Dreamt lightning struck me- what does it mean?

  • This morning I awoke having had a dream about lightning. I heard the crack of lightning striking, then I turned and a lightning bolt struck me in the mouth. I can't remember any other aspect of the dream that brought me to the lightning strike. Can anyone interpret this?

  • Hi. RCdreamer, I would like to give this a crack, sorry for the pun, but I saw the Tower from the Tarot, I see you becoming enlightened about something, or I dare say that you need to say something, or have spoken in an electryfing way, since this seems to symbolize the throat chakra. I looked on the internet of dreams and would like to quote what I found so that you know that it is not coming from a guess. To see lightening in your deam signifies sudden awareness. insight, spiritual revelation, truth and purification. Alternatively, lightening may imply a shocking turn of events. It suggests the many forces governing your life may be beyond your control and even destructive. To dream that you are struck by lightening, symbolizes irreversible changes occuring in your life. It is a transformation of sorts. If you would like to share please let me know if I can maybe be there for you some how either through a tarot reading or just to talk, luv2laf.

  • Hi RCdreamer, just a thought ,to get your thyroid gland tested, or to gargle with salt, or to yell and scream out some where to get the emotions out. Or maybe you have a talent for singing!

  • RCdreamer, I would like to see you concentrating on a blue light for strengh, balance, power, and most of all inner peace.

  • Have you been to the Dentist, or is your heart broken?

  • luv2laf, thank you for all the information. I'd be very interested to discuss this further. I am sort of new to this site so don't know exactly how you go about emailing one another. I'd be interested to know more if that is possible.

    I will definitely try the blue light you suggested. To answer some of the other questions, I've wondered about thyroid issues but never been tested, do have some dental issues but no funds to fix them, I don't think I have a talent for singing but do inflict it on my grandchild on occasion.

    The idea of a lightning bolt clobbering you in the mouth is a little unsettling. I must admit though I have given thought to the prospect that perhaps it was being sent out of me like a scream. Talk about a less than subtle expression of your feelings and thoughts. If it is the latter I'm a bit concerned that something irreversible will or could be said. Life has thrown me more than a few curves but would be willing to discuss if you can communicate with me.

  • RCdreamer --- i saw your post the other day and didn't respond at the time ... Your interpretation of saying something is the usual one. Whatever has been expressed or will be expressed quite shocking - pun intended. Yeah, the imagery wasn't subtle --- guard against your own verbal explosion. Troubled times lead us to do and say things we can't later retrieve. Overall, the dream is a teaching one, a lesson. Best wishes!

  • Thanks for your interpretation. I'm almost afraid to speak given the intensity of the dream.

  • Hi RCdreamer, some times we carry around with in ourselves a lot of energy that needs to be grounded, if this energy gets blocked it may cause us to feel extreme anxiety. It can be felt as a lightening bolt travelling up and down, some times it will make you feel heart palpitations, shaking, shallow breathing, adrenilin,, the fight or flight kind of nervoussness. When we are in need of a break from taking on more than we are capeable of emotionally whether it is constant worry for our loved ones or ourselves, I think it helps to remember that we are doing the best that we can and ask for help when we need it. Yoga is the best way that I know of to help ground this excess energy, very slow movements with slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. There are many ways to release, just saying release in peace helps me. I like this prayer, God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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