How do you seduce a leo guy?

  • What do you need to do to seduce a Leo guy?

    Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions?? =0)


  • Very simple....tell him how great he is, how much fun he is to be with, how handsome or goodlooking he is. In a word, just compliment him and make his ego get bigger than his head!! I was married to a Leo for over 20 yrs and believe me he loved to have his ego stroked!! If you want to stay on his good side you also need to have the nerve to stand up to him as well, Leos do not like wimps and will act bossy and controlling if you let them. But you can get around that if you tell them about themselves too...when they do wrong! Whenever I got in my husband's behind for lying, or doing something I didn't like he would hang his head and not FUSS back. I can't speak for all Leos only the one I was with but I'm sure he's not that much different. Another thing, Leos also like their women to look good, they like to go out and show off their woman so you need to keep your hair nice and your clothes up to date and neat and clean. My husband ironed, as well as I did (and still do!). He was extremely clean and stayed in the bathroom mirror longer than I did. I talk about him in the past tense because he passed away in 2007 from heart failure. He was a great guy with a big heart but like all of us he was not perfect. I hope your relationship works out because from what I do know, when a Leo loves you it's for keeps!!

  • casper

    can't say it better than you can

    I'm a bit clumsy for a leo, but then again I am not married to one

  • Aren't you married to a Cap? BTW!! Merry Christmas, if that's o.k. You and I have communicated on this post several times and if it's alright with you I would just love to send you a Christmas card. Let me know if it's alright!!

  • casper

    I don't celebrate Christmas, but I wouldn't be angry if someone wishes me that

    because how would you know?

    I don't belong to any religion. I am taking a spiritual path, and I am tolerant.

    yeah, married to Cap

    very picky like your leo when it comes to clothes etc

    I always go for casuals 🙂

    was tomboy when I was young I only dress for parties

  • LeoScorpion, I don't care if you don't believe in Christmas! I'm going to wish you Happy Holidays anyway. And just like you I love to dress casual and still do at work and all I wear is pants, but pants are COMFORTABLE!! Today in Louisville it was 18 degrees at 7:30 a.m. and I put on two pair of pants with the one pair sticking out of the other. Do you think I cared? I don't think so!! I will say this, I strongly miss Joseph (my deceased husband) and wish he were here because he would have the decorations in the window with the matching curtains. Mr. Leo was so creative and busy when it came to Christmas, and he was DAMN GOOD AT WHAT HE DID!!

  • thanks Casper

    glad to know you are tolerant. not so many people are.

    LOL socks yeah! I sometimes grab different color hahah in a hurry!

    he is very Leo, all happy go lucky in festive season

    I love holidays, just cuddle with my Cap

    he is the one that is out and about 🙂

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