Soulmate? or just driving me nuts?

  • bluecat

    this is very good to know. you are improving. it will only get better from here,

    keep at it, keep trying. by practice it will be easier than you thought

    In my daily ritual I pray for everybody in need, animals and humans

    you have tried to live in positivity and the universe returns you what you send out

    spreading words about this site, where people can help out each other

    is also a positive move, you are doing it to help others

    so maybe the universe does answer my prayer, but all the more so you have sent yourself these good vibes 🙂

    happy holidays by the way from my and hubby

    have some fun if you'd like to visit this thread page 10 and so on

  • I was reading that a little bit yesterday, too funny and accurate too!

  • LOL

    have a warm holidays

    that's what the pics are all about

  • oh, I didn't see all those I'll have to check that out

  • hahah just for fun, S&S really is one brain full of ideas

    she uploaded a nice pic and I thought why don't I upload some too (and more...)

    and so we have it going for some time now

    this year is great for me, but I know it isn't for many ladies including S&S

    so the least I can do before the year ends is bring a smile upon their faces

    start from page 10

  • I'm glad your year is going well, mine is getting there, its the job thing with so many, makes so many feel on edge and have a hard time shaking off the worry, I feel blessed that we have held on through all of that without having that worry, I know in my heart that everyone who hangs in there will make it through this hard times, and come out better for it, I don't regret my hard times, atleast now I can say I made it throught that, and tell someone else they'll make it through theres trials too, then it could be turn again to go through it, and someone will tell me to hang in there. In the meantime, uploading pics and sharing crazy, witty, funny thoughts and pics is the best medicine! Ok, I'm going to go check out those pics, thanks!

  • yeah go for it, bluecat 🙂

    and yes we all will make it

  • LeoScorpion, I'm assuming your a Leo, is that right?

  • yep

    Leo sun Scorp rising

    I just picked that name because I always went to for astrology

    I didn't really know anything else, numerology etc until I joined the forum

  • Leo is a favorite of mine, my boyfriend, is Leo, cancer rising I think, I'm a cancer , with aLeo rising!

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