Interesting Dream the Other Day

  • first off i want to ask if Dreams really mean anything? cause if they do i was wondering about my most recent one i remembered, it was a few days ago now it went like this,

    in my dream i was a cop and i dont know why i was chasing this "bad guy" i guess, but i kept running after him threw all these backyards as he was trying to escape, and after i noticed that he kept running in the same pattern, i caught on to him and i decided to wait for him to come around again. when he did i went for him and there was a struggle cause i tried to get the gun out of his hand, then he pushed me off of him and he shot me in the neck and at first i didnt realize what happened and still was gonna go after him but i realized if i did i would just be shot again and probably killed instantly, so i didnt. and the last thing i remember is that i could see my heart rate slowing down in big red letters, kinda like a slow and painful death.

    that was it, what do you think?

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