Knowing when to accept being different. Once was "Should power be kept secret"

  • I have been doing a great deal of thinking. When I started this thread I thought to myself, what is the one reason that young individuals would have for keeping their unique talents a secret even from their own families? A secret that even I kept for years. The most misunderstanding group there is, at times, can be one's own family. The hard part is knowing when to stand up to the fear of one's own family turning their backs and going "I need to tell you the truth." But on the flip side, those like ourselves who have truly unique gifts must also be understanding in return. We must accept people for who they are no matter what. Be it pagan, christian, catholic, jewish, muslum, bhudist, taoist, druid, straight, gay, black, white, nativie etc.. Sometimes the reason, I think, some may fear revealing their difference to others.. is due to how they treat others who are different. What do you think?

  • BrighidC--- Excellant post, Can't respond right now, family coming, but have tons to say about this!

    I'll post on Monday. Glad you put this out there. By Monday there will be quite a few posts I imagine. It is so nice to see someone here asking questions of a different nature. Enjoy the weekend.

  • I'll be glad to hear from you Laie and see your views. But as you can see by the silence on this thread, this is a subject not many wants to talk about. Even amongst the gifted, it is an... uncomfortable one.

  • Hi As a kid I realized I Knew things and describe things and then they happened. My family for the most part thought it coincidental or brushed it off as "sure you knew". I was one who was afraid to share my information because when I did share it with those I thought were closest to me it was shrugged off or ignored. The old "yeah right." Got pretty old. Then one day I heard my brother telling my dad about a dream he had, I could tell it meant something and my dad seemed to be half listening, kind of if he must. When my father stepped away from the table I gave my brother my interpretation of his "dream" adding pieces he'd left out in his description. From that point on I knew I could talk to him and he me. He's much older than me and one night we were discussing what happened lately and he said "you know when I was younger I used to think everyone knew this or saw that and I realized that's not true." He then added sometimes they think you're crazy. "So I'd be careful who you talk to about this stuff."

    I've pretty much kept my "stuff" to myself unless sharing it with him or a couple close friends who believe I'm really intuitive. I understand your frustration. Isn't it terrible that those we think should be the most understanding aren't.

    My only recommendation is trust your gutt and be grateful there is a site like this to share your views. You were blessed for a reason and some people just will not accept or understand that, remember that's their opinion not a defining verdict.

  • I was born an empath and as a child I cried a lot not knowing why. I got punished for crying for "no reason". I was very passive growing up. I had lucid dreams, I knew things, and when I tried to share with my family it was "you were just asleep". I didn't know my mom also was psychic but due to religious beliefs, she tried to shut it down. Over the years, I opened up more and tried to keep it on a "lighter" side. My children were raised around it but as adults, they didn't want to "hear" it..unless they needed information of course. It's not a topic that is open for discussion. My kids give me a list of "do's and don'ts" when I am around their friends, as do my grandchildren. My family comes to me for a "reading" or to get my "opinion" and they are paying closer attention to me.Especially after I diagnosed my brother in law and my sister. My abilities have florished over the years and most of the time I just "listen" to my "inner self". I work as a psychiatric nurse (37+ years). My co-wokers have knowledge of my abilities and have seen my abilities in action. (I still get letters from people I have done healing on.) But my co-workers will not and have not, invited me nor included me in any activities they may hold. They will come to me for advice, want me to "scan" them, give them "freebees"...but will not include me. Since I was a child, I have been called everything from a witch to an angel (but never a weirdo) The most profound time for me was at a hypnotherapy convention when I "unknowingly" read correctly (100% accuracy) the energy off of an article I could not see but only feel. I cried...realizing I wasn't crazy! That validation was so important to me. I called family and friends to share my good news! The response I got was "we knew that", "so, you already new that". I feel "different", not connected, lonely, and I pretty much stay away from people more than I should. It's gotten to where even out in public, people start talking about their problems to me and they approach ME! I get praised for my knowledge and abilities as they walk away leaving me totally alone.

