Confused about this cancer guy

  • I hope that there is someone in this forum who can shed a light on my confusion.

    Here goes:

    I don't have much experience with cancer guys. In fact, I cannot recall meeting a cancer guy at all in my lifetime therefore I don't know how to read them. I have recently ( 2 years ago) met one at my current workplace. He is attractive, quiet, says little but when he does, everyone pays attention cause what he says makes sense. He has a lot of friends in the company.

    My confusion is this. He is friendly to everyone but me. Ever since I started working for the company, I tried to say hello when we pass each other by, but he always looks the other way or never says hello back. Months pass by and eventually we talk about work because we are colleagues. After that work talk, its back to 'snobbing' me again. He won't speak to me in front of other colleagues- like pretending he does not see me or know me. He is not like this with other females. I see him talking with them and I am jealous of his demeanor with them (very friendly, smiling, laughing) and I am jealous. I keep thinking, what did I do to piss him off such that he acts all snobby with me?

    But, we bump into each other in the kitchen once in a while and if its just the two of us there, he will ask me how I am, teases me and acts all friendly. If someone comes into the kitchen, he'll stop talking and goes back to what he is doing , just cutting off our conversation that way.

    If I am alone in my office, he will stop by and offer me food.

    Its as though he is embarassed to be seen talking to me.

    I can feel that he and I have a good rapport because when we speak to each other, we have a lot in common and our sense of humour is on the same wavelength but I am frustrated that whenever I feel that I am getting closer to him , he 'pulls the plug'.

    So confused...

  • You may wish to check out the Cancer Men threads here. Personally, in my humble opinion, I think it sounds very toxic, and though you are ino him, you should probably look elsewhere. Not what you want to hear, but the above does not sound good.

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