Asking for some psychic help.

  • In less than two weeks, I'm planning on doing something very special for someone I care deeply for who is having a really rough time lately. It's her birthday on the Winter Solstice and we work together the day before so I was going to give her a little surprise birthday gift the day before(which is my birthday) to try to brighten her spirits and show her that I care. But circumstances must go accordingly in order for me to do this one, kind gesture. If anyone can see into this day, December 20th, and could let me know how things may transpire, it would be most appreciated.

    Love and Light


  • I'm getting mixed messages--as if you are trying to paint a different picture than it really is. You are filled with wishful thinking--romantic and dreamy. Heres the crazy picture in my head--a fairytale prince on a white horse and a ring in his hand. The sun is shining the birds are singing a Disney tune and ding dong the evil dragon has been slain--or has he? Whoa faithful prince don't take off your armour just yet!

  • Okay, I'll be more specific since the picture you're getting is darn close. I am filled with wishful thinking-romantic and dreamy. I've been in love with this woman for close to a year now. But she's married. But it is far, far from a happy marriage. And early on I kept my feelings to myself and tried to bury them. But people at work talk and when I heard she wanted a divorce, all those buried feelings came to the surface. Her husband refuses to work putting the burden of supporting them squarely on her shoulders, and it's been this way for their entire marriage of almost 20 years. And because of that refusal, they have lost their home to foreclosure and he did nothing to stop it while she works six days a week. No one with whom I work with who knows both of them has a kind word to say about him but absolutely love her. Now I know my boundaries and have only tried to be a gentlemen and show her kindness and support.

    However, I want to show her that I care very deeply for her without complicating an already difficult time for her. So, my plan was to surprise her with a birthday cupcake, a candle, the Astrology 2010 book and a personalized birthday card I had made for her with a poem I wrote especially for her. We usually close the store together on Sundays and I'm hoping that these circumstances won't change so I can do this one thing for her to let her know I care.

    So, I'm not ready to take off the armour just yet, but I do want to get off this horse of standing on the sidelines and watching this sweet, adorable woman go through so much pain. She deserves better, maybe not me, but better.

    I hope that paints a much clearer picture for you and any insight or advice would be most appreciated. Thank you for your initial response. I can see you are a seer.

  • So yes, I'm trying to win her heart. But at the same time, giving her the space she needs to work things out in her own life. I would like nothing more than to be the knight in shining armour coming to her rescue... but she's her own person and I know that.

  • My first response still stands and makes sense. You cannot rescue this woman. Once she has gone through the divorce process you can meet her on comman ground but right now your too soon. Twenty years is a long relationship. This is not going to be over in one magic night. The offering of a cupcake and the candle is sweet and yet harmless but you need to pull back a bit with the extra personal stuff. That's why I saw the ring--a poem is a very intimate thing! Let her know you are there for her--she needs a friend not a lover right now--you could end up having her regret any attraction to you and you don't want that. She's going through an emotional rollercoaster and it is her journey, she has to deal with this in a healing way as you are right she does deserve better. She has to believe this herself--she needs support but she also needs to work this out on her own. If you open the door to more too soon she might run to you in a weak moment but then feel guilty--she IS married and she is very loyal--isn't that one of the things you love about her most? You really have to decide if this is the one worth waiting for with no garantees your patience will pay off. If the answer is yes than you must accept the amount of patience this waiting game could require. I also see she could disapear for awhile so be prepared not to freak right away as you will hear from her when her life calms down.

  • Thank you Blmoon.

  • Azaza you know I am all for you having this relationship with this woman. But I have to agree with bluemoon that you should not give her a poem yet. She has some issues to work through before teh 2 of you can be together and its not time yet. If you are not wanting to wait around try dating other women in the meantime to curb your appetite for this relationship. You wont forget about her I assure you. But what you are wanting to do is very sweet and if you do get together down the road something like this will be greatly appreciated.

  • I hear what both of you are saying. But understand the poem is not one of those "Darling I love you, you are my destiny" kind of poems. That would be highly inappropriate and just down right corny. It is strictly centered around her and how unique and special a person that she is. I spoke in confidence with a very close friend of hers and consulted with her on this very issue. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't too much. And she assured me that it was "just right". Think of it as a birthday card for those born on the solstice, when the sun stands still. Nothing more, nothing less. However, I still have a week and a half to think about this and know that I will take your advice into deep consideration.

