• Dear Stranger2,

    I had a long relationship and marriage with a scorpio. Some of the statements you have made are very true such as the trust factor, not putting them under a microscope, etc. You must take the scorpio at his face value and accept him for what he is, faults and all.

    But I do have to disagree with you on one statement that they like to be alone.

    It could be that I am a cancer. Both of signs are the water signs and our emotions ran very deep.

    My husband spent a lot of time with me, in fact, we were stickier than tape and tighter than twine. We would go everywhere together, unfortunately this pass September my husband passed away from surgery complications. I find myself lost without him.


  • I am a Cap female and my best friend was a Scorpio male. We did just about everything together and had a great time doing it. We saw movies together and he liked movies like Breakfast At The Manchester Morgue or Abby (do you all remember them?). They were horror movies and he used to laugh at me when I put my hands in front of my eyes. We would sit in front of my apartment (we lived in the projects) and he would tell me everything that happened with his girlfriends and vice versa. His name is David and he has been in and out of prison/jail a lot but he was also in the Navy and used to send me pictures of the ships he was on and when he went to Australia. I never thought of David in a romantic way, more like a brother but he wanted more so one night I decided to give in and let him 'get it on' but my mother came downstairs and screwed it up! We were adults at the time. Years before, David even asked me to be his date at his highschool prom but I turned him down (I could not afford to buy a decent enough dress!). I hadn't seen much of David since I married my Leo husband who was very jealous of any man I knew. My husband died in 2007 but I am not ready to start a relationship some things to take care of first!!

  • im saddened to hear of your loss rooster5. i can imagine you must be in alot of pain right now living without your man. sounds like you had a wonderful relationship together and were very close.

    i just truly wish i could be that close to my scorpio. sometimes i am, but we both fear getting hurt i think and are both very sensitive. he has capricorn moon as well so he struggles to express his feelings. he doesnt need company all the time he likes doing his own thing.we are not living together anymore and i feel we are getting more and more independant of each other living separate lives. its hard. we seem to get into terrible fights he is difficult to understand sometimes. i do love him though. i just wish we could heal and feel safe with one another.

    maybe he just doesnt love me anymore.. i feel so sad

    did you have children together?

  • Dear Rooster5, I know your pain. I too lost my husband in 2007 when his heart just stopped. Before going to bed he started an argument with me and I was angry with him so when he was laying next to me in bed and grabbed my hand I pushed him away. I don't know how much after that it was, but I could feel him convulsing in the bed and when I got up to help him it was too late. I feel that if I had paid more attention knowing his condition (leakage of the aortic valve) I could have saved him and I blame myself for his passing. I really do!!

  • please please please dont blame yourself! i truly believe that when a soul is ready to leave this world it does. you didnt know what was happening. its not your fault. truly. you were probably already overwhelmed.his heart sounds like it was already struggling. i think you have spent enough time blaming yourself it might be better to be kinder to yourself now.

  • Stranger2, It's been two yrs since that happened and I still question if I could have done things differently. I realize that it was his time to go however, and there was nothing I could do about it. It hurts b/c we were married for over 20 yrs and he was my friend. He was the one who took me to my first Kentucky Derby and we jammed!!

  • I am Scorpio and so is my bf. I am amazed with the love makin we have, it can blow my mind most of the time. I am 5 yrs older than him and I see so much of the younger me in him, the so much negitive in him, the attitude, the I am me and if u dont like it get the ----away...We have bn together for 9 mo. and there for awhile I was gonna let him go his own way because of the negitive side of him but we could not seperate, it is like a magnet and we cant pull from each other. I am glad we have that because it wouldnt let me free of him and now we are so tuned in with each other I can actually talk with him. Before when I tried to talk he would get so definsive and blow up, I was the same way yrs ago, I didnt want to talk to anyone, I am scorpio I didnt think I needed {wanted} anyone, but now, and believe me when I say "He has put me thru hell to gain his trust" He has, he is now the most caring, loving, understanding man I have ever been in contact with...I use to not be able to look this man in the eye, I could see thru him and I didnt like some of it, but I was wrong he wanted to be loved and cared for he just hasnt found a strong enuff gal to see the softer side of him. Just like me, I couldnt fine that man that could keep up with me. SCORPIO's , yea we can be very mysterious, very, but if u just give that scorpio thier space and can pass those strange but true test then I feel you have the most passionate, bonding, loyal, friend or lover you can ever come across... People say 2 Scorpio's wont make it but if one can control some of their issues and let the other see you will make it...

  • i am a libra gay man i love my exbf scorpio he broke my heart we had an argument in which ended in vicious text to me i said leave me alone and you are harrassing me.. he has never spoken to me again and i wont ever call him ..we have 8 years of a passionate connection..but i believe he is bi polar or has some psychological issue..i believe there are underlying reasons for him to react so intensely abrupt ..his communication skills suck so i am sure he has indescretions he cant discuss so its easier to move on.. i am an amazing man i have shed all material things in life and my career to rush home to care for my dying father and now widowed mom ,, i moved back into the very bedroom that my grandad killed himself in only to make sure that mom is ok til the rest of her life and trust me she is no picnic..all i want is for my scorpio man comunicate and be honest about our future together..but he turns everything i say into a battle and actually tells me i am evil and hateful..i am a practicing sgi buddhist for 15 years i am no angel but if i have something you need its yours.. i dont have an evil bone in my body. every day i find myself wasting valuable energy hating him for turning his back on me and coldheartedly shutting the door ..i am moving on and i need to but in many ways i wish he could fight for our love and make things right instead of being a pussy and stepping out..

