My leo Boyfriend and I'm a Cancer....please tell me some things about us

  • Im an Cancer and He is a leo. we have been together for almost 11months and now things are getting rocky he is starting to ignore me and be very angry and mean....what do i do?

  • I'm a Cancer and I was with a Leo for over three years. We're still really good friends, but we're no longer in a romantic relationship.

    A similar situations happened with us. At first everything was really good and we were in love and wanted each other and no one else. Then after about 6 months to a year after, he started getting distant and was down right mean. I would say something or do something silly and he would say stuff like, "you're not cute" or "that's not cute." He really hurt my feelings a lot. Around then I started accusing him of not wanting to be with me and how he should just break up with me.

    We stayed together for 2 more years some how. We really did love each other, but we just weren't especially compatible. We fought a lot and got annoyed with each other on a daily basis. We still really care about each other, but I think we will always just be friends.

    In the end, I broke up with him just because I KNEW he didn't want to be in a romantic relationship. He was too scared to do it himself for whatever reason, but I think we're both glad now that I did it.

    You should just talk to him about it. Tell him how you think he's being really mean and distant and just see what he has to say. Try not to be accusing, though. I think that kind of makes Leos mad.

    How did you two get along before things started getting rocky?

  • if you have both dobs I might be able to pull out a chart

    I'll add some things about male leos that might help

    they are like the female, but multiplied. Even I tread carefully around them 🙂

  • Hi - I am considering aligning with a Leo man. (working with him closely) my b.d. is 7-17-58 (10:19a edt) and his is 7-28-72 5:43a mt) I would love your feedback! Thank you.

  • The Leo/Cancer combo' is a tough one. Now I'm not saying that it can't be done, because quite honestly regardless of sign any relationship is possible, it's just with this particular combo be prepared for some real internal work Cancer. Ask yourself these questions; Do you mind frequent visits into the background? Think of this like..."Behind every successful politician is a strong woman." (They like to go about their interests without interruption.) Are you up for a load of preening and fluffing your Leo? (telling him how big his $#!* is, and how incredibly handsome he is?) They need to be adored. The Leo sign is marked by FAME...and the Leo does enjoy the warmth of the spotlight. The Leo is a force to be reckoned with and often can be a bit much for the sensitive, Cancer. However, if you are a well evolved, confident, strong Cancer counterpart than you stand a running chance at this relationship. So now after reading this and you still want to give this coupling a shot? Put on those running shoes, find your Leo and start scratching him behind the ear as your pouring on the adoration. Good Luck!

  • lumination

    Mercury - Mars

    Positive aspect: They have been well selected. They understand each other, like to discuss things with each other and take joint initiatives. Great intellectual understanding.

    Sun - Uranus

    Positive aspect: The Sun will be enriched by this relationship with Uranus, which will lead to the discovery of a new world, original and full of change. They will go well together, but Uranus is unstable and certainly too independent to enter into marriage.

    Mercury - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Favorable for all types of communication.

    Venus - Venus

    Positive aspect: Very good aspect for a successful union. Love, gaiety, understanding, everything for getting on well together.

    Mercury - Saturn

    Positive aspect: If Mercury is looking for a mother or father in the spouse, then this aspect is very favorable. Saturn will give a lot on the intellectual level and in life in general.

    Venus - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: This union will be completely successful. A couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other (and with reason), intellectual understanding, similar tastes.

    Mercury - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: An ideal couple, prosperous, happy, good intellectual understanding, great confidence in each other, a successful family life.

    Mars - Saturn

    Positive aspect: A life together without any problems, love will develop into friendship, they will understand each other and go well together.

    An indication that they will both be faithful.

    Mars - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: The couple will be in harmony, even if they are different they complement each other perfectly and understand each other very well. They go well together.

    Jupiter - Pluto

    Positive aspect: A possible union. Look at the other aspects to interpret exactly.

