Sketches of family...I think

  • Hi

    I recently was shown some very old sketches done of three separate individuals. First let me explain that my aunt passed away about a year ago and these along with many other unidentified photographs were stored in her attic. I'm sort of the family historian/genealogy nut so I was offered the pics no one knew. Back to where I started the three sketches appear to have been done in the 1800's sometime. The are basically a head shoulders sort of pose. There are two men and a woman. We're thinking that the man and woman who appear older could be the parents of the younger man. I believe the younger man is my great grandfather George. I'd be happy to send a picture to show you, I'll try to attach but think they may be too large a file for the forum. Can anyone get a read or feeling on who these people are? My goal is to put a name with the faces. Any help would be appreciated.

  • The picture sizes were rejected before. Trying again.

  • Third and final try to show the pictures.

  • Well I guess getting my pics uploaded was not successful. I even reduced the size to 162kb and still it won't load. If anyone might be able to get a reading on the sketches otherwise, your input would be appreciated.

  • I'd dearly love some input on these sketches. Can anyone give me a gutt impression please?

  • Trying one more time to upload 162KB should work right?

  • Finally think I shrunk them enough, any feedback welcomed....

  • Thought I would try with another adjusted picture to see if it works. If anyone can give me a read on the people I post here would sure appreciate the input.

  • Yeah that is pictures number 1, here is number 2

  • And lastly number 3 would sure appreciate a read on these individuals, please!!!

  • Cool pics!

  • Thanks, someone was a really talented artist. I'm really hoping for answers on who they are.

  • bump Really hoping for a response from Soapmaker and Blmoon on these. All others welcomed as well.

  • Hopefully more clear

  • A cleaner copy

  • One last clean copy

  • Soapmaker, this might be right up your alley, if you could give your take on these photos that too would be appreciated. What can you tell me about the people and what their lives were like. Thankful in advance for anything you can offer.

  • bump

    Please can anyone give me a read on these people?

  • They may not look it but I feel these people (yes, a family) were all free thinkers who incarnated together to advance mankind's evolution with their creativity and imagination. The younger man feels to me like a scholar while the woman is very creative and is somehow connected to a great invention or discovery in some way. The older man is more mild and less feisty than the woman but was a very gentle, liberal, and kind soul who was happy for his wife to do what she wanted and was a very encouraging spouse and father.

    I love these people!

  • Captain, Again a nice read. I would be curious to know if you pick up any kind of names or initials, perhaps occupations for these people. Blmoon still very much want your take on these as well but am open to info from others. We'd like to put a solid name on who is who, we have our opinions of course. If any other details of this invention or discovery come to mind would love to learn more. Thank you so much.


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