• I want each of you to explain to me who you are about pain passion and the strong will that you easily embrace. I want substance from you..not surface...I want you to go deep. Be honest ...I cannot see you so that should make it easier for you.I started a forum "Scorpio and Libra" ; my fellow Librans and I gave out so much info explaining Libras that you could actually copy the thread and use it as reference. Well I need the same thing. I love someone and just want to understand him, I want to make it easier for him to understand and trust me. Thankyou

  • BUMP 🙂

  • alright, first off, you'll never understand a scorpio. but you dont need to. if your guy is anything like me, you'll never have to understand him; he'll understand you to a tee, because he has you figured out already. when my girl tries to hide something or has something on her mind, i know it straight off. we're suspicious of everyone who hasnt gained our trust, which is a very difficult thing to do. once we love someone as a friend or lover, we're loyal to the end. betray us, and you would have made a very big mistake. personally, i dont let things go. piss me off once and i might forgive, but i'll never forget. i love my girl more than anything, i'd do anything for her no matter what, same goes for my close friends. i love reading people and figuring out how their minds work. the downside is that we can become really detached, or attached. no matter what, there arent going to be very many cool times with him, its going to be fire or ice. whatever you do, show him that you're loyal and that you love him. prove that youll fight for him. do that, and he'll never leave you. and dont piss him off.

  • I'm still laughing!!!!! I'm a Taurus not a Scorpio but my life is full of them. Met mine when I was 15--together41 years--raised two scorpio sons and have several long term scorpio friends. And I got to tell you the thought of putting out a call for scorpios to reveal themselves got me howling! I needed a laugh thank you. Anything a Scorpio reveals will be hard earned. The moment you start thinking you really know him he will definetly make a point of surprizing you!Any girl who wishes to keep her scorpio will have proved herself and then some. They are fiercly loyal, yet don't expect a parade of constant devotion--they are there when it counts but they expect thier mates not to need too much hand holding. They have little patience for weakness of any kind. They may not admitt it but they respect and expect you to put them in theIr place when they really deserve it. and you better be sharp because they can be ruthless when confronted.--they go for the jugler. Scorpios pride themselves in knowing others weak nesses. They prrefer sarcasm rather than tears when you got a problem with them They have the sharpest tongue when it comes to humour and tell the funniest stories. If you'e too sensitive you had better run because they don't hold back when they are irritated. They are passionate to the extreme. When they are into something you better enjoy it too because they are limmitless in their drive when excited about something. I think you must be a strong and patient woman if you want to marry a Scorpio. It will never be dull and when it's bad it will be very bad but when it's good nobody can rock your world like a Scorpio.!

  • Might as well say, "All Blacks are ", "All Women are","All Scorpios are____". Are what? I am a Scorpio male, (11/20/60), with a Libra Ascendant and a Sagittarean Moon(sp?). Born in the Year of the Rat with an empathic Numerological profile. In how many Scorpions are you interested ? Hint: It better be just one.

    If that's the case, I suggest you get the pertinent information on your Scorpio of interest and have a Relationship Astrological Chart done for the both of you, a Numerological profile for each of you( and together) and whatever other profiles you may find to your liking offered on this Website or elsewhere. I actually found my Numerology profile more in line with my own self image- Right or Wrong.

    To all those who like to lump people of a given Astrological sign together, give it up and do your due diligence with the PERSON(singular) in whom you are particularly interested.

    For Librasrise, you start your thread with ,"I want, I want, I want..." followed by 6 other declarations beginning with "I", I'm surprised you have a Scorpio in your life. It better start being "We" pretty quick, if you're interested. Scorpio's can go it alone.Their Love and Companionship are gifts that will be given, you can't "Earn" them. If they are given, then the onus is on you to uphold your end because that relationship bond is no trivial matter to most Scorpio men I know. End of my thoughts on this matter.

  • I'm not a scorp man but if it's ok I'd like to say something about them.

    the ones I knew were far from harsh or stingy. Maybe mysterious but never mean.

    One was married, I met him at work and was the nicest male co worker I've ever met. Nothing happened between us or anything but if he wasn't married and interested in me, I'd take it. He was also polite, one time I had missed my ride home and had to go in his car full of guys. He told me to sit in front because I was the only girl.

