Is it a message from above???? Please Help!

  • Hello All,

    Thankyou for reading this post, it's important for me to tell you all the situation surrounding my husband, So that you might help me figure if this is a message from up above.My husband has cancer and has fought it for some time now. The treatments didn't help and after a long road my husband decided to put it in god's hands. He choose to be at home with us, and have hospice help take care of him. He had started off bad and hospice gave him steroids and he gained weight and had been up and around. Just here recently he hasn't been feeling good and they said that he had some noises in his lower lung, and (so I am assuming that they meant pneumonia from past experiences),and put him on 2 diff. strong antibiotics. So, I need some help decifering if what I am hearing is a message from my guide! For the past 2- 3 weeks I have been hearing this song by "Elvis Presley" ( I'll have a blue Christmas without you) I have even heard the same song except this time it was "Patsy Cline" (I'll have a blue Christmas without you). It's weird hearing this when it comes out of no where! I havn't heard the song played on the radio in a while. I was cleaning one of the times I had heard it, and I wasn't listening to the radio. Thinking about it, and what is going on in my life with my husband terminal illness's. Thinking about this makes me pretty sure that I know that It is very likely a message from my guide. And if this is true, this makes me very sad because I dont' want it to be right. Please help!

  • I think the song you are hearing is from your thought or your mind. You feel vulnerable with the current situation, and you are aware that anything can happen and it might be a blue christmas. The best thing you can do is to pray and do some meditation to release your fear and anxiety. A little faith can move mountain, as we know, everything happens with a reason. We have to accept it take a deep breath.. When we are under fire, it's a testing ground of our faith and strength, don't dishearten, it will pass. When you get through the trial you are more courageous, wiser, and stronger. Go with the flow, don't stay still, take one step at a time, no matter how hard the life is. The most important is to balance your world, be happy and find comfort on whatever you are doing.

  • Hi Devine, I don't know if the song is a message from above or if it is coming from your own fears but I will be thinking of you and your husband. I agree with what ellen said above about faith moving mountains. You're in my prayers.

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  • Try to communicate with your guide

    it is not impossible that you or your husband subconsciously feel that his time is near and so it manifests in this song you hear out of nowhere

    if you have ever communicated with your guide,

    you will know how they communicate,

    some guides speak in dreams, some with symbols, some with telepathy

    I am not psychic and my guide doesn't say anything pertaining other people

    so I don't want to tell you what I feel this means for I can be wrong

  • Hi Devine. It's been a while since we've spoken and I'm sorry to hear your husband may be ailing again. I do know that being at home is helping a great deal, tho. : )

    I asked the Archangels about the message from this song for you and it is reflecting your subtle fears. It does not refer to his passing. The message from this is that you are projecting your fears into the future, and of course this is understandable for a partner who has been coping with all you have been coping with. Even if he did pass at the holidays, it would be okay. The message the Archangels would like you to hear is "you'll be doing all right, with your Christmas of white" . This is meant for the two of you, not one of you alone.

    It is meant as more of a universal message of comfort, "You are all okay. Let it be."

    Sending you much love and comfort,

    Ahliyah xoxo

  • anything is possible. i get the same feeling. when i'm stuck in a bad situation or when something happens in my life or when i'm thinking of someone i love, or someone i loved dearly who had passed on, no matter what it is.....a random song will come on the radio, when i'm listening to it, that describes exactly whats bothering me or i'll here a song that reminds me of a loved one who had passed. i havent figured it out myself but may God bless you and your husband. i hope you find what you're looking for.

  • Hello to all who has responded to my post -

    It has been a long stressful road, deep down a part of me has realized that I know I will be o.k. when or if my husband passes. When I assess the situation as a whole, as if thou it will be heart breaking without him for me and my kids, but I will be much stronger after and almost as thou it will be better off for us both. Thinking about that just breaks my heart and makes me sick to my stomach. I love him very much, and if when the time comes I know he will be in better hands nor will he suffer no more. But, I worry for our 2 children who are 8 and 7 yrs old. I know I am a strong person, as I must do so for our children and I will try to keep the memory of my husband alive for as long as god grants my memory to do so I think the part of hearing that song, and me trying to understand the meaning behind it was what was scaring me the most for our children sake. My thought's of being scared where conveyed towards how my children would cope with the future. If you think about it, every year there after when Christmas rolled around as young as they are, I feel that they would have grown up hating Christmas if such an invent would happen. Thank God that it is just a subtle message reflecting my fear's. I often do communicate with my guide (Amanda) I see vision's, I have had dreams, I can see spirts and energy, I here high pitch tone in my left ear,Once in a while I will here voices or someone whispering or call my name. But, I havn't mastered being able to speak with her and hear what she is saying to me. For now I will just try to master the messages like the one behind the song. It's hard to find the time with all going on to stop myself and meditate so that I might not cast out my negative energy. If I could find a strategy to simplify my life I believe that It would be better for the whole! I thank you all for the wonderful support that you give so caringly. I know that everything does happen for a reason, and I am a spiritual person. So, that being said I will try not to worry so much. Well, I know I am just rambling on and I'm going to go for now! Thankyou all for your help! Many bluessings from the universe XOXOXOX



