Greetings all!

  • I have just joined this forum. I am a psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive....Tarot reader too.

    At this a long time. My abilities manifest in many ways...I have had an interesting life and experiences, since age 4 that I remember.....:)

    I am very clear about this gift and the responsibilities and integrity that go along with this level of Clarity. I have been connected to this site for some time and have just now, joined onto this forum.

    Glad to meet you all....together maybe we can all shed some light on things....^i^

    Blessings to all and Happy Holidays!


  • Hi Karana,

    Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you.

    I would love to her more about your interesting life and experiences, if you feel like sharing.


    Wenchie :-))

  • Blessings Karana and Wenchie!

    I, too, have just entered this forum for the first time and have had an interesting and eventful life! I would love to hear about your life Karana and learn about yours, Wenchie! My life has been blessed by guardian angels until they left me in 2004 and I've been pretty much on my own. I may have another guardian but if so, I haven't felt the influence. Do either of you believe that one can continue in life without feeling the influence of a guardian?

    Blessings and Happy holidays,


  • Hi Scribe1,

    Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you also.

    How terrible to have your guardian angels leave you. I don't feel my guardian angels around me although I do know they are there and I often pray to the angels. I would love to hear more about your interesting and eventful life.

    I don't have an awful lot to tell you about mine, it's been in the last almost 2.5 years since I left my husband and started to find myself again that I have really started my spiritual journey. I have a lot to learn! I am most comfortable with healing and still in the process of opening up to whatever my other abilities are! I have really loved this site due to the fantastic people I have met. It's a little hard away from here because I don't have many people to talk to this stuff, most people don't know about this side of me and I don't want to feel like I am a freak in my day to day life!

    Blessings to you


  • Good morning ladies and welcome we can us some more friends with true abilities. Very thankful your here for answering much needed information and to be a supportive unit also. Happy Holidays.

  • Hi Wenchie!

    I'm so glad that you responded to my posting! About my guardians...believe most of us have them. But I also believe that sometimes we lose them. I had a dream that my guardian ( a biker I once knew and loved) and I were in the high desert in the mountains sitting on a boulder beside a little tree with few leaves. He was dresssed in khakies and a regular leather jacket and his hair was combed over nicely. I was dressed in my jeans and a top and my hair was as it was in real life, long and blowing in the breeze. He said that he was leaving and would not be back. I begged for him to return but he gently told me that he wouldn't be returning. I cried and woke up crying and feeling miserable. Whenever I think of that dream I cry. He never said anything about being replaced or any other guardian or said anything about me doing anything wrong so I don't know what happened. For a time I thought maybe it meant I was going to die soon, but here I am! Can you think of a reason why I lost my guardian? I had stopped running with bikers by then, until later when I ran with a club in Albuquerque for a very short time.

    I have dreams that cue me into my life and manage my emotions as well as provide me with directions in life and I am adept at reading people in real life. I had to since I left home when I was twelve and never returned. No abuse there, I just thought it was time to check out life and let life check me out! I have always been an adventurer. My dreams and innate sense about people kept me safe and out of serious harms way most of my life, but being without a guardian worries me. Any sugestions or insights?

    Many blessings.


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