    Another one was younger, knew I was married and openly flirted. I tried to make our age gap a big deal and he said, in front of a lot of people, that it wasn't a big deal. Again, nothing happened. I am married and know my boundaries. This man would fit any woman's definition of attractive. He is smart, athletic, tall, georgeous. He lashed out only once, when we were competing for something (I don't even remember what). But other times, he would stare or glance at me as often as he could. And aside from this one competition thing, he was never rude or mean. I moved and was told by a friend that something happened to him he was thinking to leave the country. I sent him an e-mail to encourage him, that's it. He never replied and I was already happy sending him encouragement, nothing more. There was this understanding between us somehow and I hope he finds the girl he can share his life with.

    The very first one I knew. I met him online. Again, never harsh or sarcastic. Mysterious, but never ask much about me either. Being a cat I am, I jumped into things. I said I liked him and asked whether he wanted to settle down with me. He said yes, but never came. I lost my job because I waited too long for him using up all my vacation time and forgot to tell my boss about it. I was being negligent and got fired. So yes he did wreck my heart, and I was mad about it. But if anyone ever said Scorps sting, well the men I knew never do, not to me. The women, yes. I didn't sting back at first, but as I got older I did't want to take it anymore and stung back if necessary.

    The boss that fired me was a Scorp male. Same trait, never rude or mean, even when he was angry as if he didn't have it in him. One day I was busy and he looked for me. When he found me with all kinds of paperwork in my hand, he sent someone to help. I had to mention this because I never had a boss like him. Even then, when I was negligent, he fired me, he still gave me 3 months pay. I wasn't even there for a year so 3 months pay was big I knew it wasn't company policy. Nothing ever happened between me and the boss. I was single but was far from a flirt, hence I wouldn't be in his list.

    Another one I met online, real chatterbox. He asked for my pic. I sent him a fake one. He was mad and I apologized. We then chat like nothing happened until somehow we just drifted away from each other. Same, never rude or mean. and no mystery either.

    I was mad with the guy that never showed up, but even he was never stingy although he did wreck my hope big time. Female Scorps are the ones I had bad time dealing with their stinginess. But as I get older I got sick of it and decided to sting back whenever I could. Of course these are the ones I knew in real life, not necesarily all female Scorps. Sometimes, I don't know if it's just me, I find it funny when the males are angry. Has anyone ever noticed it? Like they mean it, don't mean it, something like that. Anyway, good luck with your Scorp boyfriend. I understand why they are angry sometimes females or males but not necessarily understand them completely. I don't understand anyone completely anyway not even myself LOL I am leo with scorp rising, what a confusing life

  • I guess OnTheWaterLine lived up to BImoon's description caution:

    "you better be sharp because they can be ruthless when confronted.--they go for the jugler. If you'e too sensitive you had better run because they don't hold back when they are irritated."

    There's no harm in Librasrise asking Scorpios or those who know them to share their thoughts to help her shed some light on issues she's experiencing with her Scorpio. No not all Scorpios do the same things the same way but we're all human things and to some extent, groups of people (or signs) do indeed seem to demonstrate patterns of behavior.

    And we're all adults here and know this is an entertainment site, and all input and guidance are to be taken with grains of salt, and that every human is unique, and every astrological/numerological/chi profile is unique.

    It's just points of reference, no need to bite Librasrise or anyone else's head off.

  • Thank you thmilin--well put! Lighten up. Trying to define any sign let alone a Scorpion is really asking a lot! And I did say I WAS laughing! There must be some truth to astrological attractiont because I don;t go around searching them out yet the attraction has always been there. I can go to a party of strangers and before the nights over the Scorpios or Geminis find me! I'm not an astrology expert and the Scorp is partly right there is a lot to the sum of a persons character. As for them never being harsh or capable of being ruthless, well of course they don't go around behaving badly all the time! They wouldn't be some of my favorite people otherwise. So sorry leoscorpio if you felt you had to defend them as I was being general and lighthearted. Do you think I'd be married to one for 38 years if he wasn't a real catch? Scorpio aquaintences are going to be different--the thread started with a request for info because looking for a committed in love relationship. I love my Scorpio friends because they are so in your face honest--no game playing. What I meant by earning their devotion is that they do not just trust anybody! They are cautious with their hearts in matters of love.I can always count on them to speak up. AND they are alsways there when I most need a friend. I knew this was going to be a charged up thread!

