Leo Male and Gemini Female

  • Howdy,

    I could use a little help understanding a Leo. Here is the situation:

    I am a Gemini and I recently met a Leo while he was out with friends for a birthday party. We hit it off really well, he was fun, flirty and a little forward (which is great for someone like me). This was on a Saturday. By the very next Tuesday, we had facebooked and exchanged phone numbers. Holding true to "guy" form, he seems to only want to text and not ever talk on the phone. Again the conversation we had throughout the day on Tuesday was fun and flirty until he had to go to bed (he is a dedicated sportsmen and the school is paying his way through college so he has to be up early for practice).

    When I did not hear from him after two days, my interest started to wane and true to Gemini form I got absorbed in work, friends and meeting new people. Then randomly on Saturday, four days later, I get a text from him. He was traveling back from a tournament and was on the bus with the Team. He started the text, but after a few messages back and forth he just stops texting. SO I will have a floating question out there in text land and no answer for a couple hours.

    Again, I assume the conversation is over and get back to doing whatever it was I was doing before the text.

    THEN, and this one I think is just as much a "guy" thing as it MIGHT be a Leo thing, I get another text HOURS later wanting to know what I was up to. I explain that I was just hanging out [as in, no big thing 😉 ]...he proceeds to tell me his plan of going out with friends to a karaoke bar. Now a point to clarify, I am a DJ and karaoke is something that I run on occasion. He had mentioned many moons ago that we should go karaoke sometime....

    So he tells me his plan, where he is going, yada yada in some detail and then just stops texting. I respond with things like "Oh, that should be fun" but I am not the kind of girl to invite myself to other peoples plans. It didnt make sense. Is this a Leo thing, where he puts it out there wanting me to give him attention by asking to go?? Maybe its a bit of that Gemini pride but normally I am the one who is being pursued... or if anything given a little more attention.

    SO the text conversation ends with no invite, just a "Oh sounds fun". I continue on with my evening and I dont hear from him until this Tuesday (see a pattern??). He makes a comment somewhat to the extent of "You've been a stranger lately"... to where I reply "who me?" and a bit later "for the record, you've been equally as quiet"....

    Should I be reaching more? It kind of goes against my personal nature to do so, again I am use to getting more attention than what he has given AND he has YET to ask me out....

    Ok so LONG story short....Can someone explain how Leo's "typically" work when dating/meeting people...

    And does anyone have any experience with the Gemini-Leo combination??

  • OH and one more note... Though the tone may appear as irritated or rude in my post, the conversations between us have been of a playful, sarcastic tone. Just wanted to clarify.

  • hi tmoe, i have no experience with Leo men, but i do have some experience with boys and this whole thing sounds like a typical guy who is sort of interested but not quite sure what to do or where he wants to go with this. It does look like he is trying to keep your interest and getting under your skin with not replying/randomly replying and etc. in away so he doesn't look too keen.

    I had this gem guy regularly asking me what i'm up to then telling me about his plans and then not inviting me along at all or suggesting anything about meeting up. I think it's more of a testing the scene thing just trying to see how you are reacting to things and so on. It never made sense to me why would anyone tell me what they're plans for the evening are, ask me for mine and then not invite me...what is the point?

    Anyway i doubt that this was much of help but it really reminded me of what was going on with me and that guy at the time. It's actually still sort of the same between us after months so i hope u have better luck 😉

  • Hey redgemini - I think you are right on it being a "guy" thing and the idea of him "testing" the waters makes perfect sense. I had read some where that Leo's want to be wanted so I wondered if this was his way of trying to get me to give him attention.

    Eh, maybe I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but from my experience it does seem that he is playing a "guy" game... and I haven't been playing back.

  • Anyone else have any ideas?

  • Leo guys are expecting something more than just a "chat". You should give more attention or being more aggressive, cos Leo tends to be shy and careful in getting along with you. He's interested indeed both on your physical attractiveness and the fact that gemini's smart and playful. When he commits himself to build this relationship, he's really into it.

    My advice is, if you're really interested, show a little effort that you're into him and interested to get a long with him. But if you're not, get rid of him, otherwise he'll hurt more than you think. I've been through this kind of relationship with a Gemini girl. I realized that Gemini girls can be bored easily.SO you if you're into him, you should probably stop acting like you don"t care or not interested. MAke your move, but not too aggressive so that Leo won't expect more that you expect in this relationship. Leo tends to be a jealous person but not possessive. This is a two different things that you should take a good attention to. Do not flirt with other guys when you're dealing Leo, cos Leo will get jealous, but in return Leo won't be a possessive boyfriend. LEo will appreciate and support everything you do as long as you're showing that you are a true loyal girlfriend. When thing go great for a while, then you guys will make a perfect match.

    That's all I know from my experience. GL!

  • I am a Leo and I have had a longtime relationship with a male leo. Here's what I think:

    He may think you are not that into him because as a Gemini, you may not be giving him the devoted attention that we Leos crave. It sounds like he keeps pitching you softballs and you won't take a swing. If he wasn't interested, he wouldn't keep texting you. We Leos can come off as confident and popular but we have our insecurities and we don't take rejection well. He is probably used to women throwing themselves at him.

    I think you should invite him out. Maybe to one of your DJ gigs. If he's interested he'll show up. You can have drinks afterward. If he's not interested, he still may show up but with a date!

    Oh and don't be surprised if he is going out with other women. We like to keep our options open until we find "the one". Don't take it personally. We just love attention from those we are attracted to and Leos often attract many people.

  • Much appreciated Leonessa 🙂

  • and Thank You Travis 86 🙂

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