Should I trust the psychic readings?

  • So I lately ran into a relationship problem, i.e. a breakup. Because it was my fault, although the ex deeply cared for me (at least when the break up took place) and vice versa, he decided that the relationship was over for good. Yet he still expressed concern towards me at the beginning. So I found it so hard to move on. I hung on to the belief that he is the perfect guy for my life and that something will work out. As of late he and I were no longer in contact. I guess if I wanted to I can call him up and talk to him but the previous conversations were very awkward and dry. We both built a wall around ourselves, trying to let the other party know that we've moved on and are on our happy way. Despite how tough I acted on the outside, I am breaking apart inside. Lately, thanks to the advice of a psychic readers on here, I have been to focus more on myself and accepted (not completely though) that it was over. However, I have kept having dreams about the ex. I felt so torn and each time I had these dreams. I really wonder how the ex is feeling. I know I can call him up and ask him but I also know I won't get an honest answer. So I resorted to psychic readers. I talked to 6 different ones on liveperson and every single one of them tells me the same thing. It's actually what I want to hear and what I hope to come true, namely, the ex still has very strong feelings for me and that he's desiring for a long lasting future with me. He just needs to take some time to sort things out on his end before he is coming back to me. However, what I know of the truth is that he is getting to know another girl (or even already dating her). I don't know for sure because he is in another part of the country. Sometimes I wonder if I should ask him but I don't know if he would tell me the truth. So I did mention this fact to the readers on liveperson as well, and they all told me that this is nothing serious. I am what he wants ultimately. Of course I feel good about these readings but at the same time I am so skeptical because I don't want to keep my hope up only to find out months later that these are false hope and be disappointed and heart broken all over again. I really love this man dearly and wish to have a future with him but I don't know what to do now.

    Can anyone tell me what to think about the results of these readings I got. I really appreciate any help.

    I am a loner who doesn't exactly have friends or family to talk about these matters with so any help I would really really appreciate.

  • you have to allow him time to heal from what you have done that caused the break up

    only then he can be sure whether he still loves you or he is moving on

    doesn't mean you can't contact him

    unless he doesn't want to communicate with you anymore

    if he hasn't blocked your number, emails etc then try contact him

    try not to talk about anything heavy in the beginning

    just say Hi how are you, what have you been doing, the weather etc like a regular friend chat

    keep it short and simple, nothing about love, him seeing someone else or similar

    in fact this holiday time maybe send a card

    from your story I'd imagine he will not throw temper tantrum about you contacting him

    give it a month. if he always replies to you, then next month, you can start with heavier subject

  • Dear Leoscorpion,

    Thank you so much for your very wise advice. I gathered all the courage I had to call him. He was quite welcoming of my call but probably only as a friend, which is fine for me. Losing him as a lover sucked all that much; I hate to lose him even as a friend. He's a wonderful person despite how much I try to convince myself otherwise. Thank you again for your wise words. The readers I consulted with told me to wait for him to call but I'm glad I called instead. Hope you have a good night.

  • youre welcome

    the psychics may have told you that because they feel you are going to ask him about relationship. anyway, stay light and friendly and give him time.


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