wish you all the best. Sorry it wasn't a more positive reading but like I said "you will have peace with this very soon".

  • manifestdreams . Will i ever hear from My X cancer fella? My D.O.B is 31-01-53. His 06-07-79. or is my new fella the one for me ? D.O.B is 04-07-70 . Eagerly await your reply and thank you so much .

  • Thanks so much for your reading. I'm also sorry to hear those bad news, but it is what it is. I'm speachless. Thanks again.

  • Hi llindieloo,

    I've done a reading for you.

    Five of Stones reversed-material difficulties

    Daughter of Stones-possibilities

    The Sun- life

    Two of Stones reversed- harmony

    You have a lot of opportunities right now. Let the past relationship go, it was a learning experience. Your sexual energy is high. Keep things uncomplicated. Your new relationship probably isn't a long term one but you can enjoy it while it lasts. Hope this helps.

  • manifestdreams. Thank you for the reading. I am done with my X b/f . dosen't sound as though my new one is going to be much better ?. Will I ever find my true love and when ? . Thank you again . Love and light to you .

  • llindieloo,

    I think rather than another reading, you might benefit from a little friendly advice. I noticed in another thread that both these "relationships" were internet based. I understand that your last fellow and you spent some time in person, but it sounds like he was using you for monetary gain.

    I don't know if this new fella is someone that you've actually met, but if he isn't...Please do not send any money, under any circumstances, to anyone online. I think this could very well be a scammer. He said he was from one country, but is currently in another. This is a classic scenario that internet scammers use. Even if you meet a guy in person there is no reason for you to be helping them out financially. You can't buy love, and unless you're in a mutually beneficial, long term relationship with a man...Keep your wallet in your purse! Look at it this way, you will have a much easier time in finding Mr. Right if you stop wasting time on con-artists and scammers. I wish you all the best. Just please be careful.

  • Manifestdreams,

    would love a reading. Still with AH 5/12/55 but think something is going on. Will I have a relationship with ac?


  • Thank you . I will never give money to a man ever again . I have learned my lesson .

  • manifestdreams,

    how are YOU? How are you feeling? I am amazed again at your kindness and selflessness toward others when you yourself are dealing with so much. You are always on my mind and in my thoughts. Bless you and know that while we sometimes deal with petty and pithy things, your patience and kindness when your own situation is so much more intense is not unnoticed and will not go unrewarded. You really are an angel. And don't bother brushing it off or arguing with me:) Blessings and Love to you, friend.


    I'm sorry your news wasn't what you wanted to hear but manifest is right in both her reading AND her knowing that you already knew all this but didn't want to accept it. I know you're hurt but I wanted to add that I feel very soon you will be VERY glad you got away from this man. I hope you choose to for your own sake. I feel like great happiness awaits you in the near future if you get this guy out of your life. I get the worst feelings from him. He's really bad news. Manifest is always spot on and her readings are frighteningly accurate so, when I see she's responded to someone, I leave it alone knowing they are in excellent hands. This is the rare time I felt I had to add the messages I was getting to her message. I feel like its a warning for you and I hope you heed it.

    Blessings and Light

  • hisbablove,

    You are too kind. Thank you for checking up on me. I'm just trying to keep my mind off my own troubles by doing a few readings. And thank you for adding to Sadblueeyes reading, I think she needed to hear what you had to say.

  • Hi Charming,

    I've done a reading for you.

    Two of Stones reversed-harmony

    Four of Stones reversed-power of the earth

    Daughter of Swords-confidence

    Son of Stones reversed-advocate

    Wanting to join with another but you can't find a way. The start of a separation. A feeling of cold enters the relationship. Being brushed off by another. The chance to improve this is there. You have recently been developing new interests or hobbies. A possibility for a new opportunity makes itself known. You have the opportunity to become more confident. There is someone in your near future that is not very ambitious, they're kind of lazy. Be careful not to let them drag you down.

  • Manifestdreams,

    Your reading was much appreciated-felt there might be a separation. Not sure where everything else is going but I definately look forward to some new opportunity. My new interest is tarot actually. So maybe I'll work on that for a bit. Thanks again!

  • Good morning.

    I humbly ask if you would be open to sharing a message with me?

    Lately, my boyfriend and I have had some stuggles that appear to have been building up for some time now. Many of the little things have come to the surface...I'm sure you understand what I mean by that. (lol). His birthday is June 17, 1964 (Gemini with a Scorpio moon). He has retired from the military, moved back to the states, got divorced and is recovering from an injury...all this within 3 yrs. We met when he came back to the states and bought a house near mine, which was about 1 1/2yrs ago. He has been struggling with the fall of the ego and all that he has known for a very long time. I struggle with balancing my energies, doing for the self, and uncertainity of the messages. I have a 12 yr old son from my previous marriage (10yrs divorced) and my birthday is August 2, 1971 (Leo with Sag moon, lots of fire, lol).

    My question is: Where do you see our relationship going? And will there be a child (son) coming for us? soon? I have been having dreams and visions of that, but have gotten myself so confused that I am doubting my own visions.

    Thank you for your time and loving engery.



  • manifestdreams. Again i thank you for your advice . My new fella he comes from Ireland like i do . He has been working In Dubai for a year now , he went there to earn some money so he could pay his X wife out . Seems the money is better there than in Ireland .He has only been home twice since going there, at Easter and again in August . And now on the 20th of this month. We plan to meet at the end of Jan. Am i doing the right thing ? Love and light to you . Bye the way how is your baby ?

  • Dear hisbablove,

    I really appreciate your reading and your warning. But let me ask you a couple of questions. Why did you say : "he's really bad news", can u be more specific, please?. Also, what if I decide not to get away from him, and why did you say that you get the worst feelings from him?, what do u exactly mean, are you talking about a specific issue?. Is there anything that I should know about him? If you need more information, please ask. Thanks again.

  • Hi there Manifestdreams

    If you are still offering readings I would love your opinion of myself feb 26 1972 and Darren jan 2 1977. We have had ups and downs and have been seperated for nearly 8 months. What can you discover about us please.

    I offer an absent reiki healing in return 🙂

    Tatia x

  • Summerotter,

    i've done a reading for you.

    8 of Wands reversed -swiftness

    The High Priestess-meditation


    Mother of Stones-perception

    There have been fights, quarrels and disagreements. There's an interruption of forward movement. You've been working on looking inward. Step back and have faith. The answer will come. Your fella is strong and may appear defiant but he has many good qualities. He does have challenges with ego, as you said. You are highly intuitive and are being asked to trust that intuition. The near future brings prosperity.

    Although a pregnancy didn't come up in the cards, they are saying that you already have the answer. I would trust your intuition.

  • llindieloo,

    It's common for them to arrange a meeting,and then suddenly have problems leaving the country that they've been working in. At that point they ask for money from you. If this guy asks for anything ; money, for you to receive goods, to cash a check, etc....Don't do it. If he is real (unfortunately I don't think it's likely) then when you meet make sure it's in a public place and bring other people with you. Honestly, when you are dealing with people online it's best to assume that they are scammers until proven otherwise. Also, do not give him any personal information.

  • talisa72,

    I've done a reading for you. Do you need any info to do a healing?

    8 of Cups reversed-failure

    The Tower-demolition

    6 of Swords-science

    Strength reversed-courage

    What I think the cards are trying to say here is that you've been thinking more clearly and starting to turn things around since your separation. There was some pretty devastating fallout from the relationship and it appears to have been a destructive one. I think if you get back together you will find that you will start to feel drained again. It seems that you are looking back with more fondness than you should because you are out of the darkness now, and it doesn't seem so bad. Hope this makes sense.

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