    Thank You so much for your help and comfort, I know I will try to understand the message for us all. If can email me to explain to me more about the message, I would greatly appreciate it!Many bluessings to you from the universe! You have made me feel better!


    Devine ~ Mistie

  • Spelling Correction

    sorry, I have spelled blessing wrong, at the time I am not even thinking!

  • ~Stoneyeye~ Thank you so much for your support!

  • If I ever make you feel I don't care about your troubles, Sorry

    I have been much in 'being positive' that I don't see sorrow (mine or others) as more than just things we have deal with and overcome the best we can

    In my daily ritual I always ask for the universe help my efforts to live my life accordingly and leave it to the universe what is beyond my control

    I also wish the universe will shares its abundance to those in need be it animals or people

    So yes I do care about your troubles. as I have been through mine and still have some left.

    I know how you feel, I lost my dad to cancer one month prior to my wedding

    But the universe has always provided for my mother, things I can not always send her due to my own slow income, and the universe takes care of me and hubby all this time too

    I know I will be sad if anything happens to those I love, but I also know that they will visit me someday and I or my children (if I have any) will be fine

    You will be able to communicate with your guide one day. Just takes time and practice.

    It's important because the guidance is a road map in life

    without a road map, you will keep taking the wrong turn all the time

    hope for the best and happy holidays from me and hubby

  • Leoscorpion~

    Sweetness I have never felt that you didnt care about my troubles or feelings, I am sorry if my post sounded rough around the edges. My feelings were conveyed at the time when I was crying and I just wanted to let it go to the universe. From time to time I have problems conveying my true emotions and expressing it. Sometimes it comes out wrong, especially when you can't see a persons facial emotions on a page with nothing but words. I am not the type of person who asks for attention, I am flustered when it does come. But, am a very thankful person for what I do have in my life. I try not to spend a bunch of energy on something, when I would rather just move on and trust that it will all work out. I am especially thankful for your shoulder to lean on and that last thing that I wanted you or any one else to feel that I was being negative and a self centered person. I do know that the universe will provide for me, and I am trying to move on, having faith in knowing that every thing will be o.k.. I am thankful for your and every bodys advice and kind words. I can't wait for the moment when I will be able to hear my guides voice! I am sorry that you lost your father ! I sense that the two of you were very close. I hope you can make sense out of what I am trying to convey, and by no means was that post meant for any one, only letting it go and trying to move on! Many blessings ! XOXOXO Devine

  • you are welcome, wish the same for you

    I just felt that my first post for you did not really convey what I was trying to convey

    I forgot about this post until I saw it coming back up

    so I took the chance to make it clear

    I do not feel you were being negative, but even if you were

    I will not respond the same way for judgement and revenge belong to the universe

    You will hear your guide's voice soon enough, when you turn off the mind chatter

    in dream or meditation, you will hear and see your guide's face if you haven't already

    not sure about your power animals, but I feel you have heard theirs and seen them

    I was very close to my late father, he comes visit me now and then

    he is working under an Angel, I am not told what assignment for it is not important fo me to know as I have a lot of learning to do myself

    Have a warm holidays you and family 🙂

  • ~Leoscorpion~

    How exactly does one turn off the mind chatter? lol I know that will take me some time to master. I am very intrigue in what you say, what is "power animals" ? I am glad that you are able to communicate with your father , this is something that I hope to have with my husband when he passes and other family, or friends!

    Warm Wishes

    Devine 🙂

  • ~Aliyah~

    Ive understood the message! Please, tell the angels thankyou! It was beautiful here on Christmas Eve, we normally don't get snow here but, we had 3" or so! Best Reguards to you and yours in the new year!