    Never see an all positive chart like this. You are good friends, which means you are good lovers. Your sexual life is smooth, not explosive, but somewhat acceptable so there will be small chance, if none, for infidelity from both sides. You both handle money well and equally care for the offsprings. If you have similar hobbies and interests, most like you do, they will only draw you two closer. He is always on the go, like fire, active and radiant. He is intelligent,a know how, always interested in many things and knows how to gain money from it. He is more interested in what stimulates his mind, not his sentiments. But he knows how to attract others, and may have many successful encounters throughout his life. He lives big and tend to avoid discipline in life, but he attracts money as easy as he attracts opposite gender. It is difficult for you to give yourself up for love, but if anything, this is the one man who can prompt you to do so. Unlike him, you go for discipline, serious and perseverance. This is actually how you achieve success late in life. Due to your sensitivity, lack of affection can cause you severe frustration that may prompt you to see life in its darker color. You are unpredictable when it comes to emotions but you are somewhat initiative. Ruled by the moon, you will show your authority when the sun (him) sets to rest. I do not see much can cause friction here except that you both like to take control and emotion wise you may clash now and then. To him, control is pride and domination. To you, it means you know the best for all for you are a nurturing sign. Find middle ground where both sides win, this way nobody feels inferior and no build up tension. he is a fire sign, he likes to own things. Everything he has, including you, is his possession. You may provoke him now and then, but provoking his jealousy can prompt him to replace you with another, since it is not hard for him to attract another. Try to tone down your sensitivity, many times he may hurt you with his words when his temper kicks in or he has a bad day. Instead, when he cools down, tell him how much he just hurt you and why. He doesn't play mind games or deeply emotional, he can't guess you. You have to tell him your concern, feelings etc You will find that telling him how much he hurt you, brings up better result than lashing out. It may be true that water can put out fire. But a big fire, will take all night to put out, and by the time it is put out, everything you ever love and care for will already be consumed.

    Now this is based on planetary position when you were born, so upbringing and experience will have shaped your personalities by now. See if you can find anything that sounds true and needs working on. Bye.

  • if this is gay relationship, replace she with he

    I'm not homosexual so I always first write the opposite gender

  • I'm a Cancer too. Leo men and Cancer women are like oil and water mixing. It can work but it will take every ounce of energy you have. Speaking from experience. Have you ever meet a Sagittarius guy? They have this warmth in there heart like Cancer woman. Hope I helped.

  • It took me this long to find the reply to my post (couldn't remember which site I was on) and I'm thrilled to find it now! And, THANK YOU so much for your interpetation. It sounds very close (!) to what my perception of our synergy is. Right now it feels like a "cat-n-mouse" game - but the truth is that I adore this man and feel that I can really "see" who he is. I felt we had recognition from moment one. I know how fiery he is and how the spotlight is important for him. I also know that he has huge potential which I admire and want to support. In other words, I want to nurture him (not interested in being his 'mommy' though) in a most female way and benefit together from our mutual love for each other. Right now, it doesn't seem like much - but there seems to be so much that is unspoken and kind of "hidden in the stars". Even though there's a lot I understand about us that i would like to communicate, I'm concerned that telling him might be too much too soon. he is extremely handsome and while he always appearing to be 'on' ... around everyone else, he reveals a more tender and spiritual side to me. If you have anymore advice on how to proceed, I would most assuredly like the feedback; otherwise, thank you, again, for your input.

  • mystarlight>>Have you ever meet a Sagittarius guy? They have this warmth in there heart like

    Sandran712>>I think it depends on the placement chart.Because the Sag I was with was an A Hole...LOL

  • We got along great until about 6months we have currently been together for almost 13months now he is mean demanding says rude thing and i'm in a depression everyone asks me what's wrong i say nothing cuz i dont know why i feel this way I love him but idk help!

  • Lumination LOL

    I just found this thread again by chance

    didn't see it coming up before, I must have missed it

    anyway I'd say you should be both assertive and feminine, if you can

    how is your art of seduction? he likes a sensual woman, not s lutty but not formal either

  • cancergirl

    if you are depressed, you need to be around people that support you

    being around him won't help, because now he is mean and demanding

    I don't know if he is always like this, but without your dob I can't see into much

    he could be stressed out somewhere else and bring it home

  • well i was talking to my mother and she is a doctor and she think i have depression now....just i cant leave him i feel as if i would die if i did he was left me twice but came just afraid to loose him but afraid to stay with him

    and why did u ask about my sedution

  • cancer girl

    who was asking about your seduction?

    did you read your name on the post?

  • oops lol

  • you take care now cancergirl

    gotta go sleep, work tomorrow

    hope things get better with you and your leo

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