    I have also been a Realtor and with 100% accuracy, read the energy in troubled houses..I have my own Hypnotherapy business that just doesn't seem to get off the ground. I do massages and sometimes it get's weird and I have had dead people channel thru me...I have gotten "visions" off the client I am working on....I have had "visions" in my head when IMing people with 100% accuracy.

    I am an outgoing fun person who laughs alot when I am around people (ya have to be in my line of work) appropriately of course...and I am the brunt of a lot of jokes..and I laugh...but it still hit's me at the core level of my being...I know I have helped countless people...but it truly is a very lonely existence. People are afraid of me...afraid I will reveal something about them they don't want anyone to know...and I have never done that.

    My one grand daughter is very psychic (saw this in her when she was only 14 months) She too was an empath that cried alot. I worked with her to acknowledge it and learn how to separate what was "her stuff" vs someone elses. She is 20 years old now and my daughter recently told me that she said "I am having weird stuff like MoeMoe and it scares me".

    In my mind, I was told one time (when I was feeling sorry for myself) "Psychic's are God's Angels on earth. To hurt a Psychic is to hurt the God Source. It is your job to teach Unconditional Love, not receive it. We will always be here to comfort you and catch you".

    I thought to myself....."That sucks..I don't want this assignment".

    Is being Psychic a gift?? People that don't have those abilities seem to be much happier.

    Re-reading this sound's like I am depressed....depression is anger turned, not depressed....just very sad for the human race.

  • Most of us do not embrace discomfort and see it as an opportunity for exploration of ourselves and others. A friend and a college professor were talking at a party and they tried to drag me into the conversation. They asked me if I believed that to be a great writer you must have hit rock bottom at some point in your life. I disagreed at the time, notice the word "drag" : ) , told them no and continued to walk by. This was a complete falsehood --- I just wasn't into sharing! Bottom line --Questions like that and yours invoke fear.

    Fear is a core aspect of many, many things we do or don't do. I really could write pages on the question you raised but I have tried to edit and condense my thoughts. It's my thought that differences are learned through:

    Childhood: we are born with innate qualities and choose the life, family and lessons we are given. In some ways, this is the nurture / nature question. For me, childhood was difficult ---- add to that this "gift of knowing" and not understanding what was emoted made me overaly hypersensitve to everything. Tapping into what is at my core, who I am you could say, is healing. In my early 30's, a friend of my mothers confessed to me one night she didn't like me as a child ( like i didn't know that, lol!) because I was never a child, too serious. Geez, ... tough enough to be a child in a violent household, just being a kid, and then add visions of the future, yeah, I could see her point! Forgiving and accepting differences ...

    Beliefs: You briefly touched on religions and spirituality. I was raised Catholic and my uncle is a priest. Two stories > learning about evolution was at odds with what I had been taught. Finally, teary-eye and fearful , I asked my uncle what was his thought on Darwinism. He said basically science and Catholicism weren't at odds. This was in the 70's and a little ahead of its time probably. Second story> This uncle does not share an understanding/belief in .. lack of better word.. occult. He would leave the room whenever Grandmother, Mom & I would get into a discussion. Sadly, we do not nurture and encourage spirit. That which lies within nor that which we seek in whatever faith. More acceptance now, but still not enough across the board for a liberal like me. I am an Episcopalian or Catholic Lite as a son's friend calls it!

    Studies of psychology and astrology help to give another view of why we do or don't explore differences. There are other avenues of "ologies" but again, trying to shorten this. : ) There are cycles in our development and with these cycles we develop judgement --- don't cringe!

    ( gonna start a new post, running out of room ... )

  • Cycles : there are cycles of life in astrology and there are stages (cycles)of development in psychology. We grow up feeling different from our peers/ families and look for commonalities. (This is with or without any enhanced abilities.) Differences aren't celebrated. It has been my experience that around the age of 30 we try to look into ourselves and uncover reasons why. ( Often, around the 40th year, big changes happen.Struggles ensue.) Mentally, we are seeking.

