Seeing the number 33

  • Dear Hisbablov

    Well said...there's no place, within this forum, for closed minds and hostile comments...why visit a forum like this entitled . "Tarot" etc. anyway, with a closed mid-set? Weird. Peace and love.

  • I ditto that highpriestess! Happy Day everyone!

  • ooops - booboo correction - I was combining the High Priestess card with the Empress card ... My tarot card according to this site yesterday was 3 Empress 14, Venus ...

  • Dear Alsmusic

    I'm afraid I'm being dense: HighPriestess is 2; Empress is 3.... where is the connection with "Temperence"? Sorry.

  • Right --- Another booboo - basically a NONSEQUITUR - you are anything but "dense" ---

    In other words, NO CONNECTION (except in my own chart LOL - and perhaps there IS another connection that I don't see yet, as I do not think there are "accidents" - and "mistakes" can be revealing too, and therefore not necessarily mistakes) ---

    Did not mean to confuse you --- I was just experimenting with the site lay-out to see how things get posted and I meant to insert the Empress ... one of those cosmic jokes ref number 14:

    Sagg, 14 Temperance 25 --- and

    Venus, 3 the Empress 14

    I see we cannot edit/correct our posts here unless there is a way I don't know about yet???

    It has also been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since I was up on Tarot/Astrology/Numerology connections and I am reviewing now that I have found this wonderful site ...

    A couple days ago, I also discovered that I had a confusion between

    Pisces 18 The Moon 29 --- and

    the Moon 2 the High Priestess 13. ...

    I still have not had a chance to make corrections in my files but will have time to do so on 1/1/10 ...


  • btw - how do we post a profile pic? am I dense here or what??? hahahaha

    lessee, can we post animated pics?

  • yep ♥¨*• .¸¸.*¨* ♥ *¨*.¸¸.•*¨♥ cool

    Nice site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In my life my numbers were always 333 my bday on the 3rd , husband who recently passed on the 3rd and pices child is on the 3rd month. met soulmate on the 2/23 and aniverisity 2/21 make sense any?

  • Dear Alsmusic your pics.. I haven't yet mastered tthe art.! When is your bithdate...if you want to give it away.? Mine adds up to 8..scary or what!

    Peace and love.

  • Pay attention today it is a full moon a blue moon and an eclipse today. Your numbers are all important the universe is sending a message. Focus on feelings surrounding when you saw the numbers and meditate. You might be suprised to know you have all the answers to all your questions inside you!

    Much love and light to you Autumnwind

  • Dear Autumnwind

    A very good point... thanks for the "heads-up!". Peace, love and a Happy New Year.

  • I respect everyones opinion. What can I say? You quote too many people , read too many books , feed into others thoughts? All of you. I know what I saw and experienced and until it happens to you, I bare no thought into your comments. You wake up and feel paralyzed one night and you can't move and the only thing you can do is open your eyes and see. You fight off a force that is so much more powerful then you are and i'll tell you it is scary. I feared for my life. I dread going to sleep, and the last time it happened to me, my watch stopped at 3 a.m. on the dot. There was a brand new battery in it. I believe in God. Until now, I never saw a purpose until I saw that being. Not from this world. It wasn't even so much as seeing it as FEELING its presence. I haven't been the same since, really. I have even spoken up about it to my friends and to my chagrin, it happened to one of them and he just never spoke about it. When I actually asked him, his jaw dropped. he was dumbfounded. I started off the conversation as '' You're gonna think I'm crazy, but.'' I saw it and he wanted me to see him. He was not from this world. It was a demon. Trust me, I always question myself and my conclusion is that it is real. It happened 4 times to me and it started in late spring of '09. Still I stress it is the most powerful feeling i have ever felt. So powerless, helpless. It's really just unreal.

    To answer your questions: #1 Being conscious and being concientious are basically the same thing. I don't know where you went to school. They both have a meaning of being AWAKE and aware of your surroundings. The difference is one is being awake and one is thinking of everything else that is around you, being awake.But, basically the same thing. Just a little different. #2 And yes, I think being a Cancer, I have a deeper thought process as compared to an earth, fire, or an air sign. I think my fellow water signs would agree. Now this only comes from my experience in life. I could be wrong........

  • I always believed that, Good and Evil, exists in everyone. It is not in a chord or a number, nevertheless. It is in us. Repeating numbers, really is just another excuse to attach a purpose to. Just like a clock. It ticks, but really , we attach time to it. Time does not exist. It is a man made commodity. Figure that out.

  • I probably contradicted myself, but, we try to find meaning to all this madness. Maybe, we just attach ourselves to time and numbers. Who knows really?

