• Should I go out with "K" on thursday? Anything that anyone picks up would be great...

    I'm asking for lots of reasons.

    1. I have a boyfriend.

    2. Iv never met "K" in person...I am a little afraid...

    I just cant seem to make up my mind on wheather to go or cancel...I think I want to cancel...but I dont want to hurt his feelings...I honestly dont know what I should do.

    I dont want to go...but I feel like I should...? what is right

    Gracias! to any assistance.

  • You should not go out with "K" on thursday.

    Go out, but not with him.

    As far as words are concerned he is very clever, but if you look deep into his eyes you will find just the same stupid human being. Nothing has changed.

  • Thanks hans!

    whew! I feel relieved

  • There is a rhythm: sometimes enjoy relationship, sometimes enjoy aloneness. Enjoying both again and again, one day you will come to the understanding that there is no need to be in a relationship and there is no need to be alone. You can be in relationship and alone and you can be alone and in relationship. Then you have become wise.

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