I dream things and they happen and like to know more about this ability

  • I have a history of dreaming things and things happening. I don't know if they come from spirits of people that have passed on, or if I have some natural ability. I know I am not the only one in my family. My mom has had a history of dreaming somethings and they came true, but not anywhere like me. My grandmom, was visited by her dead sister the night her sister died and saw her draped in white standing by her bedside, and she wouldnt answer my grandmom when she talked to her. Here are some examples of things I dreamed that came true. I dreamt of my grandmom's apt after her passing and the church scene, it played out. I dreamt of a car accident and warned my parents when I was pregnant, and it happened that way. When I was pregnant, I had a lot more of these dreams, then they lessened and spread themselves out. I dream of people, and I then hear from them the next day or a week later and however they were acting in my dream they act towards me. I particulary dream about a gentle man, who is in and out of my life. I dreamt he was in a wooded area and ended up working in a similar area as my dream, only to find out that he was living a half mile away from there. I have many other examples. Where does this ability come from, how can I hone it better or develop it bc it seems like it is not something I really can control, and what do I call it?

  • I have a male friend who has this gift. He once dreamt that a woman in his church would be raped and killed. He tried to prevent it from happening, so he warned the woman and everybody in the church and everybody whom he thought could perhaps help. When it then happened, people were saying that he had done it himself. He was heartbroken, since nobody believed he had this gift. He then also left the church, since they obviously did not understand or recognice what he had. As human beings it is important to not fear the unknown. It is somehow a risk we take when we are honest and tell people about what spiritual gifts we have. Some might believe, some might not. Sometimes when we understand something, it might be hopeless to try to do anything about it. Other times it would be of vital importance. A challenge would be to know when to talk and when to keep quiet about it. And how to use the gift and develop the gift so that it would be of any use spiritually or practically.

  • I have always had this ability . One thing about it if you want to dream about a future love you won't be able to get the answers there cause you will not dream. Yes, these dreams increase when you are with child and idrcrease lightly thereafter, seem though that they come with standard new, deaths, jobs, illness, injuries, etc, chating mates are reveiled . but seems like you can't choose a specfic dream for a specfic answer beware of whom you speak of this too. be very carefull. The hanged Woman is right either the same thing happen here where i now live or pretty close to it : the young man went to the local bible college the only difference is the police arrested him for something he did not due all because he dreamed the complete details now to the whole crime seen. Yes, he was sent to prison. At the Bible College ( live in the Bible Belt) the students can not leave at night very little are they allowed to leave specially without being with a group in general to church only or a special event. The bile say a profit is not excepted in their own land etc. this is a grat example. Just be careful who you tell what to pleasee. here people have been not only sent to prison but also sent to long term mental hospitals please visit the site 7 witches newletters ( this and last month tell : to be secert with your gifts like in the old days please be safe God gave you this special gift. If in doubt go to church for a couple of years get"sqaved" see if the dreams continue that way you know for sure the Gift is from God. The Bible states were all are given certain gifts other people other gifts etc please be safe to you speak too of this for your own safety please blessed to child to safe

  • I too, share a gift like this. And it is true. One must be VERY careful about what they say and to whom about this gift. You hear about it in society every now and then. People won't accept it for what it is because they fear it. People don't like what they fear. Some people say it is the work of the devil...I believe it to be a gift from God. And it does say that everyone has received a gift from God in one form or another. It gets difficult at times when I try to explain to myself why things happen from dreams that I have had, but the best way that I have come to terms with it, is that it is a gift and there is no other gift that can be compared to it. Be proud and be happy that you have it, because the way I look at it...it's a guide in life and it's another way of saying the spirits are there to help you. Not many people can say that they have this gift, consider yourself one of the lucky ones (I mean that in a good way)!

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