  • Dear Waterman

    Freud would say that there is psychological time = not fixed by numbers, but "all over the place" and chronological time= fixed by the numbers on a clock. Shakespeare has something to say on different experiences of "time passing" in AS YOU LIKE IT (1599). IIn astrologyy time and the body are ruled by Saturn...the 3 ancient Greek mistresses of FATE (the Moirae )measured and cut each thread of "time" as allotted to each life on reincarnation. Time has alway fascinated mankind.

    Changing the subject;if you are getting "the horrors" at night, don't sleep with your feet crossed....instant horrors.otherwise....something about oxygen supply and nothing to do with Old Nick.

    Finally PLUTO is probably in opposition to your Cancerian Sun, so expect power struggles and hiccups in whatever house you Sun resides.

    Sweet dreams.

  • Dear HighPriestess,

    I don't mind giving you my birthday but not exactly into giving it out to the whole site.

    I am a Sagg Dragon with a strong triple conjunction there ... but plenty of other stuff in my chart to realize that "Sagg" is not the only set of aspects impelling me ...

    I have more conjunctions in my chart than I have ever seen ... when I was quite a lot younger, an astrologist asked me what I thought all the conjunctions meant - HAHAHAH - I had no idea at the time since it was my first experience with astrology (in college), tho I have some theories now.

    I have lots of 3's in my birth time/name numerology, and a number of 9s. Some readings tell me I am generally a 9, some tell me I am a 3 and still others tell me I am a 333 ... but my place of birth is a 2 as is my last name and the season of the year.

    While at the same time, I am a ONE in this phase of life, according to my I Ching Astrology calculation book - and one of the "luckiest" ONEs except for the time of year I was born counteracts that good fortune - (ONE being very yang and 2 being very yin) ...

    But who knows???

    It's all in the Gestalt ... AND it depends on what we DO with what we are given AND it depends on how we PERCEIVE what comes our way as well as how we REACT to it ...

    perhaps I would even perceive those same "demons" as angels in "disguise"????

    In the West the Dragon is scary and even considered "evil" to some, while in the East considered great good fortune and good health and benificent ...

    I do not doubt that WM79's experiences are/were real, nor do I doubt that they are/were terrifying to him, nor do I doubt the power of the force involved.

    I would bet that it is unlikely that almost anyone has all their "planets" in one sign - tho not all that many years ago the planets came quite close to all lining up so there are quite a few in a certain generation who are very close to "one-sided" n some have charts full of conjunctions in one sign ... (I seem to remember it was near Sagg where all this was happening because of Pluto's position, but I could be misremembering) ...

    I tend to doubt any claims that Cancers (or any other sun signs) as a general rule have "superior" understanding JUST BECAUSE their SUN signs are in Cancer -

    Profound understanding depends on what other aspects are present as well as how strong they are.

    Tho I am certain that there must be some strong aspects in WM79s chart considering his terrifying (to him) experiences with the "demon" ... which perhaps tend to indicate Capricorn? ...

    Cancer is a nurturing sign and "demons" are in OPPOSITION to Cancer ...

    Was Einstein a Cancer? If someone knows approximately when he was born I could look him up in my Circle Book of Stars ... and how can anyone say he did not have some deeeeeeep understanding?

    OH!!! here he is - Albert Einstein -March 14, 1879 11:30am

    NO CANCER whatsoever (and nothing in House 4 / Cancer analog),

    but Sun ~23:30 Pisces and NO OTHER WATER at all (unless one counts a node in House 8 / Scorpio analog), LOTS of Aires FIRE, Moon in the middle of Sagg, MORE FIRE ...

    and, most interesting considering his expertise imo, Pluto ~24:35 (sextile Sun) and Neptune ~7:52 - both in Taurus and House 11.

    My dad was also a nuclear physicist and a very good one - Virgo Sun smack in the middle and conjunct Mars within less than 1 degree.

    C.G.Jung would be another good one to check out again - (next time - this is already too long). I think he was close to the same generation as Einstein.

    POSTING PICS in the comments is easy btw, if you have some pics to post.

    CLICK BROWSE right below the box where you add a comment and your files will appear and when you find the one you want,

    CLICK ON THAT PIC and then

    CLICK OPEN and when you are ready to post,

    CLICK SUBMIT POST as usual ... and voila ... (tho it does not always work - I don't know exactly what was wrong with one of my attempts in the Welcome New Members pages - it may have been the particular pic I tried to post???)

    But I still cannot find out where to go to post a profile pic yet ...

    Maybe it is because I don't have enough Cancer in my chart???? LOL!

  • Dear Alsmsic

    How superlative to have had an intelligent father. no wonder you in your turn undertand tthe harmony of the spheres. I adore Jung's work -never looked him up -and Beethoven's piano works move me to tears; suspend me in time and space (Wordsworth called it a 'spot of time') and Beethoven is all Sagittarius. Although I am Sun Aquarius, it is conjunct JUPIITER and with my Sag, ascendant, Beethoven seems to resonate in my soul.

