Suffering from stress and loneliness plz help Blmoon/Ahliyah/anyone

  • Hello I'm suffering from a huge amount of stress which is affecting my health . I feel worried for my future . I feel like my life is going nowhere . I did nothing great this year . My life feels dull and have been single for to long . All this is making me feel so awful and so sad . I try to be happy and go with the flow but never succeed . Most of my friends are already married . I feel almost ashamed . What am I doing so wrong to feel this way ? Is there any hope for me ? Thank you .

  • Dear Toughlady my name is light4you I am in the same boat as you I have so much stress in my life right now, I have no job my unemployment is about to run out I lost my apartment because I could not pay the rent. I have been looking for a job but there is just no one hiring. My boyfriend of four years says that his daughter who is 15 cannot stand me living with her dad so I have no place to go or no job to go to. I have been single a long time to and it can have its advantages but the most part is being so lonesome and wanting someone in your life who loves you unconditional is this possible right now I dont think so maybe we were ment to be alone. I have thought of killing myself but I have no insurance to pay for the funeral have nothing so you are not alone I just wish that we could all be happy but in this day and time there are not many people who are

  • Hello ladies,

    You are not alone. Many of us are suffering from stress due to financial reasons. Have faith, take time to look inside yourself and see who you really are. We are all at home inside. I hope this will give you peace. Remember, this to shall pass.

    I see that 2010 will be a great year for us that have suffered in 2009. I have tried to get an outside job to, but without success. I have a very small business and I have faith that it will grow more in 2010.

    Find joy in what you do have. Look outside and see the beauty in nature. Relax and let the universal flow ride smoothly in your life.

    I wish you both the most love and peace and light!

    Hugs and please know you are not alone. We are all here to help you.

  • Ladies, I have also been there....tired, lonely, bored, stressed and depressed. This is what helped me through the tough times.....simple meditation. If you can clear your mind and allow the universal energy flow through you the darkness slips away. Do it as often as you can! I also wake up every morning with an attitude of gratitude. You cant help but be depressed if you think of nothing but the "have nots". Be grateful for the new day, for the ability to feel and see the sun, or just to simply walk and breathe!

    Do I still have stress, money problems, feel lonely or tired? Well, of course I do! It just becomes easier to manage. I know I will get through it all. I have faith that the Universe has a plan for me that may not always be the path I think is optimal.

    I hope this helps a little! 🙂

  • Here Here Gail! Well said! I wake up and fall asleep grateful for all that is in my life. To be breathing, feeling and be in my home. It takes practice. I see the reality and I have been patient. I know that the new year will be much better than this one.

    Hugs and Love and thank you for sharing!

  • Namaste toughlady. If you did nothing great with your year, ask yourself what is holding you back from starting now. That feeling you're experiencing is actually your higher self trying to wake you up! When we try to be happy, we are denying ourselves the actual experience of happiness. Here, do this.

    TRY to tilt your head to the left.


    Nothing satisfying happened, did it? Same thing, trying to be happy. You are not feeling content because you are not involved in your dreams, and likely not engaged in living your purpose.

    It's pretty simple; what we give our energy to, grows. Your energy has been expended on trying to satisfy yourself with jobs, people, things that hold no meaning for you, and which are not satisfying. Your life -- that is, the life that you ARE -- has meaning. So now you need to uncover what has meaning for you. In life, in your pursuits, hobbies, etc. Look at your resume; look at the work you've done all your life, and look to it for clues as to what was BEHIND the work you've done. Now is the time to expand, not expend. There is literally nothing to stop you.

    I have a written exercise you may like to start with. It will help you begin the process of identifying what has meaning to you. If you'd like it, send me a little email (before the admin police get their dedicated mitts on my addy and remove it):

    I'd like to give you an example of what I mean by what's behind the work you've done. My resume is filled with a variety of things, mostly in finance. What I found when I looked at it with an objective eye to that black and white print, in addition to how I felt about the jobs I've held, surprised me. All the work I've done has carried the element of change with it. That is, in every job, I have tried my darndest to change the processes, workflow, dynamics, you name it. My heart is IN transformation. That's what I love. And it's also who I am.

