Scorpio guy and hard to read

  • I have a friend/coworker who is a scorpio and I am a aquarius. I have know him for 10 years and I think I love him. I am not sure of his feelings. He is very insecure and hard to read. We talk 3-4 times a day, text on the weeends, email through the day, and go out with other friends from work all the time. He has told me that he loves me, cares for me, and that I am special but it's only when he is drinking. He really hurt my feelings over the weekend so I told him that I needed to end our friendship b/c I do care so much about him. Now he acts like he misses me, tries to start a conversation with me and acts like he wants to talk. Am I doing the right thing by ending our friendship so I can get over these feelings? Does he care about me or was it just the alcohol talking?

  • I would say peoples innermost feeling come out when they have alcohol. Scorpios are notorious for not sharing their feeling normally so the fact that he said such things when drunk, while his inhibitions & defences are down probably means that he ment what he said. You say hes very insecure so he probably doesnt have the guts to say this when hes sobor. I dont know how he hurt you but it must have been pretty bad for you to want to end the friendship. If he is trying to talk to you that must mean he doesnt want to end the friendship. If you love him and he says he loves you then what are you waiting for? Dont push him away, take a risk. Whats the worst that can happen?

    Keep me updated. Also having confusion with a scorpio.What sign are you anyway?

  • Bleh aquarius just seen silly me. My best friend is a Aquarian & with a Scorpio. Just moved in together very very happy together. Ive also seen on other scorpio threads many aquarians with scorpios that last a long time. Good luck.

  • I am also seeing a scorpio guy, he also is hard to read and he seems to have trouble showing his feelings. I just divorced a scorpio two years ago. The second scorpio is the first guy I have dated since and am still seeing. I dont know what to make of this? My first ex was a sagitarious. I have been married twice. Now I am marriage shy and just want a partner to spend time with.

  • I'm a Scorpio and I sometimes have trouble sharing feelings, and sometimes not. A lot depends on the situation and when I feel pressured, I really rebel. I try not to, but it's almost like a reflex. On the other hand, people shouldn't depend on alcohol to give you some hint as to how they feel, you're probably better off keeping some distance, regardless of their sign.

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