Negative spirits

  • can a person get negative spirits from some one else and bring them bad luck. if so how could you fix that?

  • It takes possession of you, because you are thirsty, but your thirst will never be quenched.

    Live your true greatness, then you are not thirsty anymore, and so you could fix that.

  • In this desirelessness everything happens, nothing is done.

  • Yes they can hon. Cleanse your home with a smudge sage stick.

  • Thank You, can anyone tell me please I think my negative vibes are from my husband, My birth date is 10/2750 and his is 3/18/50 Please.

  • You are right.

    You have mental power, the ability to focus your mind on a goal or objective and see it through to a successful conclusion. This power is usually applied to some mental or educational task. You have the opportunity to fix your mind on certain goals and objectives. This is focus of the mind. Out of that focus and concentration, success is assured.

    But the body is not a machine, that you have to un-learn. That can be a hindrance to you. Your whole attitude became technological. And the body is very fragile; it is not a machine at all. It is full of the unknown... it is a vehicle of the unknown. It is alive -- no machine is alive -- and that makes the whole difference. If you look at the body like a machine, you are looking at a corpse, not an alive body. You cannot massage a corpse. You can manipulate, but you cannot massage. Manipulation is one thing -- massage is totally different.

    If you are alive you have to take risks. Life is a risk. Only death is secure, life is never secure—there is no security. The companies that are called Life Insurance should really be called Death Insurance; in life there can be no insurance. Life is alive only because there is risk, danger—that’s why there is so much thrill.

  • jocagney

    there is no such a thing as negative spirits

    there is negative energy that comes in negative actions, words or actions

    there is such a thing as spirits that feed on negative energy

    they grow more powerful the more they are fed and can manifest into anything asked of them

    this is why it's important to control what you send out

    birth charts can't show what energy anyone sends out

    those are about planetary position the day you were born

    you can protect and cleanse yourself from it, but if you do not intend to do it, it will not happen

    I know how to do it, but not many have reaped the benefits as I have, because they don't do it regularly and they do not believe it will help

  • LOL mysto

    we can control what we send out

    I wrote this in my post to you in the other thread

    we can choose not to send negative thought/ action/ words

    we don't have to be angry, upset, jealous, wishing people bad luck, dwell in the past, revenge

    we can ignore, or we can say "I am a person, you don't have to do this to me"

    this way we don't keep things bottled up inside and yet we don't send out negativity

    there is no way of controlling negative energy sent to us by other people

    but then again the universe will return this to them

    so what is the point of being negative at them back?

    because if we do that, the universe will send us back negative things we send out

    and so we will be hit by their negativity and then our own

    and then the negative energy will get stronger because it keeps coming

    and one day we will be completely blocked by it

    this is why it is important to control what we send out

    unelss of course you want to be hit twice, that's your choice, it's your life

    life is about learning and move forward

    so it doesn't mean we have to do everything right all the time

    but doesn't mean we shouldn't try

    if life is easy what is it to learn? if we give up, what are we making progress (forward) to?

  • also, about negative energy that people send to us

    even if we can't control this, because only they can control what they send out

    we can protect ourselves from it and do some cleansing ritual regularly so that negative energy doesn't linger and end up blocking us from anything good

    let's say we have lived in positivity, the universe will return us positive things

    but we will not receive it or miss it due to the blockage that previous lingering negative energy causes. therefore cleansing and protection are important

    I've never had anything bad to me since I keep up protection, cleansing, living in positivity and balance. it's true I have a guide, but doesn't anybody else have it too?

    everything starts with intention, there is a will, there is a way

    the universe can send guidance or life challenges

    but how you deal with it, is your choice

  • Mysto

    it's not easy for me either. I am a Leo, if anything I have the temper too.

    It's not like I have an easy life. I have been through what many have been through here.

    in fact I was spiritually attacked since I was in the womb. when I couldn't protect myself.

    betrayed by friends and those I love? been there. I even had a wedding plan called off.

    stabbed in the back at work? always got it, everywhere. that's why I started a business because I am not good in office politics and if I did earn money I never enjoyed it. I even had a few occassions money was stolen I had to pay for it because nobody believed me.

