Can anyone speak to those that have crossed over please

  • Hi I am looking for someone who can talk to our loved ones who have crossed over. I really miss both my parents and I am really hoping to hear from them. I dream about them often and know that they are still with me. But would just like to know if they hear me when I pray to them for help with my son. thanks in advance. 🙂

    Dad passed nov 27 02

    mom passed oct 3 06

  • Hi Kitty,

    I can not do it at this time. It requires so much energy that I just don't have right now. But please know they do hear you. Do you meditate? When we can quiet our brains, we see inside our heart and that is where communication can come from. Try that and ask them to give a clear sign that they hear you. Put a tape recorder out and record when you are asking. You may pick up their voices that way.

    Hugs & Light hon

  • Thanks for taking the time to respond. Truly means a lot. I will try to do what you have said and see if that helps me.

    blessings to you

  • it appears to me that since some of my loved ones have crossed over they visit me in my dreams, and i have very vivid experiences with them. yet, i'm not sure if it is my subconscious mind activating essences of their memory, or if actual ethereal or ephemeral contact. of course, it feels so real as the messages are so personal and timely for whatever it is i'm experiencing at the time. I miss some of my family that has passed on and long for their comfort and sage advice, so i think of them and what they would advise me on whenever i am struggling to understand something in my life. i have read that if you meditate on your loved one and ask them to visit you, they will. it worked for me as i simply longed for them, so a way of meditaing on them, i suppose. try it and i think you will make contact in a supernatural way, however it works, it just does.

    best blessings & good luck!.

  • Tendrops,

    thanks, I to often dream of my parents.More my dad than my mom tho. But then I was really closer to him. I was daddy's girl. His passing hit me really hard as it was not expected. Not that anytime anyone passes is easy. His was just so sudden. With mom we expected it, cancer took her from us. I often dream of my dad still being alive. Sitting with me at my table, having dinner, laughing. I wake up with such saddness because I want him here with me. I am thankful for the dreams cuz it puts us together. I can remember after he passed. I had this dream of him and my grandmother ( His mom) they came to my house together and was telling me how they were in heaven playing bingo ( of all things) and they were laughing and carrying on. When I dreamt that, I felt at peace. like that was his way of saying he is happy where he is, that he is with him mom ( and his brother too cuz he showed up in the dream) I just would give anything to talk to him one more time...There are times I feel so lost without him. He was my dad, but he was also my best friend. ( tearing up here) This time of year is so hard for me. Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday and I remember the year he died, it was the day before thanksgiving. I cooked that year cuz it would have been what he wanted, but the next year I didn't want to...altho I still did. My house was/still is the biggest of them so I hold the family dinners. This year for thanksgiving I did the cooking again. This year was about just having our family together. I am so thankful for so many things, for having my dad in my life, my mom too! Sorry I am going on and on here huh? I think maybe I just needed an outlet? Hopefully he will make a visit tonite I would love it if he did. I am gonna pray and try and clear my mind before I go to sleep tonite. Ok, enuff rambling on, I am getting really teary eyed!

    Thanks for allowing me a place to let it out, for this I am really grateful. Many Blessings to everyone this holiday season!!

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