  • and the word removed was P articularly U gly S o S encorship Y essir ..only in america ..1000 pardons for the ladies..............J

  • Dear Stranger2,

    I am sorry that you could not experience the heights and joy I had with my scorpio. Since he has passed on it is difficult to do the day to day living. Sometimes he comes to me in dreams. It is the only way I get to feel the real physical contact of my beloved.

    I think both of us were water signs and that is why we had a deep emotional relationship and marriage. We were so tuned into each other we both could read each other minds, choices and opinions. A lot of times we used the same words at the same time.

    We had children from different marriages. My husband had surgical complications and we could have no children from our marriage. But my daughter had a little girl and she became our little girl. My husband taught her how to play cards and checkers, do homework,plant flowers, rack leaves, discuss school problems about other kids, wash the cars and brush the dogs. Our granddaughter spent a lot of time at our house during the week and weekends with us and that is why she was our little girl even though we did not have a child of our own.

    I know you must accept the person for whom they are and not try to change them. Scorpio people have an issue about trust. It took a while for my husband to understand and trust me because his ex put him through the ringer and just gave him misery.

    I think he still loves you but in his own way. I think if you gently work on relationship it will build and all the things you would like to happen will come to you.

    You know the saying set if free and if it was true love it will return to you. Another words, if it was meant to be it will come back to you.



  • Dear Casper402032,

    I think when it your time to depart from the physical world and enter into the Light, it just happens.

    My husband died from massive heart attack. I only left him for 5 minutes to make breakfast for him. I forgot to ask him about the toast to go with his scramble eggs. I ran back upstairs and found him slumped over.

    I immediately started CPR because I am a trained medical professional. I told my daughter to call the paramedics. They could not do anything for him. If they did my husband would not have been in a good quality of life. Because after you loose so much oxygen the brain could not recover and thus he would have been a vegetable. This is not life but a torture for both the patient and his love ones.

    I felt in your instance, it was you husband time to meet the Light. Even if you were able to do anything for your husband there was no guarantee that he would have survived. I am sure that you would not have wanted him to be connected to life support the rest of his life. Because that is not what life is about.

    I hope you had released your feelings outward and not kept them inside of you. If you have not please do so because your husband can hear you. Just tell him ,he is listening to you.

    I wish I could give you hugs over the internet.



  • You are so right! I hate to dwell on this but I also have to tell you that my mother had a massive stroke in 1986. I was upstairs alseep and heard her calling my name from the kitchen and when I went downstairs she was sitting in a kitchen chair convulsing. The left side of her face had drooped and I immediately knew that she had a stroke so I called 911 (she had a stroke five yrs before but it was a mild one). I had to get her dressed (she didn't wear underwear...and it was hard getting them on her). I had washed her face, underarms, put on her socks just when the EMS rang the doorbell. They checked her out and agreed that she had a stroke and walked her down the stairs (we lived on the second floor). She looked back at me and said,"I'm never going to see my baby again". I am an only child. I went to the hospital and she lapsed into a coma. This was on a Saturday morning and the following Tuesday I received a call that she had died after being taken off of life support. I made that decision after the doctor told me that she would never recover and would be a vegetable. You know the drill!! You may not believe this but two months later I was in bed and she came to me. It was like I was half-asleep and she woke me up. She was alive as plain as the day is long and I didn't feel afraid, in fact it was a very warm feeling. She told me she loved me and bent down to kiss me then just evaporated. I went back to sleep and remembered everything the next morning. Now, she is in my dreams all the time. I hardly ever dream about my father and I was a daddy's girl. Go figure.

  • Dear Casper402302,

    You were lucky enough to have your mom taken to the hospital by the paramedics. My husband passing was so fast. I think God knew it was time for my husband to leave me and go into the light.

    But God also knew that I was coming back upstairs to ask my husband about the toast. So God had to act very quickly. The moment I got to the room and did CPR his soul and spirit left his body.

    A couple years ago, my mom also died suddenly in the hospital. One moment she was fine and the next moment she was passing. Our family stayed until her passing was completed. It seemed that she did not want to leave us. We kept urging her to make the crossing and to see our Dad and brother who had previously passed before her.

    While this was going on my husband's aunt had passed away minutes before my mom.

    My husband helped me through this terrible time of grief and despair. But I think we both helped each other during this darkest hour. Afterward, my husband told me that I was so strong

    to face two funerals back to back. But I told him we were both facing the loss of our loved ones together.

    So the first dream I had of my husband happened to include my mom. I was in a country house

    not in the present one I am in now. I was in the kitchen cutting up apples,pears and pineapples

    when my mom came to the screen door talking to me and I could see her as clear as day. I saw the white top with blue trim, navy shorts, her dark black hair, red lipstick she always wore, white crew socks with the wavy indentations, and tennis shoes with the green line around the top of the shoe.

    My husband was not as clear as my mom. My husband appeared as a white figure but not like a ghost because I could not put my hand through his body.

    He told me he was on a trip and for me to put the fruit in a bag. Then the dream was over.

    I am so glad your mom comes to you in your dreams because I think that is a great comfort.



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