    Thank you both for helping and sharing your thoughts.


  • Whatever you choose to do will be the best. I am sure you have your own instincts and are certainly not a foolish person.

  • azaza

    I remember your post. or I think I do.but I do remember what I said

    and that as long as you can understand she is her own person

    if you base your thoughts and actions on this understanding

    you will know what is appropriate for her, in terms of poem and gifts

    I don't know she loves you or not, but you do love her

    so love with understanding above and let go all expectations

    if the divorce happens, she will need time to heal before she can proceed with next one

    then she can decide whether she will accept you or not

    so just keep this in mind and write your poem if you haven't done so

    I'm not psychic, but I can probably pull out a chart for you if you know both dobs

  • I hope not to be foolish, and my instincts tell me that this is the right thing to do. The poem merely enforces the light she has within her to get her through dark times. I would never, ever do or say anything to make this difficult time any harder for her. It's the last thing I would do.

  • Hello leoscorpion. I would appreciate your help. My DOB is 12.20.70 at 6:00 am. Her DOB is 12.21.69 at 5:00 am. Both Sags.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Conjunction Sun - Sun

    Positive aspect: It's an excellent aspect for a union because the two people go remarkably well together. They are made to understand each other, to complement each other and to support each other.

    Square Sun - Pluto

    Negative aspect: A great physical attraction will unite the couple, but these relationships are not healthy. Pluto tries to change the Sun, which is not at all appreciated, and this leads to sometimes violent conflict.

    Square Sun - Pluto

    Negative aspect: A great physical attraction will unite the couple, but these relationships are not healthy. Pluto tries to change the Sun, which is not at all appreciated, and this leads to sometimes violent conflict.

    Sextile Mercury - Venus

    Positive aspect: A relationship which will be agreeable, they will like to speak to each other, have a good intellectual understanding, their tastes will be very similar, they will like to share their feelings with each other.

    Trine Mercury - Saturn

    Positive aspect: If Mercury is looking for a mother or father in the spouse, then this aspect is very favorable. Saturn will give a lot on the intellectual level and in life in general.

    Conjunction Mercury - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Favorable for all types of communication.

    Square Mars - Neptune

    Negative aspect: An unfavorable union, with lies, aggression, violence - each trying to destroy the other with the weapons at their disposal, strength against lying.

    Conjunction Jupiter - Neptune

    Positive aspect: A potential union. Look at the other aspects.

    She is a mirror of yourself, almost. There is a good chance for this union to last, but some things have to be watched for. It can be hard to look in the mirror and see your flaws, but in this case you both have to do it, in order to fix it for your own sake. Never ever change or try to impose a change in her, and when she tries to do this on you and you don't like it, give her a reasoning that makes sense. Of course if you like it, go ahead. But know that she may see this as a sign that she has control of the relationship and will try to do the same in the future, which you may or may not like. Always opt for conversation, intellectual one, this is one good way to solve a problem. This is the one field where you two can see eye to eye. Spiritual and emotional, there is a chance you can see eye to eye, but slim.

    You are attracted to her strength, to her ability to endure, a character. She is attracted to your idealism, a personality that puts others needs before you. This is where you can attract her, is you haven't already. But as soon as you are in a relationship, don't ever put others needs before her needs. She will not take this lightly for you both are easy to be jealous, but even more so she is. She is not a type that will wait on a man hand and foot, she is ambitious and go getter much like you are. Doesn't mean she will be a bad mother or wife, it just means you can't expect dinner always served or she will be home when you want her to be home. She has the capacity to lead a career life and a home life, and will retaliate if she feels any contraint, even if you do not mean to. Intellectual conversation is the key. Refrain from criticizing her, tone down your idealism. There is no such a thing as ideal person or spouse. She can be patient only to a certain degree, due to her indepent nature and strong character, she will not take it lightly being compared to another or being criticized, even if you are right. In any conversation, always try to go halfway. You both are fire sign, wants to control the other half, thinking you know what is best. There is no such a thing as knowing what is best. There is only working things out and find a middle ground. Her ego is about as big as yours, so is her need of freedom. This is good in the bedroom, and good when you are not attached yet. But once you live under the same roof, some problems may arise for you both have tendency to be jealous. Fire signs like to own things. Tone this down and tell her to do the same. In marriage, you don't own your spouse. You are her equal and she is your equal. Taking account of her bad relationship, you can use the time you have to make things clear between you two. The time she takes to heal will be a good time for her to think about you and the possibility of you two together. There is nothing wrong of informing her what you expect from a spouse and how you will behave in a marriage., Because that doesn't mean you want her as a spouse, you're just describing it to her, it's ordinary chat and will stay that way until she makes her decision.

