Everybody is psychic--i wanna try too!

  • KarmaComa~ Got into bed last night & couldn't stop laughing at --- "but they r all dog names" Oh my, lol ! hope I haven't insulted anyone ---- nice, Laie, you just called the family dogs ----LOL !

    I did get an image of someone, sitting on a couch with a small, happy dog. They were wearing sweats ( not screaming bright in color, it seemed which is why I used the word dusty --- like toned down by grey), feet on a coffee table or chest used as a coffee table, slippers and legs crossed at the ankles. Lights in the room weren't on and it seemed like a glow from a TV set.

    This image was the only clear picture --- usually I get images so ... who knows this could have been anyone : ) The rest was just play .... casting a line to see what bites!

    Can't wait to hear it from your side ---- LOL!

    Peace& Joy ~ Laie

  • Here are my answers::

    1. England :]

    2. They are light brown

    3. T.L are his initials..some of you got the L! 😃

    4. Black with studs 🙂


    6.I watched Sherlock Holmes

    7.At the time of writing this,I was going to call Tara but after i changed my mind and called chelsea(which some of you chose:)

    Thanks for going along,it was fun to see your answers! 🙂

    1.See if you can guess the day in june i was born on(what number)

    2.Also can anyone guess what is frustrating me?

  • I like that i caught some as it was just playing ... especially the "tara, not answer, so chelsea..." I've never done this without someone right with me or at least a connection longer than tthe 20 secs it took to read ur post, LOL !

    So 2 Q's ---- Is there B, I, E, in his name also? & what of any asian influence? this one felt strong the other night, but not now. Thanks, I'm learning ....

  • Lol laie dont feel bad they are indeed all dog names : ) lol! Pearl was with me, however not a poodle lol, she is a big ol charismatic pitbull! she wears a constant smile and her tounge is wayyyyy to big for her mouth lol. Your Right Dean is my son, and yes the pants were teal! The movie was 80's! maybe not exactly funny but not serious either. "About last night" a Rat pack flick rob lowe (yummy) and Demi moore.

    Your really good girl!

    : )

  • Hey KarmaComa!

    I started laughing all over again when I saw you had posted ---- So very, very, glad that all the names were dog names!!!!!

    Totally awesome I didn't make a big mistake : > )) and insult ! Thanks for letting me know about the answers --- that one image was so very clear ! Such a happy, loving dog!


  • KarmaCoin,

    If you want try --

    1.) I had a grey & white cat ---- an initial or name? .

    2.) what color is my front door?

    3.)what is the color of my car ?

    4.) what color are my pants?

    Tried to keep it simple --- Have fun!

  • i just wanted to try?

    Sphinx or Sphinxy or Sparkles -- Sp....?





  • Hi 2questions!

    I will let you know in a bit .... so if someone else wants to play too ... : > )

    I used color more than anything else, narrows down the choices and because its something every one can relate too easily.

    I'll be back!

  • Sandran712>>Yes..I did see something like this on another board.How is this beneficial to us when you give the answers before anyone else had a chance to try?You give the answers.It's kinda like going to the movies and tell the ending of the story.

  • Sorry Sandran, it looked as if no one was interested, what with no replies and the negativty an all.

  • Karma>>Sorry Sandran, it looked as if no one was interested, what with no replies and the negativty an all.

    Sandran712>>I was born with psychic abilities and strong intuition probably to prepare myself for giving birth to special needs..My son can't talk.He's 24 years old and I can't communicate with him any other way.He never learned sign language due to Autism.But, I would have guessed all wrong answers I'm sure.The thing is...Our intuition doesn't work that way.It's a feeling that comes over us.And guessing someone's personal information it's not the same thing.There has to be a reason we want to know these things.

  • KarmaCoin, Re-posting, let me know if you don't want to play : )))

    If you want try --

    1.) I had a grey & white cat ---- an initial or name? .

    2.) what color is my front door?

    3.)what is the color of my car ?

    4.) what color are my pants?

    Tried to keep it simple, mostly colors --- Have fun!

    • There is an E in his last name.

    & none of us are asian at all lol...but we are both mixed

    black & white...so we have the skin color of asians.

  • Red front door...or green

    black or blue car,but I think black

    black pants

    ugh! Im trying so hard to come up with something for the kitty! did he have yellow eyes? and "cute" face lol was his name Grey, or Gray

    : )

  • 2questions & KarmaComa --- not bad ....

    1.) cat name or initial --- Rags," R" --- she was a cute ragdoll cat.

    2.)front door --purple, but the house is green!

    3.)car --- brown ....so not blue or black

    4.) black pants!!

    This is hard to do so keep at it. Many people will tell you it comes and goes all the time, can be unpredicatble. centering yourself thru meditation and keep a journal of impressions may be a way to start. Mostly, u just have to stay open & have fun!

    Gemigirl&KarmaCoin --- Thanks again for letting me have a little fun ! Peace & Joy!

    PS Karma~~ Saw ur post on bf ---Hang in there!

  • Now how can I not connect with someone who has a CAT named Rags and a purple (one of my best colors) front door! Just passin' thru! Hello All! :-))

  • HAAHHHAAAAAA !! ROFL!!!!!!! Life is full of amazing happenings!

  • Thanks Laie! Your house sounds great!

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