  • BLmoon

    I have no idea why you felt like I am trying to defend Scorps LOL

    I don't even read your post I was talking to Librasrise

    So I don't know what you are talking about

    I might not marry a Scorp I didn't regret it because a month after he disappeared I met a Cap and married him happily for almost 9 years LOL

    I was sharing my story, I have only read your story just now

  • OntheWaterline

    I am definately a partnership person ...more "WE" you know what I mean?

    I'm basically calling out all Scorp men to get a variety of view points from them so that I may get more insight ; for nothing more than that. I am looking at the core not the rest of the seasonings .

    I take nothing or no one for that matter for granted. My Love as he knows is a gift as well and his actions be it as intense as it may be shows me that he does love me dearly....and I am sure of that. But with love comes understanding and it seems that the only language that is understood is his own due to the CORE insecurities that SCORPIONS harbor.

    Stop being so quick to assume that it's all for selfish reasons ;me wanting to know about you guys.All I wanted was for you to put your walls down and teach me something.

    Thanks to all who were light in spirit with your responses ; however for those of you who are having flash backs ........FALL BACK!!!!.... I'm not that one ....the Scorpions sting I respect however respect the element I can either have a nice Breezy day or get hit with a Torrential wind dictating to all other elements how they are going to function in which your cover can be totally stripped from you leaving you naked ....feel me? Peace and Love to you OntheWaterline !!!!!!

  • thmilin

    Thankyou once again !

  • leoscorpion

    Loved Loved Loved your story 🙂

  • take care now Librasrise

    I am just sharing, sorry can't help more than that

    but give me your dobs, I might be able to pull out something

    yours and his dobs I mean

  • leoscorpion

    so sorry! guess I should have had my coffee first! But if you read mine before yours there is a serendipity to what you said after what I said. I guess the trickster is howling. Peace.

  • no biggie BLmoon

    I sometimes read, sometimes I just jump in and type

    It's just that when someone asked my rising and I said Scorpio I sometimes get this look as if it's something dark, stingy, poisonous etc

    I just thought I mentioned that not all Scorps are like that for everyone else to read

  • Oh yes--that scorpio paranoid thing! Just remembered years and years ago I had a job where there was this girl who claimed to be an athority on astrology and of course we all gave her our birth info----it was a small group and we created mass produced artwork. The boss was always paranoid someone would steal her ideas and we all had to sign a secrecy document. Would you believe the astrology girl anounced I had this scorpio influence in my chart that could compete with my boss and gave me too much personal power and I was immediatly let go. The boss actually cried telling me that her employees had to be beneath her! And the scorpio influence was somehow a bad thing!I Went home in a daze, totaly confused, hurt, angry--you name it. There was no threat at all of me betraying anyone and I was so shocked anyone would consider me otherwise. I guess you must of got some of that yourself. Funny how things traumatic at the time do end up forgotten. I really liked that job and was a very loyal employee. I swear truth IS stranger than any fiction!

  • BLmoon

    yes I got a bit of that too

    I was mad then but then I had to relocate so I couldn't keep that job anyway

    why people do this is beyond me

    what Scorp infuence did she mean? is it your rising or mercury?

  • i think soscorpio has hit the nail on the head!

    i'm a scorpio man (hence jumping into this topic), and would like to add that you NEVER play with a scorpios emotions or trust, EVER!

    i went out with a girl once who kept playing around with my feeling for her, it drove me mad and the typical scorpio paranoia kicked in with our vengeful side, i dumped her in a rather emotionally destructive way and have only ever seen her once since then when she came back to explain that she never meant it and really liked me.

    But what she did'nt understand is that its just not in our nature to accept people back after they have treated our emotions and relationship like a game, we might one day but it will take alot of hard work for them to be trusted by us again.

  • exactly. once a scorpio's trust is broken, you're better off steering clear of them for quite a while. i got revenge on someone for harm they caused me six months ago just yesterday without even realizing it. until afterward, of course.

  • hmm. the trust thing. i'm prob being a bit of a hypocrite cos i am trying to figure out something that i guess shouldnt need to be figured out. i think it is true that scorpios can be very suspicious if their loved one questions their love for them or doubts it in any way. they do already know who you are and how they feel about you, and they feel offended if you spend all your time trying to figure out them and how they feel about you. they know they are capable of doing that. at the same time they like a challenge too, so don't ever take them for granted. they feel things very deeply. they also need alot of time alone.because they feel things very deeply...

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