What is wrong with me? PLEASE HELP!!

  • my entire life i have been miserable. i have encountered some really great people, but i always seem to turn relationships into bitterness and hate. i want so badly to finaly live a normal life. i cant go on with this hurt in my soul infecting everything i love. please, if anyone can offer any insight...... how to make things right..... will they ever be right...... am i destined to live this... am i evil?

    9-29-80, san antonio tx, 5:04pm

  • Namaste lil. A couple of things to note. It seems you have a very dreamy quality about you when it comes to love. This quality is a kind of fantasy that doesn't live up the to real thing, ie, the actual relationship once it's going strong. There also seems to be a (possibly hidden) need in you to enjoy seduction when you feel your love life isn't where you'd like it to be. You're also romatic and very sensitive. So in part, what is needed for you to enjoy a healthy and lasting relationship is to enjoy fully the beginnings of a relationship and all the excitement, but at that time to also keep in mind that relationships are built, and they have to be founded and grounded in reality. The way to accomplish this is to be clear about what you are giving, and what is being given to you. In this way, you will not allow yourself to ...er...fooled by "wicked" people.

    You will often be in love. Until the day you meet him, and he is BTW in a social or medical field.

    At that time you will truly begin the relationship of your lifetime, regardless of what has gone before. No more flirting, no more falling for guys who are wrong for you, and you'll be continuing your family at that time too.

    Your spouse is highly intelligent, almost cunning in his brilliance, and he's honest. You will know where you stand with this person.

    One thing that will help you stabilize your life in better and better ways is fo ryou to be in a humanistic field, working and playing in a group. This adds an element sorely needed in your life for a greater sense of belonging, which you are currently trying to make happen in relationship itself. That's a no-no.

    You're also likely a writer; I suggest you start writing now if you haven't. A job that offers you alot of change would be worthwhile. Just an example: a kind of social work where you are in a management position, traveling to differrent locations weekly to oversee the other offices needs, progress, etc. Hope that makes sense. You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit; your spouse will help you take a start up business to the top. Count on it. : )

    If you're not already a sailor, you may like to learn sailing.

    Above all, you are not evil. lol

    Let go of your preconceived ideas about relationship. Get real with yourself by sitting down and saying, Okay Lilcrazy, what would you like in a man? in a relattionship? what do you see in a lifetime of marriage? is it possible, true, and attainable?

    This will enable you to merge the romantic with the practical, which are currently split. It will also allow you to take some of that detrimental aggressiveness and funnel it into a higher energy and outcome.

    Hope this helps!

    Love and light,


  • kære du.

    moske er du bange for at indvolvere dig i andre menesker og der for gør du alt for at såre og holde dem på austand fra dig. det er der ikke noget ondt i som sådan men hvis du ikke ændre

    på din måde at omgåes andre bliver du for alvor ensom det er til sidst dig selv du er vred på

    du kan starte med at læse et kursus i mirakler og arbejde dig hen imod et bedre liv og der vil komme en dag hvor du er klar til at elske og blive elsket så i mellemtiden vær god mod dig selv

    og lær dig at elske den du er de bedste hilsner og glædelig jul til dig og dine fra danmark

  • i do not understand, english please, or can someone interpit

  • thank you so much ms ahliyah, this gives me a small amount of ease. at times i feel torchered and hopeless with no path. thank you for reminding me there is a future, no matter how bleak today.

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