    Judgement : A word most people cringe at and say, " Oh No! I AM NOT Judgemental ! " Judgement helps keep us safe and to use our intuition wisely. In viewing our world, we All use the definition of the word everyday. We must examine closely our intentions when " passing" judgement. How much ego & fear is at the root of our judgement?

    Last thought. TRUTH> It has as many answers as there are people in the world. For me, Brighid, acceptance of our differences lies within our own individual truth. It is sometimes hard to convey all you feel to another. Living what you believe is all you can do. Seeing good & light in all is my truth. (Even when I don't share!)

    Gotta stop ---I hate typing! Hope this helps ... Maybe this only adds more questions. ? : ))

  • Brighid,

    hello again,your right,my grandparents hide their whole adult lifes that they were full blooded indians because back then they were treated different,looked at strangely,and just plan not accepted.

    they were never happy people,never loving even to each other and so they lived a seceret and died with their seceret.then it was reveled to me by my mom who lived with her own secerets too.told of them but it was too late and now she has too passed is sad when we have to live with secerets for fear that even our own family will not accept us.i told my youngest sister today of my gift for the first time and i found myself holding my breath as i wait for a respones and then she said that she knew that i was always special.and then started asking questions.i asked her to check out,she did and then thanked me for sharing this part of my life with's hard to guess when someone is ready to be told if ever but today it just felt right.


    love & light

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I think you've touched on a common thread here.."I knew I was different when..." I've seen it discussed in a few different places in the forums. I've always known there was something different about me and there have been times in my life where that seemed more important than other times. I've spent a lot of time in my life wondering why I saw things in ways that other people didn't and why I am so much more gosh darn sensitive than those around me. After awhile I've found that it's easier to just be myself and do whatever I feel comfortable with, but not put any labels on myself. Of course, the reason I'm here on this board is to find answers, just like everyone else.

  • Hm, honestly, I think there is no "one answer" to it. It is a blessing, not a curse. Why find answers when one should not question why they have the gifts they have. But rather, ask ourselves, "How do we better use them for the good of all, not just for ourselves." The sad thing is, however, I've seen prejudice go both ways. Those who distrust us for being different from what people percieve as "normal".. and those of us who look down on those without such gifts and think that the ungifted are, therefore, inferior.

  • Hi,

    Yes I do think that the reason one doesn;t want to admit they are different - to family, friends, themselves - is becauseyou are prejudiced,biased in your own way.So you doubt yourself, question yourself, because what makes you think you are so special, and if you do, does it make everyone else wrong?

    We all must accept that life is how you make it, and if what you beleive is right doesn't mean everyone else is wrong,

    I think you have to keep some things secret, just your own,

    you have nothing to prove

  • BrighidChaomhanch: "Those who distrust us for being different from what people percieve as "normal".. and those of us who look down on those without such gifts and think that the ungifted are, therefore, inferior." Here is what I wrote in response to your first posting of this question, 2 Dec:

    "The negative feedback I've gotten seems to stem from the other person feeling they lack this and why do you have it and I don't type of thing. Maybe they see it as arrogance? This discourages me in the sense that I wish they could understand that they don't lack a thing!" I was talking about a so called normal person. This bothers me because everyone does have this ability! On this site, I rarely see the projection of an arrogant voice , but when I do, it troubles me. Yes, we can account for language barriers, lack of inflection and such, but read enough and its there, just as someone seeking answers in desperation is there.

    I can't define it as "power". It just is. And its there in everyone. I would no more lose my eyesight or other senses. If I did lose my eyesight, I'd be very, very, grateful to have this to fall back upon.

    Brigidaire: .... does it make everyone else wrong? (taken as you said, kinda tongue in cheek.) Good point. Being as many Do believe that everyone does have this, Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if instead of hiding gift away we combined our gifts. I think this light is coming to the world.

    In the meantime, there are things I withold. Secrets, as pointed out. I think I joined in this forum partly because I'm troubled about things that are coming to fruition in the next 18mths. Discussion on this site, clarify stuff for me while I reach out to others. There is no one I can talk to without hurting them. So right now, I'm cranky. 2010 will be a solo year.

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