Prayers needed

  • I need prayers for my mother who is not being able to come out of her depression. I believe if there is enough momentum of praying along with my own efforts, she will be better soon.

    Many thanks.

  • Hi bouyant, I'm sorry to hear your mother is struggling with this. Keep in mind that sometimes prayer for another who isn't interested in change is like pulling a freight train behind you with a rope. I recommend in addition to your prayers that you visualize her being healthy happy, laughing and joyful. Keep this vision in mind when you do pray; it will go a long way to assisting the process.

    I'm with you, and offering my prayers as well.

    Love and light,

    Ahliyah xoxo

  • bouyant- hello! I just said a prayer for God to be beside your mom and guide and direct her in the midst of her depression. I also have Depression. My heart goes out to anyone else who suffers from its black cloud as I have for 15 years now (which has been half my life) and it has never been easy nor do I think it ever will be easy to deal with. Somedays all I can do is pray to get me through to the next. I believe that prayer and faith can move mountains.

    God Bless You!

  • This post is deleted!

  • sure. will mention her in my ritual tonight.

  • buoyant,

    I hope your mom is doing better. Ive been praying for her. You are a loving child for your efforts in trying to defeat this depression for her. Please do not become discouraged if, even with your best efforts to help her you still cannot. This is a battle that she herself may not be able to defeat without medication and counciling. Ive had a long and exhausting battle with it and it is to say the least a tough fight. It will be ok because God will not give us more than we are capable of handling in my opinion. I have thought at times I wonder if God knows how close he is to giving me all I can handle? sure he knows. I read somewhere maybe here in a thread not sure but something like this, Even when the waters rise to flood levels and even at the record high levels, the flood waters are only there for a moment before they begin to receed. things will get better. prayers and blessings


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