    I grew up in violent home, we had a relative mentally ill kept hitting everyone he could lay his hands on. He got medicated sometimes, but didn't always work. I lived in this home until the day I got married, which was 25 yo, because I never earned enough money to move out. I almost died. and I almost committed suicide because I thought that was the only way to exit this life.

    Now tell me, is there anything above that you feel is easy for me to bear? or easy for me to forgive the people that did them to me? None. not for me. But life has to move forward. You can choose to dwell in the past, but if you do so, you will never move on. I am closing the doors to the past one by one, because I want to live for the current, and for the future. I learned what I can from the past, because that's all I have to do. Life is about learning and move forward. There is no such a thing as you can not forgive. There is only 'hard to forgive', but not impossible. If I can do it, anyone can. Because to the universe we are all equal, I am by no means better than any of you. In everything, start from yourself. Gandhi said this perfectly, be the change you want to see in the world. If you can't forgive yourself for your own wrong doings to others, then you can't forgive anyone. Love yourself, because you can not love another if you don't. How do you know what love is, if you don't love yourself? How do you know how to forgive, if you can't forgive yourself?

    To the universe we are all equal. There is no one person that is always lucky, always happy. There is a time in this person's life when he/she was sinking in depression. The universe doesn't bow to 24/7 rule. Life doesn;t end when the body dies. So maybe in this life time you know someone that is always luckier than you, but in the next or in the past, you never know. What we go through in life is meant to be experienced, including the emotions. But this doesn't mean you have to dwell in it. If your lover hurt you, he will get this back. You can choose to be angry or to leave him and never again open your door to him until you are healed from the pain. Then you can move on. Again, how you live your life, is your choice.

  • judgement and revenge is not necessary

    the universe do all this, not us

    I never did judge anyone, I am just sharing what I have learned

  • Leoscorpion,

    Do you have any wise words for me as far as what to do? I feel my life is not getting better 😞

  • "That may work for some people to let their anger out without sending out negative energy, but I can't imagine if it would work for me"

    everything is hard to start with. it will get better by practice.

    if I can do it, you can too.

  • heyyou

    be specific. what happened?

  • Hi Leoscopion,

    So I decided today to give up an opportunity to advance myself in my career because I had been so obsessed with what the ex felt about me that I didn't devote the time to preparing for the opportunity. I felt that I hated him so much for letting me be all alone in all this chaos I thought I could forget. him. But here I am again a few hours later thinking of what can be the outcome of the relationship I am so obsessed I can't even sleep now. I thought I have gotten past this already but it seems like a maze I can't get out of it. I hate being this obsessed with anything. Do you know that my career will advance still with this opportunity I just dismissed? I feel so ashamed of how this whole thing has been bothering me.

  • heyyou

    sorry I am not psychic I can't read your future

    you may want to ask Hanswolfgang there, you can see his name on page 1

    or maybe Mysto can, you can ask her too who knows?

    it's not that I don't want to help

    I can't. I do have a guide, but she only tells me important things about myself

    she hardly answers any question about other people

    because she is here to guide me and I am still learning myself

    hope for the best

  • thanks 🙂

  • Mysto

    the universe is not out there to punish us, it is teaching us

    when it judges us, I don't mean it is punishing us if we are naughty

    it merely sends us back what we send out

    if we send out negative, we get negative back

    that is all. this may sound as punishment, but it is not

    it is a mechanism, how it works

    one day all these will come clear to you

    I understand, our parents do not talk about the universe and spirit guide at the dining table

    and now I am telling you all this

    take it little at a time, there is no rush. try your best and when you fail, start again.

    there is no such a thing as perfection in the physical world

    if we are all perfect and know what to do, what's the point of coming here and learning?

    might as well stay in the spirit world all smiley sunny days 🙂

    bye now and hope for the best

  • you are welcome

    take care

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