Does this mean anything?

  • I had this dream around a week ago and im not sure of its meaning. Does anyone know what it means? Any info would be very much appreciated.

    I dreamed I was a psychic and that there was another psychic with me. We were facing each other but with our eyes closed. We were communicating telepathically. We agreed that we would exchange information about ourselves and ask one questions at the time. I would ask a question and she would give me an answer through her psychic gift and then I would do the same for her. I know I asked her some personal and emotional questions about the present and future but I don’t remember then or the answers. We kept on exchanging messages without a word. All I could see in my mind were sentences, words.

    I don't think Im a psychic, well i dont know, but i was told not too long ago that i have healing abilities. I don't know what this dream is trying to tell me but i do know that the psychic is actually someone from this forum. im not sure she's a psychic but that i saw her picture in the forum. She helped me with one of my dream interpretations.


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