Scorpio and Libra

  • LOL.. I can always count on you to call it as you see it...LOL. OMG you crack me up!! But I do hear you loud and clear. But I must add I am not the only one guilty on that track. I think got his up and running again since I did put a cream cheese frosting on that cake and his name spelled out in chocolate. grins I know..I am bad!!! On the other hand it is a traditional english cake right?!?

    He said I am all bark and no bite. hihihihi Oh my I am having fun with this. I got to dig up some old recipes and see what I come up with amongst other things.

  • hmmm typo's again!!! * I think I got his ...*

  • Flowsco he is going to have fun playing with you. How about a chocolate pudding filled cake? Or layers of flavors. And it's all secretly hidden with a lite flavored topping like flavored cream? He will either love you or hate you for making him have to work so HARD to keep it off his hips.

  • LibrasLair -- true about the love or hate thing. But seeing how fast he lost weigth in 2 months I don't think it would be much of a problem for him. I am the one fighting to get it all off. He had a tummy.

    Strangest thing is that I do know how to bake. But I don't bake that much. The way that came about it that my son and everybody I know just drives me bunkers to bake all the time that I stopped. Now I got another patient on my hands.

    Hmmm I think I will cool down for a bit. Good thing he is out of the country. See how I feel and act when he comes back. I am too much on a high that I might let things get out of controle and miss the opportunity to really know each other. (yeah...getting scared and nervous again).

  • Uhmm shakes head work HARD huh? lol

  • You heard me and I didn't stutter.

  • Sorry Libraslair you missunderstood me, it's not that he is controlling or talking down to me, he has been hurt many times and yes can be insecure but we have a great time together and compliment each other very well. all I ment was I was suprise to see a comment about a Gemini that said they need to wounder to be free. my husband is very loving and attentive to me he always wants to know that I am happy and taken care of he does not wounder at all, so was making a comment to that. you are right I do not take orders very well ha ha ha. we are both hard headed and sometimes that will get us going but we know that we love eachother and so it always works out, even our friends get bent out of shape cause we never fight and when we do bicker it is in good fun and we know that. he will tell me to F off and i will tell him to go you know what and then we laugh and kiss and hug. we are so right for each other even our numerology report said we are a perfect match. sorry for the confusion, but we have our moments and that is all then their gone and we go on with our day. I could not have found anyone better to compliment me, he is truly the one I am ment to be with and he tells me the same. the first time we met he told me the min he laid eyes on me he said to himself that I was and am perfect and I knew the min I saw him that I would marry him. He is the love of my life, the other half of me , and to be quit honest I don't know what I would do without him. he is my everything I can't even sleep if he is not next to me. I know that sounds a little crazy but it is true most of us will look a lifetime to find this kind of conection with someone, I have been lucky enough to find it. Blessed be to all

  • Your right I may have misunderstood and if I did I am very sorry. And if it was myself who said something about Gemini it also may have been misunderstood. I may have said something about the fact that every one that I have known is always ready to go if someone mentions going some place and doing something. The would rather be out running around than at home and maybe cleaning it? Or working in their yard or cooking. They love to be on the go.

  • Merry Christmas to all of you! Come to the Happy Holidays site and share your Christmas wishes with all of the Zodiac signs!! Hope to see you there!!

  • the person who said geminis need to wander is me - nothing's an exact science and i'm definitely not going to stay strictly all geminis are that way ... but the common reading on the sign shows a strong streak for freedom and a "duality" (sometimes "two-facedness") to their nature. this can come out in various ways and doesn't necessarily mean the person is unfaithful.

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