Sketches of family...I think

  • Ok, the suspense is killing me so attached is a picture I have of the man (my great grandfather) who would be the younger man in the sketch pictures, Beside him is my great grandmother, the first lady you saw, mother of the hat box lady. I'm sure you saw them much younger but is this them?

  • WOw what a ball of confusion. The fireplace I see is not the same as yours, is is kind of like panelling and a cream colour and it is just massive, the kind you would expect a dog like a great dane to lie in front of. Oh I did see dogs as well but I don't know what sort or how many, they were there though. I do not follow any of the conections at all that you described, it is all quite a messlol

  • This is really hard. I have so much detail from the reads Blmoon did that make sense and then I have what you are getting too Paddi which also make sense but they are opposite sides of the family so that makes it very confusing. I wonder if the sketches or my inquiry about them just aids in opening up the opportunity to share whatever they wanted me to know. Some of which may pertain to the pictures some that may not. I just am very grateful for all the info that is coming my way and I don't want to in any way offend anyone or doubt the messages you are each receiving and that of any others may contribute also. So I only say this is a precaution because I value all the information being shared with me very much. I suppose in the end it's up to me to sort it all out or just accept it all as it is given.

  • Ok, that is what I wanted to know. It makes me wonder if we are being shown both sides of the coin if you will. You may be seeing the fireplace at grandmas family home. I may be seeing Grandpa's family home in NY or their farm in KS. I suspect that is the case. I have not asked him to show me this is, it's just the image that appeared in my head as I read what you wrote. Perhaps we are getting a mixed message of sorts. Dogs would make sense in general. Your image seems very classic, mine more rustic.

    Sorry the genealogy of everything is confusing.

    But I am most curious about the lake couple in the overturned boat.

  • Well yes me too. They were wearing the kind of clothes that they used to wear to go boating so I wonder what time period that would put them in, I think the generation after the couple in the photo above ie the hat lady's generation or maybe even one later. And the scary thing about it was, it seemed as if the man in the boat started to rock it so that they would capsize. I shut off then because I was shocked. I can maybe see if I can pick up the thread again. BTW I told your grandfather you were a hard person to convince and he just smiled and shook his head and said - she'll figure it out eventually.

    I think the woman in the portrait over the fireplace was the mother or grandmother of the lady in the picture. The man sees to have mellowed considerably, looks much friendlier than the sketch, maybe that was the artist though. The woman looks really sweet.

  • Sorry the boat scene was scary. I don't know about them dressing to go boating. My first thought was that it was this grandpa(photo) in the boat with his first wife, and possibly their daughter. If he rocked the boat that wouldn't sound logical. I'm sure if the two passed via drowning and mind you I have no knowledge of how they passed,(it may not have been at the same time) I'm certain it would not have been intentional.

    I love that Grandpa hasn't given up hope on me getting it, eventually.....LOL

    I would say there are many years between the sketch and this photo taken a couple years before he passed.

    You know now that I think about it, I wonder if the people in the boat could have been the hat box lady and her first husband. All I know is we have heard he didn't treat her nicely. Perhaps it was he who rocked the boat. Then again, remember the visuals may not always be actual they are sometimes symbolic, maybe someone is rocking the boat.....I could live without that.

  • Hi RC, it is your place to interpret what I am telling you, I cannot do that for you.

  • Somehow I knew you say that.

  • I thought I would copy what I wrote on Paddi's thread for emphasis here too. Paddi, I hope you have a great weekend because you deserve it. I just wanted you to know that.

    I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers asking about my sketches, I have taken in so much data from Blmoon and I greatly respect all she has given me, I feel the same way about all you have shared with me too. I think my biggest issue is just accepting the messages being given. I throw in my 2 cents worth or ask a dozen questions instead of just reading it and getting a feeling for what is really there and being said. I value the readings I get here from others and I don't ever want anyone to think I don't. There have been times with some that I didn't agree or like with your telling me of the sketches I fought the answer being given but that's just me.

    I mentioned the fireplace differences to my brother. Not because I in any way doubt what you saw or described, not that at all but that my image was so vivid, so real I know I saw it too. I hope that makes sense. I have great admiration for many on this site and I never want them to feel like I'm judging one over another, all are gifted in their own ways. You and Blmoon have shown me things I never thought possible, I know I am blessed to have the information you are sharing with me and I am so very grateful for every ounce of it.

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