Pisces Guys, what do you like???

  • I know this is kind of a stretch and that what people look for in romantic partners can be influenced by all sorts of things, but I think it would be interesting to see if any patterns emerge... and I'm curious about you Pisces 😃

    So, Pisces men, what do you look for in a female? Either mentally or physically? What turns you off of a girl? What is your ideal relationship?

    Thanks so much in advance.

  • according to my dad who is a true pisces, says that he is turned off by phony people. People who have to follow what everyone else does. Average looks with common sense is more of what attracts him. Monogamy without marriage best suits him. He was married to two cancers who both cheated on him. He does not believe in divorce, but you know the kind of pattern that most cancers have. He was with an Aries, it was good for awhile, good couple of years, then she went on to pressing the jealousy and trying to get everything out of him that she could.

  • I am a pisces girl and I must say that it is very true we read people like no other sign and we can spot a fake a mile away and we do enjoy people that are their own people not someone trying to be or act a certain away that just isnt appeling to us! I will also say that people that are mysterious are defintely people that are attracting to us we love a good mystery we try to find the good in everyone and your problems are our problems we like to be surprised (which is very hard at times) because of our intuition we usually see something coming. first impressions are everything to me and if I dont like you I just dont like you we are forgiving but we dont except stupid sh**!!! But for the most part we are one of the romantic signs and all we do want at the end of the day is to make our loved ones happy and if your happy we are happy.. Hope this helps

  • My dad agrees with Cancermen, and I must add that he has always been very intuitive!!! He can read people within minutes of meeting them.

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