Asking for some psychic help.

  • Interesting you should be drawn to the post for another because there is a similiar message and I am having to really take my time here to seperate you. You are both nurturers with big big generouse hearts. I'll be blunt, sometimes you give too much--swept by the moment. Your issue is a big bold sign that says BOUNDRIES. It's all or nothing as you haven't mastered a balance yet--not an easy task. You get burned and shut the door locked tight and feel safe awhile BUT you block out your intuitive edge! So then you get lonely enough and you can't fight your true nature that needs to be of service and needs to nurture so you open up in a big surge of relief and give give give and bam--you've done it again--gave too much and the cycle starts all over again! This man is here to teach you how to give with balance. To protect yourself without closing yourself up. Boundries. You must have a clear idea about how far you'll go before he hits you up during your weakest times. Think of your perfect self as a combination of male and female. The male must be strong enough to protect the giving compassionate female side. Your male side is very underdeveloped. I know this is confusing as the lesson that challanges you is not an overnight thing--it's something you practice at and gets stronger and stronger. First accept wholeheartedly that YES give this man an inch and he WILL take a mile and as your teacher he is demanding from you that YOU draw the line. He doesn't change one day to the next--he is always capable of decieving you. You know that. Be always one step ahead of him and when you are feeling your most lonely do not respond to him immediatly--always say--let me think on that or sleep on that a few days and get back to you--he will press hard on you tug tug tug on your big heart and you must pump up that protective male side of yourself that holds up a hand and says--hold it! my soft side is weak right now and I'm here to say back off. These are called boundries! This is when you stop the cycle of giving too much then resenting him and worse belittling yourself for being so dumb. Since this takes practice spirit says you must be kinder to yourself when you do slip up. When you beat yourself up for being so fooled it just starts the closed up cycle that cuts you off from spirit and intuition. Consider it one strike in a ballgame that wins in the end. Brush yourself off and say ok where did I let him cross my boundries--where and why did I let him talk me into that--ok I won't let that happen again. When your not busy feeling so many hurt emotions you will let your male protective side THINK it out with a game plan. I know this is a lot to digest and you will probably have to reread it many times. You can do this. This is not just your burdon. Woman all over the world sharing the same healing gifts are challanged by this same lesson. Don't be surprised if several posts pop up --been there done that!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think I understand,. You have helped me more than you and I appreciate it. So when he does something that bothers me, I should speak up and set a boundary for a healthier behavior and be consistent the way I would with a child and to not give him. that sounds so wrong when I type it and read it. lol

  • Yes exactly! You have the authority!

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