Seeing the number 33

  • I keep seeing the number 33....I live off exit 33....I pull into a parking lot and the car in front of me has the number 33 in the license plate...over and over and it keeps happening more frequently. I have read that this is a way to get my attention and that the number 33 means that I have something to give of non material value and most likely my happiness depends on it. This is ironic for me because I am a giving person ...I am always giving something of myself to help others and am usually stabbed in the back for my efforts. How am I suppose to figure out..the who...what....when...the frequency of this is escalating and I have no clue.....

  • And this is also crazy....I just looked at the time this was posted and it's 5:33

  • That's weird because I keep seeing my old address as a kid , but not in my dreams. The #1014 keeps popping in & out .I don't know what the link is. I also believe in"deja-vu" and had some visions about my car going down a big hill. I hope this doesn't mean anything serious. My friend works for a club called 33 . Coincidence? Ciao.. Rocky Mtn.Hi

  • Quick read: be aware .... something is calling your conscious to pay attention. are you in some way slacking responsibility ... school,job,family? i'm leaning towards family. given the posts I think it is temporary, more like a heads up.

    wow! sorry, i just realized there were 2 different people I read you as one which doesn't happen to me .... could be a mistake but gut is saying message for both of you. creepy : )

  • I keep seeing 221. It was the store of the O'Charleys I worked at. I look at the time at night, and it's always 2:21. When I was in college, my dorm room number was 221. I don't know waht to think of this. Any suggestions. I don't know a lot about numerology.

  • fahbrock you can research this on your own if it seems of interest to you ... as for places: your dorm and job operate under the "temporary" and they were, just as you have written. as for the clock try a search and see what u come up with. it is better to use your own intuition in deciphering something if u can; it will mean all that much more.

  • OMG, I have been asking my friends and family this same question.

    I have been waking up at exactly 3:33a.m. for over 3 years. My friend, Medwin, told me it was just my natural bio rhythm waking me up. My mom, Carol, told me it was probable a spirit coming to visit me at that time. My friend, Teri, just shared with me that "Jesus" died at age 33.

    The number "333" or looking at the clock precisely at" 3:33" can't be just a coincedence!

    My intuition tells me when 333 shows up in my life its the time to explore my inner thoughts.

  • I asked a friend about your seeing the 33 all the time. She is all about numbers and she says that the 33 is the ascended maters are near reach out to the and prepare for a major life change.

  • Boy that was strange I was correcting spelling and it whipped it to the from again and I wasn't done. Maybe someone else thought I was. Freaky. That's suppose to be ascended masters and angels are near.

  • omg I have been seeing number 23 at least 5 times daily since nov.2007. The number has followed me all thru my life{born on 23] but the last 2 years it seems to be every where. I keep thinking about what if anything I'm suppose to learn from this, is it a warning or what. I never saw the movie with Jim Carey about 23, someone told me it is associated with 666. Since I don't believe in that stuff, I am somewhat concerned about how long this has been going on. Of course, only a few close friends know and when I saw the 33 post, I was surprized to see it happening to someone else. I really wish it would stop.

  • Reapeating numbers indicates that you have to be more contiencious of your surroundings. 3 is the devils number. No matter what, It is always a warning. Look out!

  • I am glad to read that I am not alone with seeing the same numbers over and over. Mine has been 333 for over a year now. There must be some one out there that can help explain Please.

  • Ever wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning? Enough said.

  • the number 3 is chance and opportunity... no such thing as a bad number.... taken together for instance the numbers 11, 13, and 33 have much to do with justice and authority, way of being changing, and power, in one's life. when one is seeing the same number over and over and it is connected to address/phone/etc association from the past, one is to be dealing consciously with what all went on there, because whatever went on is unconsciously affecting one's waking life. it is a wake-up call for recognition and growth in that area, whatever it is.

    for instance i for many years saw 808 everywhere, everywhere.... address of childhood home. would see 808 seconds before a family, then member would call, on clocks, woke up at 808, on and on, etc etc. find out what the connection is with the random number consciously, then meditate on it. most of the time we already know.

    about 16 years ago, i began to have 11's show up everywhere, dozens and dozens of coincidences. the icing on the cake was when i changed my name legally.... the court date randomly fell on 11-11-1999, which i did not even realize til years later.

  • One afternoon I saw 11:11 17 times. Two days ago in the space of fifteen minutes I saw 444 888 333 and 111 and 811 and 911 all in an hour or so. I have definitely noticed a sudden huge increase in 333 recently. To me it's part of the recoding of the holographic matrix we live in. It's also communication from Angels and Masters and so forth and it can also be numerological. Ask to be guided to the answer for you. It will be the right one. And enjoy the ride. Things are about to go really nutz!

  • I don't believe in the devil so it isn't a bad number to me either. Your 23 is niewideas are growing and ascended masters working with you on co-creation. And the 333 your ascended masters near. Yes I have woke up many times at 3 in the morning and that's because it's when spirits are on the move. Entering your dream state a lot of the time. For visitations.

  • A Libra does not know about the underlying forces of nature. They know about beauty, I have seen the devil. I am a Cancer. It is real. It is not from this world. It is 3. Or 6 from which it is doubled .If you continue to see the same numbers over and over, it is a warning. Believe me or not. it's up to you.


  • I find all your answers very interesting, I do beleive we are here to learn and if we keep our mind and our hearts open we will learn the answer. Can you please explain ascended master, I do beleive in the devil, but I also know he can be beat.

  • We all have our own belief systems I just said I don't believe in the devil. So you just told me how you think your indoctrination has worked well on you. Try thinking outside of the box and be a spiritual person instead of a follower. Learn to find the answer rather than just have them given to you. Anyone can be a lamb and mindless it takes someone who wants some answers that will look for them until they find them. I asked questions as a child growing up in a church that my own great-grandfather was a minister in. But they didn't have the answers. Gee wouldn't you think a minsters wife and daughter would have some? And you told me a lot about you when you asked what I was smoking.

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