    Incidentally until I was a prison-teacher way back when, I would say that, "evil' did'n't really exist...but I have felt a ...density of atmosphere that does exist in individuals who are all 'appetite' with no emotion - all body,1 and 6 with no soul, 9 or empathy,12 ,.

    Thanks fr the upload tips...I'll try again.

  • Dear Alsmusic

    Wow, having just looked up the above publication, the synchronicity of my using a word like "resonance" speak for itself...I will read on. Thanks so much.

  • HI, I'm Nan. what is your age? are you over age 33, if not, then something may likely occur that important when you are 33, though i wonder what your age is. You might consider typing into your computers top search space the words; Numerology 33. to read on the number.

    if you feel your too generous in life to others., do know most people all feel that times.

    TRY something new in the springtime or summer. like writing a mystery, to publish

    or Painting maybe with acryclics small 12 inch canvas pictures to sell, or keep, onto a tiny plastic or wooden stand, those stands are at many dollar stores. Take your thoughts off of always doing for others ,as MAYBE you should realize that Some others MAY likely Have karmic life lessons they are supposed to be experiencing, and Some times one shouldn't give too much help constantly to someone who is supposed to experience something abit. Say, a person was born with NO letter of a D.,nor a V, nor a letter M. into their entire BIRTH NAME.,then by numerology that means that person Should work in this lifetime for things of value.

    one doesn't need all 3 letters into a full birth name, only One of those mentioned.

    Heres a astrology hint i read; TAURUS,Aries,and PISCES tend to favor each other emotionally in life despite any upsets together they have, they always seem to be together.

  • ANYONE having fears of anything in this life, can easily write a short letter, to a WORLD recognized ORDER for cosmic metaphysical HELP, even if they are NOT a member. THIS Order is government recognized also. As 2 or more men who were of the signing of the Decl.of Indep. way back were also members of the ORDER.

    simply write or print your short letter with your name,and all, to them for HELP.

    and you shall be FINE.

    and stop talking of what upsets you. As to talk of things can give it more thinking of in the mind.


    people are bored, or NOT doing much in life ,that makes them feel the SUNSHINE

    and so they may tend to feel afraid, or anxietys or sad, and they,you can pick up on others feelings too all over the place at work, stores, anywhere. from tv. mystery past shows, and such.

    THAT is why I like to tell my own family members to NOT watch sicko type shows on tv nights like CSI and all that. nor soaps on afternoon tv, as THE LAW Of Attracation they claim IS on this planet, can bring such into anyones life, if they KEEP seeking it.

    As the master Jesus quoted; What ye seek, ye shal find.

    SO watch only cheerful things. and avoid people who are into a valley of misery mood all the time. seldom do people life. so don't keep going back to anyone who gives you negative remarks on you, or what they feel you or someone else you know should do in life.

    Your Happy to experience using your computers, so seek happy things. CONSIDER TO

    LOOK up on search ; Happy sunny things. like Look up ; Western birds.

    SEE the different COLOR and types of BIRDS into various states online. easily

    LOOK up sunflower photos, SUNSHIne photos.

    and here is a quote i once read; THERE IS no evil .evil does not exist, every day the sunshines some where and t he FLowers grow and bloom. ITs only into the minds of some that it exists. SO seek out what you wish to experience in life. avoid watching bad tv shows.

    If someone needs a better JOB, idea. if they have nothing good to work at into their town, state, they can look up online OTHER JOBS that exist where PLENTY OF hrs of work and shifts exist. into Plants where Frozen FOODS are made, and ONE cAN CONSIDER TRYING THAT STATE AND JOB FOR YEAR IN LIFE , LOOK up the names of Factorys onto the BACk or sides of Frozen FOOD packages where they exist. and look them up online.

    ONE can also fill in applications often online too. seek the sunny sides of life.

    TRy to eat nurishing meals, at times, instead of prepackage boxed foods which may contain

    alot of ingredients which are NOT natural food . SIMPLE meals.

    THE USA military makes sure its men eat Eggs daily for protein. EGGS and MILK are good foods . Boxed dry foods to make contain too many ingredients,etc.

    Another idea. Let the child in all of us, come out at times, VIsit the Toy section of any store, you like ,go alone..or with someone who likes the idea. and have a few laughs.

    DO know that the way the many commercials are now on tv so quickly flashing into human brains. is not a good thing to listen or watch every seven minutes for hrs. it i feel could cause TENSIONS,nerves, and disturb calmness, of mind. requring in time for some meds from ONES DOCTOR FOR TENSION. Even most dr.s take meds for tension in life. REST and good food is important to the brain to function okay.

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