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  • Hi evreyone. Good morning from Maryland. No snow here yet. Just wondering if anyine can tell me why I have such bad luck at gambleing? Every time I go to a casino I see other people winn around me but that luck never comes my way and I have been playing for years. I know this is trivial but I am just curious if there is something in my past to make me so unlucky?

  • Sometimes I think you just need to be open to the possibility of winning. A few years back I was really focused that God and the universe were going to send blessings my way. I had a heck of a streak going. We were renovating at the time, I would say well when I got today I need to win enough to buy a new shower and I would. That kind of thing went on for nearly two and a half years. I thought I was doing the right thing by being focused and putting my winnings into my home for the family.

    A few months later we lost everything to a fire, well nearly everything. Nothing related to the renovations it was a faulty surge protector that started the fire. But we were lucky, no one was hurt, we got the dogs out, most of my pictures and really personal items, the family bible etc were saved. We lost a lot of stuff in that fire. That was in March 2007. A lot has happened since then that I wouldn't have chosen but I feel like my life was being redirected.

    Kind of got off track with your gambling question sorry. I guess what I am meaning to say here is this, don't feel it's not you, my brother often feels that way. Perhaps you should feel when the time is right it will come, when there is a purpose or reason for it. I guess my purpose and reason may have been the wrong one even if in my head it felt right. Mind you this is just an opinion not a read on you or anything like that. Sometimes I feel like everyone else is winning around me too. Difference is now I wonder what follows that win and is it really worth it? Good luck.

  • Thanks Rc. Really sorry about your house. I always try to go with a positive outlook but sometimes I feel I just should not gamble at all. Unfortunately that is the one thing that my husband likes to do on vacation. He won't go anywhere unless there is a casino. Sometimes I go without him and have a lot more fun without the stress of watching him throw away good money. I play a little and then quit when not winning. I just figure I must be paying for something I did in a former life.

    I truely hope you have recovered from the fire fire and I'm glad noone was hurt. I guess that is when we discover the things that count and not the material things in life.

  • cathylee I am sorry you feel so frustrated with the situation when you travel with your husband. I personally can very much understand where you are coming from. If you enjoy it more when you are alone that probably just gives you a sense of more control. Which is not a given in gambling. Maybe you could suggest that you & your hubby partner up when you gamble if it's slots, share the game he takes a turn and then you etc. You may find better results and at the very least maintain an awareness of what is being spent. My brother always says scared money doesn't win.

    As for the fire, thanks for listening and I'm not sure if recovery is the right word but at least it is an effort in progress. I have days when things just seem fine and I won't really give it a thought. Then once in awhile that is all I can think about. Seeing a flame eat away what you worked so hard to attain has an affect I'm not sure I can fully explain, it's a bit haunting. I've often had others say to me you are doing better than I expected you would be, so I don't know if that means I'm dealing well with the situation or that I haven't dealt with it completely. Tough question.

  • hi cathylee i dont gamble but have the occasioal flutter on the tattslotto, my mother was always trying to win that big amount for us, one weekend she forgot to put the lotto on and if she had of she would of won 2nd division, i beleive that when one is not winning to just let it go for a while and when you feel the time is right then have a go, sometimes we are not meant to get what we ask for as it is teaching us to be with what we have, it can also be stressfull when you have got loads of money, at this stage i feel its saying let go and enjoy whats their, be happy with what you have and all will come in undreamed ways much peace and love to you and have a blissful chrisrmas.

  • Thanks Dotthorey

    I guess its a good thing we don't live closer to any casinos. I guess when and if the time is right I might win something. Just always wondered why alomost everyone I know wins and I have such terrible luck. Guess thats just the way thingd are supposed to be. But you know I'm pretty good at roulette. Maybe should play that when we go.

  • That's an excellent viewpoint. I like it. If only I could get my brother to step back but that is his resistance to accepting you can't always win. Hope you & yours have a great holiday. Ours won't be fancy but we'll be together and safe. Merry Christmas.

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