  • sorry devine

    I didn't see you wishing me and everyone new year on the other thread until today

    been on and off january is busy month helping hubby

    I wish you have a good year and experience life to the fullest

    power animals are spirits in animals forms that lends their strength and wisdom

    if you have a spirit guide, then most likely you also have power animals only you don't realize it

    turn off mind chatter is a way to listen to the psyche

    one way to do it is by meditation. it takes quite a few tries but not impossible.

    here is Zen meditation that you can do. try twice a week as a start

    if you like it, go as long and as often as you like

    Guided Basic Zen Meditation Technique (Zazen):

    •Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable cross legged position. If using a cushion, sit on the forward third of the cushion. The objective is for your hips to be raised above your knees and to form a three point base with your knees and buttocks touching the floor/cushion (leave a comment below if want to use a chair or meditation bench and would like me to explain those details).

    •Set your alarm or other time device for 20 minutes.

    •Now elongate your spine upwards and to align it with the back of your head, subtly bring your chin back and in like a soldier at attention. There will be a slight inward arch in your lower back.

    •Now rock gently from side to side in big arcs, making them smaller and smaller till you drift to a stop. You should find yourself perpendicular to the floor with no tension or pull from either side.

    •Have your eyes half open with an unfocused gaze on the floor in front of you. You should be looking down at a 45 degree angle about 2 to 3 feet in front of you. You may also close your eyes if you prefer.

    •Bring your hands to your lap and place them in the cosmic mudra. To do this rest your right hand on your lap, then rest your left hand on top of it and have your fingers overlap. Now bring the thumb tips together thus forming an oval frame.

    •Close your mouth, swallow your saliva creating a slight vacuum and place your tongue against the roof of your mouth. After this point there should be absolutely no more movement of the body. No fidgeting, scratching, shifting - nothing - be like you are frozen in time.

    •Take 5 deep, slow breaths though the nose. This will oxygenate your blood and relax you.

    •Now bring you attention to your breath without trying to manipulate it further in any way, just become aware of its flow. Spend a few minutes just observing it intimately till it starts to become regular and relaxed.

    •At this point begin counting your breath. Count an inhalation as one, then the exhalation as 2 and continue to count your breaths until you reach 10. At which point return to 1 with the next inhalation. If at any point you get caught in a mental story line and loose your count, gently, without passing any judgment, return to 1 and start over. That’s it, continue for the duration of the meditation

  • here is some tips I gave someone on here when she said she finds it hard to turn off mind chat

    hope it helps

    "Don't turn mind chatter off with force. The mind knows you want to turn it off, so it retaliates. When meditating or not meditating, try to turn inward and watch your thoughts like a gallery of pictures with no sound. Imagine a door behind you. Little by little, step back, calmly until you reach the door. Open the door, also calmly, and close it behind you. The mind will try to pull you away from this door, but by practice, you will be able to do this without provoking the mind and it may even 'mind' its own business. It is behind this door, that you can connect with your guidance. Do not rush the process, you will be hurt. Try to get closer to the door each time, one day, you will get behind it.

    Be gentle, even to the mind chatter. Your mind is not wrong or evil by always chatting things to you. There is no rivalry between the mind and the psyche. Only because you have never paid much attention to the psyche before, that the mind always gets to step up. Imagine you have 2 friends A and B. If you always listen to A and ignore B, you will form very close bond to A. One day you realize you have forgotten about B, so you reach out to B. A will retaliate, maybe subtle, maybe violent, because it fears you will leave him for B. If you use force, A will be hurt. This is why, be gentle. Always, even to your mind. As long as you live in the physical world, you do need the logical mind. So be gentle and take your time"

  • Leoscorpion

    Sorry, I must appologize for not replying until now, I had no internet for about a month or longer. That looks like it will work better for me, I have been doing similar meditation same posture, seating etc. although I have been chanting a Mantra, also I have a soap stone incense holder that has symbol's cut out , the symbol mean the mantra "Om" I purchased this from a artist from India. I thought that this would be great to use in my meditation session's, because I have chose the mantra "Om Shanty Om" to chant, plus I use white candles. I like the info you have provided for me, it is similar to what I am doing now but the counting will help me more. I would like to ask about my current fears about some surrounding conditions. sometimes I am almost hesitant to meditate due to the fact of there is alot of "ghost activity" in and around the house. I have tried sage smudging, and using salt- this only makes them mad and knocks there energy down a bit. I have experiences when sleeping and in meditation of a sour tickle right above my eyes, the center of my forehead best known as the crown shakra area. I am not sure what this about, but I see them while doing meditation, there are 3 main character's the one who is a lighter color blue "child" does not bother me as much, the mustand yellow color man, does greatly bother me. I also see something dark, black,shadow like figure which look's to be something tall like a man but has a animal cat like head. It reminds me of the Egyptian pictures you see, with man bodies and cat heads, I forget what those are called (having a brain fart) lol . I do not fear it because I know this will provide them with more energy thus more power. What would be a better way to rid them so that I can concentrate and have a more fullfilling meditation? Do you know what my " power animals" are? If not how would I find this out, in meditation? Lastly, How to know if my child is psychic, or just has a great imagination? I am sorry that I have bombarded you with all this, I hope that this is not too much and that you can help me find the answers. I will patiently await your reply, and I look forward to hearing your always wise and insightful advice!