    So look at what you have done, and see what cues it offers. You may be surprised.

    Love and light,


  • Hey everyone. I'd like to bring your attention to something I noticed.

    Take a loving look at the language you're using.

    I see,

    suffering, bored, stressed, depressed, unemployed, among other things.

    Everything we say comes from what we think. What we think comes from what we believe. And what we believe creates our intentions. Our intentions bring us what we have asked for, such as, suffering, boredom, stress, depression, and no job.

    If we want our lives to be different, we must get closer and closer to the being that we are. Because it is the person we are BEing that brings us WHAT we are being. So if you are saying, I'm suffering from unemployment, you are literally BEing unemployment, as well as BEing it's bonus companion, Suffering. Have you had enough of being down for the count yet? I bet you have.

    Change something now by taking a step closer to the person you are, not the one your brain is telling you that you are.

    Ask HER, your real self, what she wants, what delights she'd like to bestow upon you right now. After all, you are her representative in life, yes? She is there for you at every moment.

    Ask her WHO she is, so that you can start BEing her. She's all you'll ever have. Marriage partners come and go. Finances shift, the world goes on, with or without us. We don't know what joys are around the corner until we begin anticipating them. When I get out of bed in the morning, I say Thank You GOD for all that you give to me, all the help that you give me every day.

    And I know that I'll be surpised and delighted by many things today!

    That's what I want for you. But you have to want it first. And you have to want it MORE than you've ever wanted anything in your entire life. And you have to dedicate yourself to being it, doing it, and getting it.

    If not you, who?

    If not now, when?

    If you think that your problems are insurmountable, they will go on for a lifetime. The moment you ask, is this bigger than me, or am I bigger than this? you change your life.

    Love and light,

    Ahliyah : )

  • Light4you, let your struggle be for and toward something. Let it start right now.

    I'd like you to look at your life, the one you have led up unitl now, as being all that happened in your past. It now has no impact on what you do or how you go about doing it. You are at a point of great change in your life, and you must begin calling it the way it really is. That means changing what you say about your self and your life, and getting a clear picture in your head of what the next version of YOU looks like. Sit down, meditate if you do. At the very least, breathe, and focus on your breathing. When you are relaxed, I want you to fantasize about all the things you want most. Do it in vivid detail, color, feelings, what you're wearing, and where you are wearing it. What car you are driving. The places you shop. See your pantry being filled to overflowing with the bounty of the Earth.

    See it all, and write it down.

    Tonight when you go to bed your prayers are going to change. You're going to say,

    Great Creator I AM, the Christ Light, The Elohim, hear my grateful prayer!

    Thank you for all that you give me; thank you for all the help you give me. I can see now that managing my life without you has led me here. I NOW commit to working with you as my Silent Partner in ALL things. Please be my Silent Partner in all things.

    Please assist me now by providing the following:

    work I love that joyfully utilizes my talents, skills, and abilities and earns me a living wage.

    ALL the means I need now for a home of my own and simple reliable transportation.

    plus ALL the means I need now for food, medicine, and upkeep of my whole life, in the amount of $__.00

    Let it all come to me in unique and delightful ways. I am open to receive. Please ask the Archangels and all the joyful Hosts of Heaven to assist me now in every area of my life. Let your faith be my faith. Let your love be my love.

    I know with You as my silent partner that ALL is possible. The Divine Plan now comes to pass! Thy will be done!

    Thank you thank you thank you, God, for the bounty of Thy blessings!

    Do this 3 times a day for 3 days. Anticipate, like a child at Christmas, ALL that you have asked for being delivered to you by a joyful person bearing gifts.

    Let me know how you do with this, and what comes to you.

