Pisces lady, Scorpio guy

  • I've been with my scorpio guy for a year officially now. We live together but are in the process of moving out with others. We have no real problems. Don't fight, and arguments are rare and short.

    My birthday is 3.20.90 and his is 11.14.89

    I feel like lately, there's something missing. And I'm not sure if its just this time in my life, or if its us. I know I'm a pisces so I love change, could it just be I need a changein other aspects of my life, or this one.

    I love him, and I know he loves me and he's fantastic, but I feel like there's something missing in life.

  • You are right--there is likely something missing. You have a natural veil around yourself; you may present a facade when you first meet someone. Your Scorpio guy is similar; he also hesitates to share his feelings, and sometimes (but fortunately, not often) you may feel that he wants distance in the relationship.

    You were initially drawn to him because of his insight and mystery. He admires your courage and kindness. In general, the two of you make a good couple because you complement each others weaknesses and strengths.

    I would advise you to communicate more, and don't be afraid to let him in. He also feels like you want distance at times, but this is not necessarily true. If you can share your true selves with each other, I feel your relationship stands a good chance. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Thank you for your insight. It was much appreciated and it definitely helps me. I'm a Pisces, so I cherish my privacy and we also bottle everything inside of us until it's time to burst. I wanted to ask someone who isn't directly in my life, and you gave me a great answer. Thank you again!

    Also, if anyone else has any thought I would appreciate them as well.


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  • Is there something about the birthday 11.14? I've either met them in person or online.

    Junemoon26, would you do a reading for me?

  • Sure, valentinaG, but could you please give me your birth year as well as the day? Thanks!

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