  • Devine

    "Do you know what my " power animals" are? If not how would I find this out, in meditation?"

    I can not tell you what are your power animals. But you said you have a guide, try to maintain communication with her first. Then little by little, when you and her communicate clearly, ask her about it. Depending on how your guide communicate with you, sometimes if you meditate, you will see your guide with an animal. That is your power animal, at least one of many, sent to you. or the animal sometimes stand alone, watching you. in any case, always communicate. power animals, do communicate. but just like with your guide, you have to find out how is best to communicate with them. power animals may not always 'talk' they are here to lend their qualities, so they may not feel it necessary to 'talk'. but you don't know your power animals yet, so communicate with your guide, keep trying until you are given the information.

    "there are 3 main character's the one who is a lighter color blue "child" does not bother me as much, the mustand yellow color man, does greatly bother me. I also see something dark, black,shadow like figure which look's to be something tall like a man but has a animal cat like head. It reminds me of the Egyptian pictures you see, with man bodies and cat heads, I forget what those are called (having a brain ****) lol . I do not fear it because I know this will provide them with more energy thus more power. What would be a better way to rid them so that I can concentrate and have a more fullfilling meditation?"

    A sphinx is a cat with human head, not the other way around. The man you describe seems to be wearing a cat-shape mask. So the child and the cat-head man don't bother you, why are you bothered with the yellow man? Can you explain why you are bothered by his presence? Is he the one that is angry when you are using sage and salt? The sage is to clear up the environment. The salt I only use for crystals, nothing else. Is that what you use the salt for? I don't feel anyone is angry of this cleansing activity. There is something else going on in your place. One way to find out, is to communicate with these 3, or one of them.

    Remember to be gentle. Don't get rid of anything by force, it will retaliate. When you meditate, picture these three in a room with you. Visualize white/blue light of protection around you (the real you, and you in this room). Imagine a door behind you. Take a step back, little by little. If they don't follow, keep walking backwards until you reach the door. Open the door and close it behind you. Now you are alone, with your psyche and ready to receive guidance. Don't worry about these 3 outside the door.

    If they follow, stop. Then ask them, what do they want, why are they here. take your time and do not let fear control you. The mind fears the unknown, that's where your fear comes from. Be prepared for the answer. It could be anything. They could be watchers, from your past life, or actually guides. Watchers are different from guides or guardians. They are just that, watching. If they don't reply, then keep walking backwards, to the door behind you. If they don't reply, most likely, they are watchers. Guardians and guides need to communicate with you, to deliver guidance or warning. But watchers do not have to, they simply watch, they may not feel the need to communicate with you.

    It takes time. Do it little by little. In time you will find out all you need to know. This is just a suggestion. Power animals are always around you, there must be a time you feel their presence. Maybe you are just too preoccupied you don't notice them. That is fine. In time you will know. They do visit you in dreams. What animals do you dream often?

    "Lastly, How to know if my child is psychic, or just has a great imagination?"

    Test your child. Something simple but out of the ordinary. Hide something, and ask her about it. Or, take her to the room where you meditate, ask her what she sees in this room. If she can see what you can not, it's one proof that she is sensitive. If she has it in high degree, she will see what you see in your meditation. Maybe not clearly but at least close.

  • leoscorpion,

    Thanks for replying, When I see them I see the aura's energy, in ref. to (the man that I see with the ear's), It's really hard to see because he is so dark, black and it distorted. Sometimes, I see him wearing a black western cowboy hat and what I think could be a dog (german shepard) or wolf. He is very bossy, grouchy, and is jealouse of my husband. The child which does not scare me because I feel she is good and communicate with showing me ballet. The man who put's off the yellow is always touching me and I feel was ill,sad,controlling. I see cat's around me alot, but dreaming of animals this I cannot remember dreaming of any. I have seen while not dreaming in weird places out of no wheres, a Stork, a owl, a mountain lion. I will ask what my power animals are. Did you see the man with the cat mask, or was this just your guess what I am seeing? Something else going on? Hmmm. I will try to ask! Thanks for the info.

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