    Hope this helps. This is based on planetary position when you were born. so some things may not fit since you two have been through a lot and your upbringing contributes to the package.

  • leoscorpion, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this chart and post it here for me. It's spot on. I'm a bit worried about the negative aspect you spoke of, with the violent conflict in the mix. I can assure you and everyone that I am NOT a violent person. I literally help bugs that are drowning out of the pool!! 😉

    Love, light and all the blessings to you, leoscorpion.


  • LOL no, you Sag males are not as capable of it as Leo males

    even I will tread carefully with Leo males 🙂

    violent doesn't always mean physical it can be verbal

    middle ground and use common sense

    it appeals to her more than emotions.

    you are romantic, it's good, but when you feel tension rises, go with logic

  • I'm getting lots of mixed feeling regarding a male friend of mine, we knew each other for 6 years and there were times when he showers me with tons of caring attitude then for reason unknown he ignored all my recent email. As Christmas is nearing I was planning to send him an email greeting message but was afraid that it will fall on deaf ears like those recent mails. He been getting into lots of my thought lately not to mention in my dreams too; I just can't figure out whether he genuinely take me as his friend or those ' Hello & Goodbye' friends.

    What's puzzling me is..why am I receiving all this hot & cold treatment, is he trying to keep the distant or is there others reason. I knew he does cared for me from those of his past mails but why is it so hard for him to openly accept me as his personal friend?

    I've been thinking on moving on, just that something inside my mind keep telling me to be patience with him for a while. Its truly confusing when he failed to reply upon receiving 8 email from me, doesn't he think is impolite to treat a friend this way, after all I done all this year; helping him out on several occasion regarding his personal things & not to mention helping a sick friend of his to obtain the best Cancer treatment this couple of years. What more must I do to prove to him that I'm sincere, all I want from him is to appreciate this friendship of ours...why's it so hard?

    Your advice will be most helpful, by the way my DOB is 3Nov 54 while his is 21Oct 70. Your help will be much appreciated..thanks & have a wonderful weekend.

  • You are taking things more personal than intended. You each have a different idea about the boundries of friendship. He is the same with other friends as well. He's secure in his friendships. He has a healthy ego. If a friend doesn't answer his e-mail for a week he never imagines there's anything wrong with the friendship--he trusts that the friend is having a busy week or maybe a cold--he may wonder but it means nothing. He likes this uncomplicated way of rolling. He has lots of friends and lots of interests. He is high energy and lives a lot in the moment. He may be crazy about basketball one month and spend lot's of time with one group and genuinely enjoy their company but then maybe the next month he's into a new vidio game and he hangs somewhere else. He likes to talk and he gets many e-mails. He likes you. But he does feel you get a little more dependant and introspective than he is comfortable with. He can sometimes be a better talker than listener. He doesn't like a lot of emotional talk unless HE is ready to blow off a little steam. I pick up that you are not clear with yourself about your intentions. I don't think friendship is enough for you and I don't see you two having a long term romantic relationship. Because you have higher expectations you are setting yoursef up for future hurt. If you truely enjoy his company then go ahead and have fun when you can but don't expect too much and DON'T give him more money or help than you should. This only creates resentment later. Only give what you truely feel you want to do as a gift with no strings attached. Say no sometimes. He'll ask someone else. This man is generaly lucky with getting by--by the seat of his pants sometimes but he always knows how to find what he needs. You are not the only "friend" that helps him out.

  • bornbeautiful

    BLmoon has replied to you

    hope it helps

  • BLMoon, could u please help me? There is this person in my life and I am not sure what his intentions are right now or if I should trust him. In the past I use to be able to read him and now I can't. I want to protect myself from being used, or having games played with. Is there real feelings and is he trustworthy, or does he have a wandering eye behind my back? PLEASE HELP ME. I saw how forthright and honest you were with the person above and just want the same for myself. His DOB is 3/27/78. Mine is 12/02/79. Thank u.

  • Hello, I am not sure where to post this. So any help will be greatly appreciated by me:

    I am looking for someone who can talk to loved ones that have crossed over. If anyone has any suggestiongs I would be ever so thankful. 🙂

    bright blessings!

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