Sketches of family...I think

  • Oh and sorry didn't mean to forget Soapmaker still very interested in your impressions on these people. Please. Thanks in advance.

  • I am getting the names Henry, John, Robert, and Martha and something like Crawford and something with the word Stone in it. The younger man I feel was a teacher/scholar and the father was a retired schoolmaster and he'd also been a clerk. The woman's connection to a discovery was something medical or about chemicals..

  • I also think there were other children who died.

  • Captain, Thanks for your take on this. I must say you have me baffled now. I thought I knew who they were although none of the sketches were labeled in any way. Knowing in whose care they were left and how they were passed down we concluded certain possibilities. I could place some of the names you mention in our tree but not within the same immediate family. Based on the material they are drawn on we have to assume they were done at or around the same time by the same person. If other thoughts come to mind I would certainly be interested in you sharing them with me. Food for thought. Thanks


  • I feel like the son married into your family.

  • Captain, now I'm really confused. I thought sure these people were all directly related to my fathers side of the family, my thought was that the wife would have married into the line. Now I will have to give it more thought.

  • I am getting the name Harold around the son.

  • It may not have been his first name but I feel that Harry was the name he went by - oh as a pseudonym for a writer.

  • Captain, I must say you are bursting my bubble, I thought I had a clue who these people are but if what you are getting is correct, I'm way off. Harry as a pseudonym for a writer is intriguing to me. If you get any more info let me know please. Thanks a bunch. RC

  • Hmm RC I will post here because the other thread is already full of me, is the last one related to your hat lady? Father, husband, probably not son. He looks likea soldier to me actually or an ex soldier with an injury.My very first impression was also that he seems to be a bit of a tyrant, he has the eyes of someone possessive. I too think that he is the son and the other two are his parents. The mother has the long-suffering look of a mother, always tending to her family, seen many hardships, maybe lost some children (didn't someone mention that) but kept on going and now worn down.

    I will go back and look at the father again.

  • And I agree with Captain, I think the youngest one married in to the family that is why I ask what is his connection to your hat lady.

  • Though I wonder, because the third person does not have any of the traits of the first two in his face, and the artist has made their eyes shine for example but you can hardly see his. I wonder if the two older folk are the hat lady's mother's parents and he married the mother of the hat lady and these were commissioned as a wedding gift, because wedding comes at me somewhere. Or a couple of generations before, whatever suits the pattern. But he is def. related to her in some way. Hmm will sit on it. Oh and as you know I am useless with names but if you ask them for images we might get somewhere lol!

  • Paddi, thank you for reviewing the sketches for me. I kind of hesitate to answer in hopes more info may come forward. Allow me to share my theories allbeit vaguely. The two older people I believe are indeed husband and wife and if I am correct (mind you this is speculative) they would be the parents of the younger man. I've had a few mixed readings on this as Blmoon picked up some stuff that I think may actually relate to the brother or uncle of the younger man, but it was picked up as about him. Anyway not to confuse the issue, but if my theory of who they are is correct than the younger man would be the father of the hat lady, his wife being her mother. Oddly enough you see him as marrying into the family when in reality it would have been her (the mother) marrying into the family. My guess is he had a distance about him where she snuggled right into the fold if you will. I don't know of him being possessive but do know it is a common trait in the family so would not be surprised to hear that. Thus making the couple the parents of the younger man.

    Could the couple pictures have been done as a wedding gift to the couple when they married or are you saying they would have been done as a gift to the younger?

  • RC, I still don't think the young man is directly related to the other two and I am also wondering if the other two are maybe brother and sister because they really look alike. The third one is just so different from them. Maybe a younger brother of the first two but then by many years? I also think there is a picture missing. The young guy spooks me.

  • My cousin feels like you that the pictures are spooky. I have even wondered if the first two were done of the parents and then a different artist did the younger man. Mind you I am speculating the parents and who I think the pictures are. If the younger man is who I think he is, then although the physical resemblance may be lacking, the eyes not being predominant fits they are not or rather were not his most noticeable feature. Perhaps you can connect to the people in the pictures. Or to the artist (I do not know who it was, but would presume he knew them all.)

  • Hmm your grandfather says great grandfather but doesn't say if it is his or yours. He also doesn't say which one. I still don't think they are all related (directly by blood I mean).

  • I was hoping for that answer but never thought to ask that he clarify for me versus him. Hmmmm.... I'm still sort of stumped. Man I'm going to ask something that I feel might make me a little uneasy but I wonder if you could ask Grandpa to show me something about the great grandfather that might help clarify if it's his or mine. I have a picture of my great grandfather and feel the younger sketch is him. But I may be wrong as the family resemblance among the males is difficult to differentiate at times. Just my luck.

  • I'm comparing the sketches to grandma's side of the family now, that is one option we never even considered. Still could go either way but something to think about....

  • AS promised from the Paddi thread:Yup that is what I have been trying to tell you all along, the younger guy is her husband and the other two are her parents. I can't keep away from this so I gave it another show and I saw first a plume, you know one of those feathers they used to write with, and ink and a page with writing on it and the younger man was sitting at his desk writing so I asked for a date and I got, I think, 1873. To confuse matters I also got 1903, not sure how much of that was me or him though. 1873 was authentic. Would that tie in with your stuff? I got him then standing at a huge big fireplace and I mean huge and the older man was at the other side. I asked him was this his father and he said no it is my father in law. And I looked above the fireplace because there are usually pictures or a mirror above them and lo and behold I saw the picture I saw right at the beginning of all this, the lady with the long dress. Then I was outside and I was at a lake and a young man went out boating with a lady and the boat overturned. I stopped then because it was pretty graphic.

    Fun so can you put any of this in perspective. I will post it on your other thread for the benefit of anyone who might be interested and following it.

    x actually it is quite fun. I shouldhave been a detective.

  • Paddi, I bow to you, you have said that all along and I fought it wanting it to be the other side of the family. Mind you I must review it further because if you read back on the early reads I got from Blmoon there is data about the family in Wells I spoke of. This would be two different sides of the family thus my confusion. Perhaps the sketches originally just opened the door to my asking about the family and thus they all started coming forward. I don't want to dismiss any options.

    I can so see what you are seeing that is fascinating. The year doesn't coincide with any data I have specifically. Although I'll be the first to admit we don't know a lot about the first woman's parents so it may be associated with them. I can see the 7 seems to have a flare to it and the ink appears almost light brown in color. So is the portrait over the fireplace the one you said was missing or is there yet another one somewhere?

    I have to ask, you see the fireplace which is ominous to say the least. I want to know if I am seeing what you are. I picture a large tall fireplace very wide at the base and narrowing more toward the ceiling. It appears to be made of roundish river rocks, mostly shades of gray in color. The mantle is a heavy piece of dark brown wood kind of hand scraped in appearance, it seems more rustic than elegant.

    You got my attention though when you flashed to the lake. Grandpa in the sketch was married before the "first lady, she is wife #2, my great grandmother by blood) Anyway, we don't know what how his first wife died we only know that she died and as did their daughter when she was very small. You mentioned earlier a drowning effect and we thought pneumonia but maybe it was an actual drowning for one or both the wife #1 and daughter. Now so as not to confuse you, you could also be getting a flash forward of another generation in this same family I can explain that further later. I take it graphic, meant hysterical and traumatic.

    The only part that stumped me was when you said"the older man was at the other side. I asked him was this his father and he said no it is my father in law. ", if I am correct the parents of grandma (the first lady) never came to this country. And the husband never went to their country. So was he there or was the picture there or is just somewhere? Hmmmm

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