Virgo Troubles

  • What to do with a Virgo.

    3 dates all either outside or at my place.

    Now I I have confronted the situaion as in your place. I know your not poor.

    I know you do not live with someone.

    He says it is just messy, how messy ? He said 3 hours to clean up.

    This could be a deal breaker if he does not do the 3 hours or fix the problem soon.

    I had a boyfriend whose father was off. he said wait in the car I said no.

    He trusted me. I went in and saw every surface of the floor to the table in every room covered with papers and some garbage, not a rat fest just a person in need of an objective caretaker.

    I was very moved that I was trusted not to judge , which i did not.

    If he had hid this from me it would have been worse and I never would have trusted him.

    I am in the same boat, but this time it is the one I like and he wil not let me in.

    Is it time for the ultimatum ?


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