    Love and light,

    Ahliyah xoxo

  • That is beautiful Ahliyah! Love & Light to you

  • Hi Ahliyah , I will reply to your post in more details but right now I have to rush to work 😞 All I know is that my life is very dull . I don't do anything that makes me feel truly happy . I go to work for the sake of it and to earn a living . There I have to put up with my co-workers nonsense 🙂 It's so annoying . My dream would be to be in a great relationship and have a much better job ..

    How do I send you an email for the small exercise please ?

    Thanks & love,


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  • Namaste Wenchie!


  • Wonderful comments everyone.. It helps me to read them too as I'm very stressed and feeling lonely, only I do have people around me which leads back to what Ahliyah said about it being inside yourself. I think it sounds like you are ready for a move upward. When we get to the point of not being able to deal with things anymore is sometimes when we are ready for a shift to happen. It might help also in addition to everything said to do a vision board. The process in itself can be fun and can help us to change our way of thinking. If you do a search online there are some good sites that can help you with that. It helps to envision what we want and when we see it in front of us every day it can help shift our thinking Also, when I quit smoking at one point I just had to give it over to God. When things get really rough I just say "here you take it and figure it out" I'm done with this mess (I'm not too nice about it either). I've only gotten to that point a few times, and I'm not a very religious person, more spiritual, but when I gave myself permission for him to handle it I stopped struggliing so hard. Like Ahliyah said you won't "try" so hard. By the way I did quit smoking much to everyone's surprise (and mine). I put all the proper steps into place first and put my own effort into it and did what I could do first, then handed it over to him. I took responsibility for what I could do and what I could not I gave to him. The fact that you are disatisfied means that you can now start moving upward from that point. What would that one next step be that you could do? This struggle financially has realIy hurt alot of us so I sympathize. I am thinking more simply now and it's o.k. Take things easy and take a step at a time. I have to go to the vet now and I'll check back tonite. Keep the faith!

  • I think that this time of year always presents a lot of challenges for people. But this year, it's complicated by the economy. I have a lot to be thankful for but I also find that if I stop too long (to think, to reflect, to second guess) in my attempts to get past my problems to a better place, I get lonely and frustrated. Keep your eyes on the prize I guess is the key. I find that prayer, meditation, and placing myself in God's hands brings me some relief. I wish I knew what tomorrow, the next month or the next year will bring for me and whether I'll be able to take any steps closer to my dreams and goals. But I don't know. So all I can do is just get through today and try to focus on the positive.

    I hope that you all don't despair and instead try to focus on the positive.

  • Hi Ahliyah that was beautiful and I copied it. Hope all is well with you and your son! Love C.C.

  • To Tough Lady and Light for You, you are in the right place for encouragement and prayers. I am praying for you and trust me I know all about depression and darkness, i too suffer from depression occasionaly but to be honest I have been focusing on Positve energy, trying to meditate and guess what? It works, like the others have said, think positive, when the enemy throws it's worst at you, stand strong and pray. I will pray for you guys, when you are down, the only place to go is up. Believe, and it will come to pass in the by and by.

  • Hi Poetic! you're welcome. My son, at 11, is currently for sale thru the holidays. lol Just make an offer; he comes with clothes, toys, and a skateboard. :!:

    "darkness, i too suffer from depression occasionaly but to be honest I have been focusing on Positve energy, trying to meditate and guess what? It works,"

    I'm very happy that you said that, and happy to know you are seeing improvement for yourself!

    Good points, MMack, and Blue.


    love and light,


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  • to tough lady this to shall pass, and it does, it can be very depressing and quit boring living alone, however one thing i learned is to stop beating the drum of what am i doing wrong over and over and over, as that is what the universe heres and nothing changes, someone has been teaching me how to use words very wisely to assist me in the way that i think and see other people, it is finally sinking in, but it takes practice and you really have to get what it means, try saying okay i am alone but mr right is coming to me and today i am going to have a beautiful day, have love for you, be caring and gentle to yourself, do things that you really love to do as the more you think about being alone the more you get of that, i know, just try not to get bogged down in it too much and dont be afraid as fear stops us from acheiving what we really would lke to have in our life, you will move on from this beleive it feel it best of luck

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